Ten behoeve van een ideale match tussen u en de kandidaat

By Barbara Anderson,2014-11-25 18:12
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Ten behoeve van een ideale match tussen u en de kandidaat

    “Somewhere in the world, the right employees is looking for you too. Our job is to make sure you find each other.”

Nice to Meet You

    At BKV we have dedicated ourselves to an extraordinary mission: finding permanent and temporary positions for medical doctors and medical specialists as well as mediation with respect to substitution jobs and services. We are also the specialists when it comes to training and education programmes and career guidance in the medical field. A complicated undertaking in a highly specialised sector, which we have been completely devoting ourselves to for over ten years, and not without results, either - BKV will find what you are looking for. That is how we grew, thanks to our professional and proven methods, our massive database, our international reach and our knowledge of the health-care sector, into one of the largest intermediaries for permanent posts, temporary jobs and substitution positions for doctors and managers.

    Evermore medical doctors are opting to employ the knowledge that BKV has. You don't have to explain anything to us after all - you can discuss, at a high level of specialisation, your area of expertise, career planning and sector-specific wishes with our consultants. We know what is at stake, understand the market and the vacancies and are famous for our social-medical expertise. As a result we can guide you personally, provide you with career and employment advice, give you highly detailed tips when it comes to job applications, discuss your desires and requirements in substantial terms, plan orientation days and guide you onto the next step of your medical career. And ultimately to wish you a great journey with your new employer - because we do what we promise. Always.

“A unique market calls for a unique approach.”

    Our working method is derived directly from our vision. At BKV we want to offer more than just intermediary tailor-made products, and to achieve that we need more than just an extensive and international database. We have developed a sixth medical sense for truly attractive jobs, reliable employers and a wide range of corporate cultures; a sense that is supported not only by the consistent dedication of specialist procedures, which we are happy to explain in person, but one that is also at home outside of the Netherlands, whereby we operate in an international theatre and work with clients and applicants of all nationalities.

    We commence every search with our ears to the ground - we listen to you as a medical professional, but we also listen to the employers. We not only hear what is said, but also what isn't said. We use the wants and needs of both parties as our point of departure, and the actual motivations unfold of their own accord, after which we are able to provide you with reliable advice. Thanks to our systematic approach, whereby we combine specialist knowledge and experience with tact and our insight into character, we have assumed a leading role in our sector. It goes without saying that we will do all we can to retain that position. And we are happy to prove that fact to you - our consultants will be glad to provide you with further information.

“There are many ways to find a job. But finding the right one in a complex market - that's a

    job in itself.”

Permanent jobs: medical doctors, specialist doctors and other medical personnel

    All medical doctors, specialist doctors or other medical specialists have their own desires. That is why, as a job information centre and employment agency for medical personnel, we would first like to get to know you and discuss your CV, your background, you expectations, your personal working methods and your medical vision. The results of this acquaintanceship will then form the basis of our search for the perfect vacancy and job. A search that, thanks to our obligation-free but comprehensive meeting, can be utilised to a high degree of specification.

Temporary jobs: substitution jobs, services and temporary capacity

    Many clients require specialist doctors and medical doctors who can substitute or fill other temporary vacancies. And this may be perfectly suited to your desires for the immediate future. We work on the basis of either secondment and deployment or on a freelance basis, so you can either be employed by BKV or work independently. This is also applicable to the vacancies for substitutes and services.

Management, policy and administration posts

    Are you a manager, health-care manager, medical director or any other type of management, administration or policy specialist? Can you assist organisations when it comes to change management, project management, safety management, absenteeism management, merger courses or with respect to bridging a period? At BKV we have all sorts of medical vacancies and an extensive network of organisations that are very keen to make use of your specialisation.

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