about king arthur

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about king arthur

    About the film king Arthur

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    Let me sing with inspiration

     Of the man born of two nations

     Of Rome and of Britain……

     Arthur the blessed

     Led his assault from the Great Wall……”

    th ——the 6 century Wales poet Taliesin

    ththLegend has it that during the 4 and 5 century of the middles ages, a man over

    threw the hundreds years of Romans dominance, who successfully repelled the

    invasion of the Saxons, and with a series of political and military policies, he made Britain an extremely important country in Europe. The man was the long famed King Arthur. It is well known that legends about King Arthur have been written in kinds of literature works. The film king Arthur made Arthur screened which reshow this kings


    The film starts with the situation that the Roman Empire was declining and was intending to evacuate from Britain. On the island, the lords were fighting with each other for more lands and more castles. People who suffered from the wars united together and organized their own army. There were also the aggressions from the Saxons. The whole island was at the rim of collapse. However, here came King Arthur with his knights who brought hope for the island. After experiencing some hardships and defeated the Saxons, Arthur found the country of Great Britain and he became the king.

    Apparently, the fierce fighting scenes were really impressive, especially the segment that Arthur with other six knights and Guinevere fight confronted with the

    Saxons on the ice. It was really heart-convulsing to see the eight stood in a line, bravely waiting for hundreds of ferocious Saxons. The bravery and valiancy of the knights can be easily seen in the film. The loyalty to his land was mainly represented by Arthur. When all others had evacuated the city, Arthur left. The Saxons came for battle with hundreds of enemy but only to see Arthur alone with a high-holding battle ensign. Example of their friendship can be seen from the battle on the ice. Admittedly, the journey of the knights was quite adventurous. Love between Arthur and Guinevere

    was also showed on the silver screen.

    All in all, the spirit of knights was more or less shown in the film although much of its plots were not coincided with the legends. Strictly speaking, the film had magnified the hero spirit of the knights. However brave and valiant the knights were, the scene that seven knights and a woman beat hundreds of the fighters on the ice was beyond the reach of common logic and I was thinking where did the thousands of arrows come from since it is impossible for eight of them to bring such a number of arrows with them. The battle at the stone war was also seemed ridiculous since it is hard to imagine that eight won the thousands. Love between Arthur and Guinevere

    came too abrupt to understand. Whats more, there was a scene that Arthur claimed

    that we are all born equal, but genuine equality can not be realized only in a slogan.

    At last, the plot that Arthur became the king just after the war came all in a sudden.

    It is true that the two hours film can not show us a complete history since time is

    limited. As film is man-made art, it is tolerable that some of the plots were go against the legends (such as Lancelot’s death) for some reason. Anyway, King Arthur is a film

    worth seeing and worth thinking.

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