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16 on thin ice is dangerous.

    A.Walk B.To walk C.Walking D.Walked

    17Students to bring their dictionaries in that examination. A.allowed B. were allowed C was allowed D.are allowed

    18All kinds of vegetables in the super market near our university.

    A.can buy bought C.will buy D .can be bought

    19Mary slim when she was young.

    A.used to be used to C.uses to be use to 20The boy father is a worker studies very hard. A .who’s B .whose C .which D .that

    21My car was being when it was stolen.

    A .repairing B. repaired C .repair D .repairs

    22If there no air, there no living thing.

    A. were…would be B.was…will be…is…should be

    23If you had warned Jane, she on time,but she was late. A. will come B. would come C. had come D. would have come

    24Before 1988,I George Bush.

    A. have never heard of B. didn’t hear of C .had never heard of

    D.wouldn’t hear of

25Four years since I the army.

    A.passed joined B.have passed have joined C.passed have joined D.have passed joined

    26When I was a child,we wear a uniform for school. A.had to B.will have to C.have to D.had had to 27Your brother likes swimming, ?

    A.isn’t he B.does he C.doesn’t he D.didn’t he

    28She was convicted murder. C.with D.of

    29I prefer tea coffee .A .to B .from D .against

    30By the end of this year,we 50000yuan.

    A.will save B.will have saved C.will be saving D.would have

     Bill was on holiday and he was very worried 31) about his two

    teenage children32) .who were at home alone.His

    neighbour,Jim,phoned him to say that the children33) had.had

     a party,and he was very angry 34) about

     it.When he went to complain about the noise,he was very 35) surprised at their attitude.They said they weren’t responsible 36)for the noise, and they couldn’t do 37)anything to stop their

    friends.Bill was appalled by this call and decided to phone 38) his

    children at once. The children said they were very sorry about the

    party ,39) and they were upset by their friends’behavior.Tey agreed to go and see Jim and to take him a bottle of wine and apologise about the noise. Bill was pleased 40) with them for this.

    31.A.with B.about C.for

    32.A.who B.which C.what D.they

    33.A.had B.have had C.would have D.had.had

    34.A.for B.with D.about

    35.A.surprise B.surprising C.surprised D.surprises 36.A.for C.with D.on

    37.A.something B.nothing C.anything D.everything 38.A.their B.her C.his D.hers

    39.A.hut B.and C.for

    40.A.for C.about D.with

    Children in the UK have to go to school from the age of five for 11years .When they are two or three years old ,they sometimes go to a nursery school ,but they dont have to .The first school is called

    a primary school, and in this school children study a range of basic subjects ,such as reading ,writing and mathematics .There is a National Curriculum which private schools are not required to follow .Most children go to state schools ,where the parents have to pay fees .These can be very expensive .At the age of 11,most

    children change schools and go to a secondary school ,They have to stay at this school for five years as schooling is compulsory in the UK until the age of 16.In many secondary schools children have to wear a uniform for the first five years ,lbut often in the last two years they dont have to .At 16 , children take examinations in a range of different subjects .This examination is called the General Certificate of Secondary Education GCSE .After that they may stay at school for two or three more years to take Advanced level examination (A-levels ) or they may leave .They can ,for example ,leave school and go to a further education college to take A-levels ,or vocational qualifications (diplomas )Or they can leave to find jobs.

    Over 20% of students in the UK go on to higher education (university or college )to take degrees or diplomas .This figure is rising and will soon be 30%-40%.

    Because English continues to be a highly important world language ,many foreign

    Dents want to go to university in the UK.They believe that good English will help them to find better jobs and have a more successful career.As well as this,many students think that they will benefit from the ideas in Westerm universitise.So, many futher education colleges and universities offer foumdation courses for foreign students to

prepare for university study in the UK.

    Question 41-45

    41.Children in the UK have to go to school from the age of .

    A. six fo 12 years B. six for 11 years C. five for 11 years D. five for 12 years

    42.In a primary school, children in the UK must study .

    A. reading B. writing C. mathematics D. all of above

    43.At the age of 11, most children in the UK have to stay at a secondary school for .

    A. four years B.five years C. six years D. seven years

    44.Now of students in the UK go on to higher education to take degrees or diplomas.

    A. about 20% B.20% C. over 20% D.10%

    45.Many foreign students want to go to university in the UK because .

    A. they want to learn English B. they believe that they will benefit from the ideas in Western universities C. Both A and B D. they want to save a lot of money.


    Everybody knows that words can carry messages. People communicate with words. Books, Magazines, TV and radio and films all help us to know that is going on in the world and what people are thinking about.

    Do you think you can communicate without words? A smile on your face shows you are happy or friendly. Tears in your eyes tell others that you are sad. When you put up your hand in class, the teacher knows that you want to say something or ask question.

    You shake your head, and people know you are saying “NO”. You nod and people know you are saying “Yes”.

    Other things can also carry messages. For example, a sign at the bus stop helps you to know which bus to take. A sign on the wall of your school helps you to find the library. Signs on doors tell you where to go in or out. Have you ever noticed that there are a lot of signs around you and you receive messages from them all the time. For instance, the road sign P tells you where to leave your car, where as the sign H tells you where to find a hospital.

    People can communicate in many ways without words. For example, an artist can use his drawings to tell about beautiful mountains, seas and many other things.

    Question 46-50

    46.Choose the best title for this passage.

    A. Ways for Communication B. The Best Way for Communication

    C. They only Way for Communication D. Words Can Carry Messages

    47. How can people communicate with each other?

    A. With words only. B. Only without words. C. Either with words or without words.

    D. Just by using different kinds of signs.

    48. Which of the following is not a way for communication without words?

    A. A cry for help. B. A smile on your face.

    C. Putting up your hands in class. D. Nodding your head.

    49. What does the road sign P tell people?a

    A. You can go into the park.

    B. You can please everyone. C. You can leave your car there. D. You can cross the street there.

    50. Which sign should you follow if you need a doctor?






    Traffic in India means a mixture of all kinds of vehicles on the road; About 700,000 newcars have been traded.and about twice that many used cars have been traded .

    The country’s 35 million motorcycles and scooters make it the world’s largest two-wheel market. But because there are still big differences in people’s incomes, the roads are full of a whole variety

    of vehiches, lots of them not motorized.

    A ride with a taxi driver in New Delhi gives a flavour of a typical Indian-style traffic jam with all kinds of vehicles held up in city streets or in long lines on narrow country lanes. Cars, lorries and buses back up behind a cart pulled by one animal or another. “India has everything on the road,” the taxi driver says. “You have to watch

    out for pedestrians, bicycles, carts, cows, donkeys and even elephants. Three things are recommended to drive here, a horn, brakes and good luck.” Just then we were stopped by a young boy and his cow.


    51.The number of second-hand cars traded in the last twelve months is 1,400,000. T

    52.Because there are 35 million people in India ,India is the world’s largest two-wheeled market.

    53.Because the amount of money that people earn is so different ,there are so many different types of vehicles in India. T

    54.Because the roads are very bad ,motor vehicles often held up in Inida. F

    55.The brakes,the horn and luck are three important things in India.

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