Is both finite shape, but also with an infinite God - to talk about the pursuit of the political art of classroom teaching_4867

By Sally Greene,2014-11-24 15:36
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Is both finite shape, but also with an infinite God - to talk about the pursuit of the political art of classroom teaching_4867

Is both finite shape, but also with an infinite God - to talk

    about the pursuit of the political art of classroom teaching

     Abstract classroom teaching title


     Any classroom will be subject to the constraints of time and space on their teaching

    capacity is always limited. However, the superb art of excellent teaching and learning beyond time and space through the creation of teaching mood, giving unlimited leave room for imagination. Political classroom teaching is no exception. I believe that the

    political class teaching should be unlimited to a limited blending into in order to reflect the infinite finite, endowed with the limited form, it's also an infinite God, the finite and infinite dialectical unity.

     The limited nature of the political class teaching require teachers to exploit the use of a variety of teaching and political conditions, and carefully and skillfully handle the complex relationship of teaching, at least, do the following:

     1. Dianmianjiege

     The so-called "point" refers to the knowledge points in the key and difficult, the key point. The so-called "face" refers to a comprehensive, can be seen as boxes, festival, classes, books or all disciplines. Both political and classroom instruction to focus on

    those priorities, difficult and critical point, but also take care of other knowledge. Namely, a comprehensive grasp of subject knowledge system based on the breakthrough in key difficulty of such knowledge. For example, to grasp the public ownership economy, we can construct what is (including the meaning of public ownership economy, composition, etc.), why (including the public ownership economy status, the existing problems, develop and expand the meaning of, etc.), how to do (including the public ownership economy realization form of public ownership of economic structural adjustment) of the internal knowledge systems form a basic knowledge of "noodles" on the understanding, to help students to focus on difficult knowledge, screening out, one by one to break.

     2. Of detail appropriate

     A lesson teaching content, there must be of detail, primary and secondary distinction. In teaching, teachers should carefully consider what needs teaching, what need to self-learning, what need to be discussed, and so on. Regardless of primary and

    secondary classroom teaching content avoid a "beard grabbed the eyebrows." Teachers and students from the characteristics of teaching materials, teaching focus, difficulty and other content should be heavy hammer beating, crafted for the general content,

    secondary content should be played down, for cold treatment. In this way, can produce a beautiful sense of rhythm and form the climax of teaching.

     3. Static and dynamic form a contrast

     The so-called "Dynamic" refers to the classroom teaching the principles of heuristic teaching of teachers to enable students to hyperactivity mouth, more hands-on, multi-

    brainer, open ideas, so that each student has "express themselves" the opportunity to form a "downtown Meng, "the teaching realm. The so-called "static" refers to the

    teachers, according to the needs of a certain teaching goals, in the classroom teaching the state intends to arrange a short period of quiet in order to allow students to reading, thinking, the creation of a "silence speaks at this time" education realm . The ideal classroom situation, should be dynamic and static or dynamic, there static, static dynamic in there.

     4. Fu Fang accompanied by

     The so-called "Fu" is that teachers should play a leading role, good induction and

    timely Enlightenment from. The so-called "release" is to take the initiative to students, give students more self-learning, experience, communication, evaluation of

    opportunities for students to independently explore, experience and innovation. Rotary

    is putting the foundation, put a Rotary purposes. Mr. Ye Shengtao, said: "Teaching is to do not need to teach." Teachers in all activities should be based on their own future, the students do not need to teach and to learn as a starting point and destination. So

    when students have difficulty learning content, teachers should be given the necessary pointing and support, and when the students in learning through their wisdom and talents can be understood, the teacher should be bold and let go.

     5. Relaxation phase Ji

     "1 a relaxation, civil and military way also." Classroom "Zhang" is the teaching and learning are in a tense, excited mental state. Mainly reflected in the breadth of content development, knowledge of the depth of excavation, the faster pace of lectures, impassioned emotion and so on. Classroom teaching, "Chi" is the teaching into the relaxed, peaceful way of thinking posture. Is mainly reflected in the basic knowledge温故而知新, a simple text content of wheat, funny laughter at the gag,

    unfettered freedom to ask questions, discussions. Classroom teaching, there should be a relaxation Zhang, relaxation there are sheets, relaxation relative to economic, complement each other.

     With regard to teaching the relationship between the above five kinds of dialectic treatment, if timed just right, make a limited space-time classroom teaching and

    political conditions have been fully utilized, in order to achieve the teaching process optimization.

     The infinite nature of the political class teaching, teachers to strive to be explored. The starting point of quality education is the development of human potential, development of the human personality, achieving value. Teachers engaged in quality education should be a very vivid, rich, deep textbooks, an example of great educational force, can give the students much more than material things. Teaching materials for teachers, but its good to ricochet off the springboard, teachers should meet the discarded materials, overloading the realm of teaching. The students carried out in the classroom where the learning must be a development of learning. This learning should be wholehearted input, which enables pupils to experience the climax of learning that people are most happy, the happiest and most perfect moment. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     In the political practice of classroom teaching, teachers enable pupils to pursue the highest peak experience of teaching realm, mainly for the following three types:

     1. Epiphany-based instruction

     The teachers in the students, "dead end" in a crucial moment, or initiate, or finishing touch, or make the best use, or Enlightenment from summing up the problem so that students take the hint, such as into the renaissance men of the territory, suddenly see the new vista, suddenly see the light.The essence of insight-teaching

    teachers to inspire spiritual savvy students. For example, the author talking about the "right to take the initiative" a box, to enable the "Think" (second volume of

    Philosophy, p. 9). As the old saying says: "Man proposes, God disposes." We usually also often used "all wishes come true." These two arguments, right? Students say that these two idioms frequently used, in particular, is used to bless each other, that using them both silent disease, but also everyone's habits, Is there anything wrong with that do? Thus, the author, and guide students to combine teaching content, serious consideration and thorough discussion and mood suddenly see the light: "So they are

    just a wishful thinking, there is indeed a perfect place." Yes, people have to understand the world and transform the world activities to accomplish something, it must give full play to subjective initiative, all things necessary to Man proposes, God, against the negative thinking of waiting; however, bringing into full play by objective factors, to the right to take the initiative to do a good job, it must objective laws, proceed from objective reality and the conditions, otherwise, "thought" does not necessarily able to "things can be done."

     2. Intoxicated-based instruction

     Maneuvers when the teachers lectures, have it both ways, come in handy and fun. The students seemed to bring a ray of spring to make it into the vast, pure, fragrant

    wisdom kingdom, so that students will want to return wholeheartedly intoxicated. The essence of drunk-teaching teachers to the students learned to conquer. Gambling should be a politics teacher knowledge of public Wen miscellaneous home, in addition

    to have a solid foundation of professional theoretical knowledge, but also must have the skilled application of a variety of teaching methods of teaching language and the ability to, in particular the use of information technology teaching methods. For example, the

    author of economic common sense in the use of multimedia-assisted teaching "the

    State's macro-control," a box, the beginning of class on the animated show in the form of a pair of visible hand control is designed with a round ball into the color of the

    "market economy"; then proceeded to fire , national defense, schools, compulsory education and other forms of physical picture of the slide, indicating the market economy has many weaknesses and shortcomings; then proceeded to file the form,

video form (Wen A press conference) to analyze the national macro-control goals,

    means. The dynamic multi-media, rich colors, an intuitive picture, live pictures and informative materials, wonderful music, and so on, will enable students to achieve a

    comprehensive variety of sensory stimulation, eyes, ears, hands, brain and use and truly eye - that the hand that Centrosymmetric to enable students to acquire new knowledge into the best condition. Again, speaking of "the interdependence of the two

    sides when the conflict", pointed out: "No index does not matter right number, there is no reaction force does not matter, there is no chemical combination does not matter decomposition, there is no genetic variation does not matter" ... ... Teachers can be

    mentioned the discovery of penicillin virus The invention of the French Revolution from 1789 referred to the flag of South Korea's yin and yang of modern Bagua map, from the "metaphysical that way," he spoke of "a physical person that the device" ... ...

    to listen to teachers, students feel as if the political class to enjoy a Wikipedia book!

     3. Love Wu-based instruction

     Teachers and students together in a spirit of progress achieved Xinyu Xin exchange for the intellectual struggle, this struggle can be effectively exchange and deep-rooted in

    promoting students intellectual development. Wu-teaching situation in essence,

    teachers told students to their hearts. If teachers in the classroom relentlessly tasteless, listlessness, surely can not construct a tempting call of the structure. In the political class teaching, teachers should breathe life into the passion, the mind sees the image of the teaching content, rich rational point of view, done a superb job able to be shown to

    pass to their students. For example, the author talking about, "according to objective laws", the move did not pay attention to environmental protection of the ancient Loulan a result of sand cover an example of civilization. This time, the students can be

    in high spirits of the. They have learned from the popular song "Loulan Girl" beginning to understand the ancient Loulan. As a result, the writer's re-adjustment of

    the teaching program, with the students and talked about the decline of civilization, the

    history of Loulan, extremely rich to tell them: "human beings can create a glorious civilization, but also destroying their own civilization, can be seen to respect the objective laws, protect the natural the environment is very important! when we see the

    western desert of dried tree residual stones, there could anyone imagine that this actually buried below the Loulan mighty civilization? If human beings do not pay attention to protect their living environment, a few years later Our modern version is

    the Loulan people! "The students feel from the distant history of the grim reality, protecting the environment of the Impossible was palpable. A harmony between teachers and students to achieve the perfect fit Miaowu in order to achieve the cognitive processes and emotional Ruran natural integration.

     Flexibility in teaching, your in the appropriate methods. The political courage to reform the above three kinds of teachers teaching created lofty fine mood, they transcend time and space in nature. It enables teachers in the classroom 45 minutes of

    limited space-time teaching art, in-depth student's mind, the students into the

    classroom 45 minutes outside of the limited time and space, so that students food for thought.

     In short, the political teaching of the infinite is built on a limited basis, leaving a limited talk about infinity, but a vain and illusory castles in the air; the same time, it is also of limited sublimation and overload, if they are limited by restrictions on the birth

    of the mood is not unlimited. Political Classroom Teaching finite and infinite dialectical unity of phase Xiang Yi-sheng, teaching art for teachers to explore a broad area of activities will attract them to this piece of heaven and earth where freedom of flying

    wings! Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

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