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    Coursework 3

    Writing and recording using correct formats

    Writing and recording using correct formats ASSIGNMENT TITLE

    ASSIGNMENT In this assignment, you should:

    OBJECTIVES ; produce three documents of different types to support

    straightforward business tasks

    ; give reasons for selecting appropriate documents and layouts for

    business purposes.

    TASK INTRODUCTION Effective communication is regarded as vital in the company you work for. You

    have been asked to produce sample documents to illustrate the appropriate

    formats for written documents. Your line manager has given you some case

    studies to use as a basis for creating some really good samples.

    TASK 1 1a) You have to produce a sample of a business letter. The letter should be well

    structured and in the correct layout. Take the example of the letter drafted

    in the Burger King case study: redraft this letter, setting it in the approved

    format for a letter in that context.

    1b) Now produce a sample memorandum. Use the example in the Burger King

    case study, produce a suitable template for a memorandum and use it to

    write a memorandum from the assistant to the Burger King restaurant


    1c) Using the context in the Ramsays of Carluke case study, write a suitable

    business report.

    TASK 2 2a) Your manager would like you to write out a short guide for staff, giving the

    reasons for selecting appropriate documents and layouts for business

    purposes. Again, you think that some of the case studies you have might


    2b) Why is a report a good format in the Shetland Catch context? Why write a

    memorandum in the Burger King context? Why is a well set out letter

    important in the Burger King situation?

Task 1

    There will be a sample letter, memorandum and a formal business report. Each will be appropriately laid out using acceptable formats and headings. Learners will produce three samples showing how to lay out: -effective business letter


    -business report

    To achieve the P4 grading criteria, the three written documents will be written in an appropriate style and they will be organised in an acceptable format.

    The letter will show the correct layout for a business letter:

    ; a letterhead (perhaps) containing the business address including the postcode and telephone


    ; the date

    ; the recipient’s address

    ; a reference

    ; a heading

    ; an opening salutation (Dear Sir, Madam or name as appropriate)

    ; an appropriate closure.

    The letter should be paragraphed and written using acceptable grammatical conventions. The memorandum will be headed “Memorandum” (often omitted by learners) and the usual headings “To”, “From”, “Date” and “Subject” should be present. The body of the memo should be written in complete sentences using acceptable grammatical conventions. There should be no salutations or closures such as “Dear Sir” and “Yours faithfully”.

    ; Procedure

    How was the information the report contain, gathered?

    ; Findings

    What are the detailed facts subheadings and bullet points should be used to present the


    ; Conclusions

    A summary of the presented facts.

    ; Recommendations (if required)

    What actions are recommended.

    ; Signed and date

    To show when the report was written and by whom.

    ; Terms of reference

    What is the report about, who asked for it, when?

    ; Executive summary (optional)

    Optional initial summary depending on length of report.

    The formal business report should have a main heading and a good structure based on these headings.

Task 2

For learners to achieve M2

    The guide will describe when a letter is appropriate for external communications, especially for important

    legal issues, and for very formal internal issues such disciplinary matters. Similarly, a memorandum is used for purely internal communications, and a formal business report is used to set out the full processes and facts involved in an issue.

    Learners will learn how to set out business letters, memoranda and reports in an appropriate format. They will understand how and why these media are suitable in various contexts in a business. To achieve the M1 grading criteria, you will offer several reasons why different types of written documents are presented in specific formats.

    This guide should review each of the main media of written communication used in the assignment and show the correct layouts. The guide should say why layout is important in giving a consistency to documents. For reports, the learner should also be aware that only facts, not opinions, should be included in the findings section. Learners should be able to say in the guide why, for example, a report format is the most suitable method of communicating the information required in the Shetland Catch contex

Burger King

    You are the manager of a Burger King restaurant not far from where you live. A customer recently slipped on a wet floor, despite the area being marked with a yellow warning sign, and she hurt her back. You have received a letter from the customer informing you of her accident and you have asked your assistant to send the customer a simple letter saying you are investigating the incident. This is the letter produced for your approval.

    September 2006

    Burger King

    The Causeway


    RT12 6YT

    RE: Your accident in the restaurant, Mrs Syed

    Sorry to hear about your slip in Burger King the other week. It was a very

    rainy day that day and our staff could not keep the floor dry for very long.

    We did have our yellow warning signs out. I hope your back is better soon.

    Our manager would like to find out what happened. We always make sure

    our staff are trained to watch out for dangers. We will be in touch soon.

    Thank you

    Chantelle Houghton

Attached to the letter is a scruffy note that reads: “I wrote the letter as you asked me to.

    Would you mind approving it and I will post it.”

Ramsays of Carluke

    Ramsays of Carluke is a long-established business that specialises in preparing

    and packaging dried, cured meat products such as bacon and sausages. The directors have decided that Ramsays will compete on quality instead of price.

    Ramsays may not be the cheapest, but in the future the company will offer the best. This is a new strategy and will mean some changes in methods. It

    means that Ramsays will concentrate on the top end of the market (selling to the better off) where price is not such a factor in choice. The directors have attended food exhibitions in London to discover the latest trends in effective

    packaging and presentation of processed meats. They have taken a decision to invest in brand new packaging equipment.

    After returning from the exhibitions, Alistair McNeil one of the directors

    calls in Duncan Pringle, his valued production manager. Andrew hurriedly

    explains the new business strategy.

    “Duncan, we have decided that things have to change if we are to stay in the market. We have great products but we must appeal to people who don’t mind paying for the best. There is a new packaging process that will transform

    the look of our products. This will allow us to sell to the top stores like Harrods and to the best restaurants. We want you to think about how this will affect the factory floor layout. We need space for the new machines.”

    Duncan goes away feeling miserable. He complains to his assistant: “Seems

    we are not good enough. They are going to change everything. New machines, new this, new that all very posh stuff now. I thought we were doing OK myself.” His assistant agrees, and she is livid. She goes off to have a good

    whinge with some workers who are having their break in the canteen.

     Would things have been better if Duncan had kept a record of the conversation he had held with Alistair McNeil? How?

     Write your own accurate record of the conversation with Duncan as if you were Alistair.

     After the factory has almost come to a standstill due to this “misunderstanding”, Alistair McNeil feels that communications should be improved. Draft a short informal report for his attention explaining what went

    wrong in this instance.

     It was entirely Duncan Pringle’s fault that he misunderstood the talk with Alistair. What could he have done better? Could Andrew have done better? How?

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