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    NDMC match data with Inland Revenue Department What does the National Data Match for commencement and cessation of employment Centre Do? for MSD clients, including students. Data is matched with Department of Corrections when clients are Data matching is the process of electronically or

    admitted to detention centres. Other data matching manually comparing client information with client records from other government agencies. It is occurs with New Zealand Customs, which details

    undertaken in the Ministry (MSD) by the National arrivals/departures for clients; Department of Data Match Centre (NDMC). Internal Affairs in relation to death and marriage notifications; and Accident Compensation NDMC‟s objective is to detect clients in receipt of an Corporation in relation to clients receiving both entitlement which they are not entitled to. It is weekly compensation and some form of income based in Lower Hutt and specialises in information

    support. matching between MSD and other government agencies. NDMC is part of Benefit Integrity

    NDMC was established with approximately 55 staff Services, which is also responsible for fraud and

    in 1996, and has grown to approximately 100 debt prevention, compliance, investigation,

    permanent and temporary staff in 2006. prosecution and debt collection activities.


    National Data Match Centre

    National Manager


    Personal Assistant

    OperationsNew Business and

    ManagerReporting Officer

    Data MatchService ManagersAnalysts

     TrainingQuality AssuranceData MatchAdministration CoordinatorOfficersOfficersSupport

    Data Match Officers may then calculate any debt Why do we match information between incurred, create a letter for clients that explains what MSD and government agencies? has happened and tells the client what needs to happen next. They also carry out telephone work The primary purpose of information matching is to dealing with clients and employers. ensure people receive their correct entitlement to social security assistance. Sometimes there is not enough information immediately available. Data Match Officers may By matching information with other agencies, we then write or talk to other agencies or employers to can identify clients who may be receiving gain this information so that a decision can be made. benefits/allowances that they are no longer entitled Follow up work with clients, employers, and other to due to changes in circumstances. people are also responsibilities of Data Match Officers. Our role involves: This role is the “face” of the NDMC for clients. o minimising clients debts by stopping payments that are being paid incorrectly

    o calculating entitlements and advising clients of

    any monies that may need to be repaid and why o offsetting overpayment debt against benefit

    currently being received

    o referring some cases to other parts of Benefit

    Integrity Services for investigation or debt


    o referring clients to Work and Income where they

    may be entitled to further benefits.

    Positions within the National Data Match Centre

     A number of positions exist within the NDMC:

    What does a Quality Assurance Officer o Data Match Officers

    o Quality Assurance Officers do? o Service Managers o Training Coordinator A Quality Assurance Officer monitors, advises, and o New Business and Reporting Officer trains staff and ensures legislative requirements are o Data Match Analysts current and complied with. They ensure that the o Support Officers quality standards of Data Match Officers are o Personal Assistant suitable to ensure they maintain the integrity of the o Operations Manager data in the Ministry‟s systems. o National Manager The Quality Assurance team predominantly The Data Match Officer position is the key role for supports both Data Match Officers and Service dealing with the results of data matches and liaising Managers, and works closely with all teams, with the client. including IT, when there are changes or new data matches.

     What does a Data Match Officer do?

     What do Service Managers do?

    Data Match Officers act on data match information. They determine whether or not a debt has been Service Managers are the team leaders for Data incurred or whether other action is required by Match Officers and Quality Assurance Officers, and manually comparing data from other agencies have input into the overall management of the against data in the Ministry‟s systems. Centre. Data Match Officers receive training so that they Services Managers oversee the day to day activities can perform the role. This includes computer of their teams. They support Data Match and applications training and knowledge of relevant Quality Assurance Officers to do their jobs well and legislation and regulations.

enable them to deal with any issues that arise from Support Officers matches and clients. Support Officers provide high quality administration They work closely with senior management and and clerical services within NDMC. This includes need to have a good understanding of the business ensuring mail services, records management, and to ensure services to clients are delivered by their supply run smoothly and efficiently. The Support staff in line with business needs. Officer role is a key position ensuring the NDMC operates effectively.

     What does the Training Coordinator do?

     The Personal Assistant The Training Coordinator develops and coordinates training services to ensure that staff are able to The Personal Assistant mainly supports the carry out the work they do. National Data Match Manager but also supports other managers and staff. Secretarial services for They work closely with quality assurance officers, administration, personnel, and finance are provided managers and staff looking at training needs, for by this role in liaison with MSD‟s National Office. analysis, delivery and evaluation of training. It is This is an important role in making sure staff are focused on ensuring priorities are met, training and well supported with the tools to do their jobs. development opportunities are provided, and effective learning and support is available. The Operations Manager

    This Manager ensures the day to day operations of

    the Centre is managed effectively and efficiently by

    the Service Managers and their teams. The

    Operations Manager provides support to Service

    Managers, and enables the National Data Match

    Manager to focus on leadership and strategic issues.

    This role is a key link between senior management

    and staff and requires an ability to work in detail as

    well as maintain a „big picture‟ look within the


    About the National Data Match Manager

     The National Data Match Manager leads NDMC. The manager helps shape the strategic and What do the New Business and operational development of the Centre within the Reporting Officer and Data Match Ministry‟s overall vision and mission with regard to

    Benefit Integrity. This manager is the key role Analysts do? model for all Centre staff, and is responsible for all activities, staff, and development within the Centre. These roles take care of the data match The Manager also represents the Ministry on arrangements between government agencies and NDMC‟s activities. MSD. They review and develop performance of the

    data match activity and maintain and provide

    technical support of data match applications. They

    ensure the reporting requirements of NDMC to

    management and external people (eg The Privacy

    Commissioner) are met. They also update internal

    and external policy.

The Data Match Analysts and New Business and

    Reporting Officer look at NDMC‟s systems to

    ensure support for day-to-day maintenance as well

    as dealing with requests for changes. They also

    make sure we can make the most of our data

    matches, improve our reporting mechanisms,

    manage business process, and deal with issues and

    future developments for data matching.

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