A typical one cases of advanced breast cancer cell mitochondria Quantitative analysis of morphological parameters_3209

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A typical one cases of advanced breast cancer cell mitochondria Quantitative analysis of morphological parameters_3209

    A typical one cases of advanced breast cancer cell mitochondria Quantitative analysis of morphological parameters

     Author: Liu Meiyu Ya-Fang Wang Bao-Heng Wu Zhi Qian

    Ren, Wei-Ming Chen Gang Ouyang Wen-Li Zhang

     Abstract one cases of the typical rigid pure breast cancer cells of seven kinds of patterns of mitochondrial parameters Stereology and image analysis, we found more cancer cells and normal cells, mitochondria of the surface area, perimeter, equivalent diameter, bulk density, numerical

    density, surface area, surface area density of seven kinds of morphological parameters are highly significant differences and significant difference. And discussed the device breast cancer - a quantitative basis for variation of mitochondrial


     Key words mitochondrial stereological image analysis of breast cancer

     The Stereologic and Image Analysis of Mtochondria About A Significant Carcinoma of Breast in Late

     Abstract In this article, sterologic method and image

    analysis was made on morphological parameters of the simple carcinoma of breast cirrhosis. Compared with normal cells, sifnificant differences were found with 7 morphological

    parameters such as surface area, perimeter, diameter of equivalent round, volume density , numerical density on area and specific surface of mitochondria. Meanwhile, quantitative data were discussed about the dysfunction of mitochondria.

     Key words stereology; image analysis; mitochlndria; carcinoma of breast

     Stereology (Stereology) is a quantitative study of the geometric characteristics of the organizational structure of the basic methodology [1], it has attracted attention at home and abroad morphology of the area, although it involves more difficult mathematical theory, but has the bio-medical

    engineering acceptance.

     At present, the world of breast cancer (Breast Cancer) the incidence of malignant tumors accounted for more than 10% are women, one of the main reasons of death from cancer. The study of breast cancer at home and abroad are mostly qualitative research, clinical, pathological diagnosis on the traditional patterns are mainly based on characterization to distinguish between benign and malignant tumors, and to cancer classification, grading (stage). Therefore, the quantitative distinction between normal cells and breast cancer device (and cell) to establish quantitative indicators for monitoring is particularly important.

     In this study, stereological methods and image analysis to study the typical one cases of breast cancer of the breast rigid simple normal tissue and cancer tissue mitochondria of seven kinds of morphological parameters, first measure the normal group and the cancerous group average of each parameter, the standard is poor, then F test, t test derived

    differences in degree of morphological parameters.

     1 Materials and methods

     1.1 subjects, sample preparation, photo electron micrographs

     Female patient, 48 years old, one year left internal mammary 3cm occurring at the head of a large mass in soy beans, red skin rash, nearly was pigeon eggs the size of 3cm at the top of the nipple is visible 2cm × 2cm dull red stain,

    under which touched a 3cm × 4cm × 5cm mass, quality hard

    surface and skin erythema adhesion; admission diagnosis: left breast cancer T4 NOMOШ period; pathological diagnosis: a

    rigid pure cancer, axillary lymph node 3 / 14, see the transfer.

     Surgery cut from the patient tumor and normal breast tissue away from the tumor, cancer and normal tissue according conventional treatment transmission electron microscopy of biological samples by conventional electron microscope film [2], each of the four embedded tissue block each block by the LKB V-type ultra-thin slicing machine slices, making copper

    mesh 3, each copper mesh were used Nissan JEM 100CX

    transmission electron microscope random photo organelles -

    mitochondria photo 3, each group radiography 36 the two groups a total of 72, with a total magnification of × 40000,

    according to stereologic principles of a photo as a sample, a total of 72 samples.

     1.2 image analysis method measured parameters chosen

     Applied Experimental Center, Yunnan University, test equipment - MIAS 2000 image analysis system and made a calibration processing, calibration results: S Level = S Vertical = 0.0037μm / pixel, and then 40,000 times the

    projection of larger electron micrograph by JVC intake of a computer camera, with image enhancement methods to improve image quality and image segmentation using the target and

    background separation, and binarization. Then select measurement parameters: circumference L, the surface area S, the equivalent diameter d, will be measuring results into the

database. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download


     1.3 stereological principles calculations with the morphological parameters

     Application of stereological principles of morphological parameters of the formula [3], self-compiled program, using

    computer processing to calculate the following morphological parameters: mitochondrial volume density Vv (per unit volume of mitochondria in the cytoplasm volume); mitochondrial numerical density N (the cut-off of mitochondrial number and

    reference cross-section area ratio, frame of reference refers

    to a cell cytoplasm); mitochondrial specific surface SM (mitochondria, the average size and its volume ratio); mitochondrial surface density SV (with a surface area of mitochondria in the cytoplasm of cells, volume ratio), and finally with the F test, t test reached the normal group and the cancerous group differences in the degree of each parameter.

     2 Results

     Breast cancer cells and normal cells, mitochondria and late parameters of mitochondria in the form of the measurement

    results shown in Table 1, F test, t test results in Table 2. Table 1 Normal group and the cancerous group average of each parameter with the standard values (slightly) Table 2, the normal group and the cancerous group comparison of each parameter, statistical test results (omitted)

     Statistical results show that: cancer group and normal group, mitochondrial surface area S, Zhou L, the equivalent diameter d, volume density Vv, surface number density N were highly significant differences and significant difference. S,

    L, d, Vv were significantly increased, where a comprehensive quantitative description of the morphology of mitochondria significantly increased the size and volume (see the random sample of electron micrograph Figure 1 and Figure 2). N, SM

    significantly reduced, according to the principle of morphological parameters of the formula, in a cross-section in

    the cytoplasm of cancer significantly reduced the number of mitochondria, because mitochondrial volume increased significantly, so surface area SM significantly reduced.

     3 Discussion

     With stereological method to test statistical organelles

    - mitochondria morphological parameters can be objectively reflect the different types of organelles (mitochondria and cancer cells and normal cells, mitochondria) in mass. Mitochondria are important intracellular organelles, in the biological metabolism play an important role in the process. Mitochondria in living cells produce energy, bio-oxidation as

    a major institution, it has a typical biofilm compartment of the role of mitochondria in living cells the implementation of the bio-oxidation to produce energy, the important functions of mitochondrial morphological changes in the size of a direct impact on the cells metabolic functions.

     In this case the typical late breast cancer cells alone rigid surface area mitochondria - membrane surface area,

    perimeter, equivalent diameter, the volume was significantly increased, the number density was significantly reduced, significantly reduced surface area, which fully explains the late Characteristics of cancer cell mitochondrial morphology has undergone an obvious change, the mitochondria became larger and swollen, and the fewer the number of and promote the rapid decline in cell function, which is consistent with the existing literature reports stereotypes, but it is quantitative description. The cases of carcinoma of the

    mitochondria Stereology and image analysis, morphological characteristics of device follow-up cancer laid the foundation

    for quantitative study.


     1 Yu Xiao-Ning, Liu rights. Stereology. Beijing:

Metallurgical Industry Press, 1989, 35 ~ 75.

     2 Liu Meiyu, Qian Wei, Lai Shu-yun, et al. VE frontal

    cortical neurons of mouse mitochondria and lysosome shape parameters. Kunming Medical Journal, 1994, 15 (2): 5 ~ 7.

     3 ZHENG Fu-Sheng. Cell morphology three-dimensional

    metrology. Beijing: Beijing Medical University, Peking Union Medical University Joint Publishing House, 1990, 19 ~ 38. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

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