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    1 My father likes to stroll in our

     yard when he is free.

    2 We went to stroll in the park last


Buy into

    1 Dont you really buy into my

    boredom with math?

    2 I want to buy into your opinions

    about this article.


    1 I cant sustain her complains of

    my bad memory, because I can

    do nothing about it.

    2 Many college students cant

    sustain the pressures about

    hunting jobs.


    1 They are ready to go toe-to-toe

    in some special situations. 2 It is stupid that toe-to-toe with

    somebody in public.

Take on

    1 We must have enough bravery to

    take on all the difficulties. 2 If you dont know how to take

    on him, youd better apologize

    to him.

At stake

    1 For this moment, the result of

    this war is at stake.

    2 What reason makes the result of

    this lawsuit at stake?

Play out

    1 Every townspeople wants to

    play out the war which occurs

    in their country.

    2 Id like to play out their

    argument about whether

    tomorrow is a fine day.

On the wrong side of

    1 She was eager to make her

    dream comes true-to become a

    dancer, but she is on the wrong

    side of career right now. 2 He is interested in climbing, but

    now he is on the wrong side of



    1 I wholeheartedly endorse his


    2 The government has endorsed

    him to visit the leader of that



    1 In recent years, our country is

    dogging by questions about


2 I always dog by his bad temper.

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