Notes - Unit 5 Day 1 Match Me

By Grace Hamilton,2014-11-25 18:03
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Notes - Unit 5 Day 1 Match Me

    Unit 5: Day 1: Match Me! Grade 9 Applied

    Materials Math Learning Goals viewscreen Use Calculator Based Ranger (CBR?) and graphing calculators to analyse graphing calculators motion graphs in terms of starting position, direction of motion, and rate of BLM 5.1.1, 5.1.2 change (speed).

     75 min


     Opportunities Minds On ... Whole Class ; Demonstration

    Using the CBR? (motion detector), graphing calculator, and viewscreen, with a student volunteer demonstrate connections between the shape and

    position of the graph and the direction, speed (including stopped), and

    starting position of their walk. Before each walk, students predict what they

    think the graph will look like and draw the actual graph after the walk

    (BLM 5.1.1).

    Action! Pairs ; Peer Coaching

    Students investigate the connection between the shape and position of the graph and the direction, speed, and starting position by using the “DIST

    MATCH” application of the Ranger program (BLM 5.1.2). One student

    reads the graph and gives walking instructions to a partner who cannot see

    the graph. They reverse roles.

    Students match as many graphs as possible in the allotted time.

    Consolidate Whole Class ; Summarizing Debrief Discuss the key understandings involving the starting position relative to the CBR?, direction of walk, speed of the walk.

    Whole Class ; Exploration

    Learning Skill (Teamwork/Initiative)/Observation/Rating Scale: Assess

    students’ ability to work collaboratively and to take initiative.

    Check that students understand the difference between the path walked and

    shape of the graph by asking students to predict which alphabet letters can

    be walked, e.g., a student could make the letter “w” but the letter “b” is not

    possible. Ask students to explain why.

    Discuss which letters of the alphabet can be “walked” using the CBR?.

    Students use a CBR? to verify/disprove predictions about the shape of

    distance time graphs.

     Home Activity or Further Classroom Consolidation Draw a graph to match the following descriptions: Application Stand 4 metres from the CBR? and walk at a constant rate towards the Concept Practice CBR? for 5 seconds. Stand still for 3 seconds then run back to the

    starting position.

     Begin 0.5 metres from the CBR?, run away for 3 seconds at a constant

    rate, then gradually slow down until you come to a complete stop.

    5.1.1: Walk This Way

1. Student walks away from CBR? (slowly).

2. Student walks towards CBR? (slowly).