Application Form for Modifying the Hosting of

By Vivian Gonzales,2014-12-28 13:25
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Application Form for Modifying the Hosting of

    Application Form for

    Modifying the Hosting of

    an Existing Domain Name

    For the prevailing policy on domain name, please visit

    To be completed by authorized department representative

    Department: Date of Request:

    Name: Date Needed:

    Email: Telephone (or ext.):

     Existing Domain Name (DN):

    DN currently is resolved at : IP address: ? University ? External

    DNS server DNS server Node name:

    DN to be resolved at: ? University ? External IP address:

    DNS server DNS server Node name: If this domain name or service is to be hosted by a new internal or external Service Provider (SP), please supply the following:

     Name of the Current SP:

     IP address: Current Server’s Node Name:

     Name of New SP:

     IP address: New Server’s Node Name:

     Fax: New SP contact Telephone:

     PO number (if applicable):

     Description of hosted service:

If a change in DNS registration information is required, please supply the following:

To be completed by Head of department or Principal Invigilator

    Authorized by: Date:

     (Printed name and title)



To be completed by CSC

Application is ? approved ? disapproved


    Approved by: Date:

    Handled by: Date of Action:

     Date Notified Dept:

    ? The DNS of the existing domain name will be changed, verify information below:

     Current DNS’s Current DNS’s IP

    Node Name: address:

     New DNS’s Node New DNS’s IP

    Name: Address:

? New domain name is to be served by central name servers

     NS (Domain delegation, i.e.,

     A (IP Address):

     MX (Mail Routing):

     CNAME (Alias):

The Service Provider (SP) will be changed, verify information below:

    ? Name of the Current SP

    ? Current Server Node Name ? Current Server’s IP address

    ? Name of the New SP

    ? New Server Node Name ? New Server’s IP Address


Please return the completed form to the General Office of the Computing Services Centre.

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