By Debbie Nelson,2014-11-25 18:05
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    VRRA Development Squad


    Pre Match Preparation

Some Thoughts….

    ; Pre match preparation is the basis of a good mental game plan. ; All good referees know what they need to do to referee well, but they need to make sure they do

    it for every game.

    ; Sometimes the referee will be either too nervous o psyched up or too relaxed before games.

    ; It is important that the referee is aware of how to feel and prepare to run on to the field in the

    ideal physical and mental state.

    ; Pre match preparation helps to excite and focus for the match. ; Everybody has a natural preparation they tend to follow. ; It is important that this becomes a planned part of their game.

    We Prepare so that our actions

    occur almost automatically

    without causing us




    you take

    the field under

    stress, it doesn’t matter

    how Physically Prepared you are, you have already lost the mental game!

    Is this you on a Saturday???

; Saturday morning 6:30 am

    o alarm rings hit snooze

; Saturday Morning 6:40am

    o alarm rings again hit snooze

; Saturday morning 6:50am

    o alarm rings again bloody alarm switch off…

    o “Ahh that’s more like it…”

    ; Saturday Morning - 7:15am wake up drearily & look at clock.

    o “What time was that appointment…bugger it’s at 9:00am…better get moving”

    “Where’s my Strip…damm the sox are still dirty…oh well it’s just the sox”

    “My whistle was here somewhere…..oh that’s right I stuck it in the freezer last


    “Boots are a bit grubby but that’s OK”

; Saturday Morning 8:00 am #$%^&…where the hell did the last half hour go…!!

    o “C’mon car start!! … Where is that game again??”

; Saturday Morning 8:45am

    o “Sorry coach…traffic was a mongrel…is it OK if I have a chat to the lads?”

; Saturday Morning 8:50am

    o “There now that’s done I’ll have a quick warm-up”

; Saturday Morning 8:55am

    o “Mate can I borrow a pen…mine just stopped”

; Saturday Morning 9:00am

    o “Yeah OK how about we get a start in 5…then!”

; Saturday Morning 9:07am

    o “Captains Ready?”

How do you think this referee’s match is going to go??

This referee is likely to have a challenging game…he’s not

    adequately warmed up, his instructions to the teams were

    very brief, and since he’s been on the rush all morning his

    mind is probably not fully in gear for the match.

    He is not prepared.


    Three Goals for Good Preparation

    One: Have a Routine

    The key to pre match preparation is to try to prepare the same way every time. This needs to be a

    little flexible, but the key points should remain no matter who or where you are refereeing.

; Work out when to start preparing for a match.

    o Is it the night before?

    o Training night?

    o The day of the game?

; Identify what the key elements of preparation may be

    o Getting gear ready - cleaning boots

    o Visualizing the game / Thinking about the game

    o When to get up?

    o What / When to Eat