Interpretation of the theme of life of human thought - Zhang Zi-ping on the theme of the novel Sex_4959

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Interpretation of the theme of life of human thought - Zhang Zi-ping on the theme of the novel Sex_4959

Interpretation of the theme of life of human thought - Zhang

    Zi-ping on the theme of the novel Sex

     Summary Zhang Zi-Ping erotic sex stories types of diversity and love the outcome of a single technology itself, reflecting the sexual ideal and the external social

    environment, conflicts, showing the writer's understanding of human nature and social relations of the depth and comprehensiveness of . Have long been placed in negative evaluation of Chang Tzu-ping many of his novels can be regarded as "quasi-

    revolutionary novel", which reflects the ideological content of the novel, "54" literary personality began to liberate the moral theme of the liberation of the political class, the inevitable theme of conversion patterns .

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     Key Words Zhang Zi-ping / erotic fiction / Life Reading / "quasi-revolutionary



     Sex Tragedy: The life of ideas in the name of rebellion

     Bor-odd year of the Creation Society colleagues referring to Zhang Zi-Ping sex novels,

    said, "he described disputes over the sexes is the best at his place" (Note: Bor-qi:

    "China's new novel, three sets Wenxuedaji Introduction", Shanghai Companion Book Printing Company, 1935 edition, p. 16, p. 16.). Feng Naichao later stage the members of

    the Creation Society in 1928, Phase 1 of the "cultural criticism" published an article criticizing Zhang Zi-Ping's novel, "Fei Xu," "moss-li" and that his work in the future

    will fall reactionary camp, while the Lu Xun's the negative nature of his novel is a well-

    known. Some kind of criticism is always based on specific values and practical needs of the times, and if the Chang Tzu-ping the novel as a complex sex life in the world and

    not just a simple model to look at art, then there may be a more positive assessment of

    another .

     In the Chang Tzu-ping sex stories, inclusive of a variety of sexual patterns. Several teachers and students of Love ( "Job's Tears," "sexual bisector", "curacoa"), a nephew and uncle's Love ( "Meiling Spring"), there Shusao, sister and brother in law of Love ( "The surrender of those who," "Ai-Li outsiders," "the last of happiness"). Moreover,

    in this confused sex stories often contain multiple sexual relations were to form one or

    several "Triangle." Sex on the figure for the final outcome of disputes, are often tragic, and the formation of a certain common logic of development: mutual attraction or mutual love between men and women, and then confronted with the social environment or the individual's own obstacles, the end, figures dead (mostly pulmonary disease), or split end. This type of diversity and love sex a single outcome of its own, showing the writer's understanding of human nature and social relations of the depth and comprehensiveness.

     Chang-owned flat in the novels, c. sexual relations, the formation and the occurrence of the outcome of the universal tragedy, from the community's external environment and individual's inner world and their mutual relations.

     First, the individual's natural life and moral and social groups (especially the feudal

    ethical code) constitutes a sexual conflict in the relationship between the outcome of the universality of the tragedy, showing Zhang Zi-ping fiction and "54" literary spirit of

    the synchronization. Love triangle from the ethical norms of human society in general is undoubtedly a form of abnormal love relationship, but its existence in itself, often to some extent reflects the ideal of human sex and the elusive pursuit of the facts. When the writer put it into the overall social analysis, they demonstrate a profound criticism of the feudal ethical code. It can be said, a fact that reflects the sexual ideal of the social environment and external conflicts. The true ideal sex relations should be "Body and

    Soul," the unity, which in the "54" period was one of the most breathtaking young men and women touch lives proposition. However, in open Fengjiandaode system, the true "spirit" of the similarities or the instinct of the "flesh" desires are being ignored or

    even be strangled in the position. Sexual relations become a kind of ethical performance of the process of both men and women are merely the concept of achieving specific rites tool. Both sides of the emotional factors excluded sex, but also neglect the natural desire between husband and wife are reasonable, and the pure pursuit of continuing the family line, to worship their ancestors has become the ethical purpose of the substance of the traditional Chinese marriage. "Wedding will be combined surnames of the two is good, on the basis of our ancestral temple, and next in order following the later people." (Note: Bor-qi: "China's new novel, three sets

    Wenxuedaxi Introduction", Shanghai companion book printing company, 1935 edition , p. 16, p. 16.) With regard to this anomaly in or outside of marriage and the

    natural desires and emotional needs are not being taken seriously or even be rejected. Chang Tzu-ping's "Meiling Spring", the heroine Fang Bao Ying aspire to the outside world, the lives of peasant women in general are not satisfied with the situation of

    secondary school in the church with distant relatives Jishu initiation among a beautiful love, and in Ji Shu was fired after the two men finally realized the school of "Body and Soul" combination. However, in the powerful forces of the feudal etiquette before, this love of nature because they had been coated with a layer of "incest" in the shadow of his own destruction. Both with a deep physical and mental trauma and eventually be returned to the set of social relationships. From the tragedy of the two sex can be seen, the girl's identity and nephew and uncle of the particular sub-itself constitutes a great

    obstacle to good sex, this kind of love decide at the outset of its inevitable outcome. In a feudal ceremony of law that the first prerequisite of the social environment, natural desires and emotional needs are of no value whatsoever. While this is obviously an imitation of works of Japan's "Private Novel" writer Shimazaki Fujimura's novel "new", but for readers in China, its ideological value and significance of change is still there. In the "hyperbolic with the asymptote", "love-in-Focus" and other works, the

    writer through the character's mouth and announced: "Henry before the free love," sex in order to seek the realization of the ideal, it must be "ignorant of public opinion to shovel go, the antiquated shackles of society have resolved to go. " The tragedy of love created by the feudal ethical code, while the love triangle, or the formation of polyhedrin is also this has a direct relationship. "Last of happiness", the gentle beauty of the heroine Biei secondary not only eager to continue their studies after graduation, but also in accordance with the general habits and desire to get married rural married

    in order to complete the traditional social roles of women. After missing an opportunity

    for a betrothal, she has become the subject of ridicule of the old maid. When she fell in love with the last one suitor, the mother Queba bet she married another prostitute, and

    another cousin to do Tianfang smoking opium. This inequality and the false marriage itself constitutes a Biei later, for Valentine's foundation. Thus, in the life after marriage, her first with the original suitor betrayal brother now pregnant, and later

    with the original lover cohabitation as early as the last soldier due to sexually transmitted diseases. Hero behavior of the most important is that human nature demands on the old "name" and "formula" of destruction and resistance. When the

    feudal marriage system in order to limit the ideal of marriage based on love, when the brewing After the tragedy of extra-marital affairs and even incest. Thus, when people

    are faced with this inconsistent with the provisions of social ethics and the blood

    relationship of sex behavior, need to rethink the traditional concept of marriage and gender legitimate issues. In a sense, mandatory sex marriage is a hotbed of freedom.

     Zhang Zi-Ping described in the book show the established disputes sex marriage and

    the conflict between love of nature, while the deep-seated is the instinct of the feudal

    code of ethics and the free nature of contradiction. Specifications constitute a conflict with the instinct Zhang Ziping sex basic pattern of the novel. It should be noted that

    this mode of artistic expression is a common phenomenon in the history of Chinese and foreign literature. This phenomenon is not only a writer from the idea of similarities, more importantly, human life itself from the general contradictions exist. In traditional

    Chinese society, such norms and instinct to the conflict is more profound than other social and universal. As the main body of the feudal Confucian ethics as a "rule should live by," little attention and thinking about the value of people's natural life, but pay

    attention to propriety Tsunatsune natural life of the person's limitations, "person" doctrine has become a special "a man" theory to real people as an abstract ethical performance of the simple things. With the "heaven", "Heaven," the moral equivalent

    of the face of people's emotions and instincts have been is not important. In such a firm and constant ethical feudal system, human nature has been stifled, Marriage and Love in the tragedy that is a very general and long-term. In the course of a short life and is

    destroying life, or a change in morality, the ideal answer is not self-evident. Zhang Zi-

    Ping's novel firmly grasp the nature of life, patiently use a similar model and logic to be performing a marriage out of a love tragedy in itself shows that the writer of the feudal

    tradition and the depth of understanding of real life. In his later work, "Ai-Li

    outsiders", the author of the mouth through the figures show that the recognition of their own: "Love is the most natural of human spirit to launch, this is a very ordinary

    words. But the ordinary is the truth, contrary to of this truth, the tragedy must have taken place. "Finally he found" not really natural and moral evil, "" do not respect other people's love today the worst kind of social disease. " In "Christmas Eve", the

    Wei Jing Xian-sheng and love each other a long time, taste congenial, although Wei He says, "She is my life," Jing Xian declares that "I belong to you, I am your man," But the woman's family has long been recognized her daughter to marry cousin, Wu Ping,

    of course, the beginning, "Needless to many things to discuss, as long as Wu Ping, an early promise, they can be immediately carried to Wu Jing Xian to go." People have seen that Jingxian their marital relationship in the old and parents will just a tool, the

    so-called personal wishes and emotional needs are being ignored or even be considered immoral. In such an environment, life has finally been wasted.

     In general sense, Chang Tzu-ping's erotic novel, the strong criticism directed at the

    idea of the feudal ethics and stale marriage, is a positive extension of 54 literary theme. Intense and of thought known literary critic money Kyoson clearly pointed out: "Mr. Zhang Ziping's love novels of his generation is closely related to the times, his creativity

    is indeed the child of the times. We need only gains a 54 Movement After the case, we can without hesitation that comes out, Mr. Zhang Ziping's love is entirely novel, women's liberation movement during the period 54, after starting out necessarily to

    produce the creative. Mr. Zhang Ziping content is entirely the creation of gender liberation movement during the 54 events for the literary reflection. Therefore, Mr. Zhang Ziping's love novels the characters, it is entirely the initial 54 sports figures.

"(Note: The" Book of Rites marriage righteousness ", see" Kan Huang Bai 13 hand-

    approved by the "Shanghai Ancient Books Publishing House, 1983 edition, p. 234.) It is noteworthy, Zhang Zi-ping's 54 literary spirit of this novel, mainly through a series of

    passionate and bold image of women to complete, and a strong feminist consciousness so that Chang Tzu-ping and the contemporary writer Social particular is to create a distinction between a writer, and their sense of cultural criticism of the novel is mainly

    manifested in this era of women's liberation themes.

     But have been limited by the nature of the female-oriented consciousness: the

    right to sexual equality with men requires the analysis

     Chinese women in the traditional moral system is the most repressed in the bottom of the realization of the value of their personality to be more difficult than normal males. Therefore, women view change and the awakening of female consciousness is 54 times the most significant achievements of the ideological revolution. Choose the pursuit of women's lives is also the best performance of 54 full spirit of the times. Chang Tzu-ping

    acutely aware of this and consciously try to achieve their ideological intentions. When

    Mao Dun read Chang Tzu-ping, "she Changwang field the motherland," he said after: "I am of respect for the author, since he took charge as a normal pen and ink Mingbu Ping unfortunate woman." (Note: Money Kyoson: " Chang Tzu-ping of the love stories

    ", see Shi Bing Hui series," A Critical Biography of Zhang Zi-ping, "Shanghai Modern

    Book Company, 1934 edition, p. 135.) Chinese women in social relations often bear only the two fixed roles: wife and daughter (and her mother is more When more than just a natural role), of which no matter what kind of role does not have a truly independent position in life. For the Chinese women in traditional society, the marriage is to achieve its social value, the only opportunity to obtain social roles, and this opportunity has not

    accomplished through self-selection, to the wishes of parents and communities to

    decide, but Such a decision is often with a family from the utilitarian purposes. Therefore, Chinese women, whether before or after marriage can independently control their own destiny, independent of the social role: "David from the father and brother, both married their husbands and husband's death from the child." In such a life cycle, Chinese women still do not own opportunities. The feudal oppression of women the most ethical, while the women's awakening to the impact of the feudal ethics and morals are also the largest. As the Marxist classical writers said, "In any society is a measure of the extent of women's liberation in the liberation of the natural universal

    scale" (Note: Engels: "Socialism, Utopian and scientific development", "Selected Works of Marx and Engels," the third volume of , People's Publishing House, 1972, p. 411-412 pages.). Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     Zhang Zi-Ping novels women were trying to break the ethics of the feudal order, in the "wife" and "daughter" of equality with men between the win a "human" values. Rebellion against conventional morality, the women than men tend to be more daring and resolute. "Ai-Li outsiders" in the heroine's husband, Ju-Yun in his adultery with

    his sister after the incident, refusing to "scandalous, can not be outside the Young," the parents of persuasion, refused to "maintain the home, the majority of the successful and self-sacrifice" , "forever in the victim's position." She believes that the so-called

    woman "sacrifice", but yes and cattle were the same as for the Zaowu dedication. "The sacrifice of the victims for harm by heavier damage. Is not to be so much sacrifice worthy good man, be considered a virtue? Modern religionists and moralists have an incentive for people to be able to sacrifice, have advocated that people should have such the United States and Germany ;, but from my view, those perverse and violent gods of the defeated, those who wicked nor a necessary sacrifice. " Awareness of heroine Ju-

    Yun is a very profound and clear, she has established a set of self-evaluation of the

    value system: "according to the literal interpretation, to honor a great woman that she could sacrifice to the sake of the husband's career, I see this world do not less intelligent men is by no means unaware of such an inequality between men and women, but they still strongly praise the woman deliberately trying to make the sacrifice of Germany in

    order to maintain their male privilege - the privilege of multiple wives doctrine. poor

    are our women, not a little research, have the makings of that class of men praise selfish women who sacrifice the kind of unreasonable, that is a virtue. " Ju-Yun's fate is

    the general fate of women in feudal society, but she is after all a new era of women, was awakened by the cultural spirit of 54 new women, she at least the fate of their treasonable reflection, already have a clear self-consciousness. In fact, non-

    consciousness is to use external to their own measure of value, judge themselves and society, Ju-Yun has begun to consciousness, who has been a new cultural life.

     From an anthropological point of view, men and women have natural differences in physical and psychological. Under normal circumstances, more women than men, compliance, adaptability and self-sexual, emotional, introverted character, supple. It

    should be noted that the spirit characteristic of women to remove their own physiological factors, the more important cause is the right man and the values of

    society in accordance with established principles of the use of various means to suppress the women themselves may have a natural instinct and creativity, and ultimately complete the patriarchy The ideal woman-centered society to shape the

    outcome. Ethics of China's feudal system, from the woman's basic necessities to the spirit of the character has done a very clearly defined. Inferior to men since ancient times and ran. Growth in the female throughout the entire process, regardless of family

    or community, to her education are inferior to men and women from their male. This education aims to make women bear in mind: Women are born weak, that is humble, and should not have and has never had an independent personality. (Note: Engels:

    "Socialism, Utopian and scientific development", "Selected Works of Marx and Engels," Volume III, People's Publishing House, 1972, p. 411-412 pages.) In the end,

    only the family roles of Chinese women, but has not been social roles, the only way to

    exist as a social role and generate significant value, it will only do so sacrifice their own spiritual life and physical life, so by the State Jingbiao a "virtuous women honest woman." This traditional stereotypes in the New Culture Movement, the subject of

    cultural pioneers of the most severe criticism. There is no doubt that Chang Tzu-ping

    with his novels participation and continued the theme of this cultural critique. At the same time, it must be noted that Zhang Zi-Ping novels of female consciousness is

    primarily through women's fight for the rights of equality with men, sex is manifesting itself, nor is the essence of the public but is confined to a feminist consciousness. Begins with a natural sexual impulses but eventually the destruction of the natural sex has

    become the heroine of the novel were the pursuit of the universal life and universal spirit of the journey, compared with other contemporary novels (such as the post-

    "revolutionary novel"), Zhang Zi-ping's novels are passing away but not the end of the

    "54" era of the spiritual realm (although this has been secularized spirit of the age, people of a), thereby to keep with the trend of the time the novel characteristics of different cultures and, therefore, subject to left-wing literature of the criticism.

     Before and after in the 1930s to the early "revolutionary novel" negative marked the liberation of Chinese women's liberation consciousness in the class, under the theme has been quietly melt and no longer as a unique cultural significance of the propositions

    which, like 54 times by the writer and society as The general concern, and even get a "behind the times," the judge. In 1928, Chang Tzu-ping and literary development of

    the Main Tide consistent and wrote several "revolution plus love" of the New Frontier

    novels, such as "youth", "Zhe Liu Hua", "Time and love of the crossroad", etc. Works character or due to hopeless love, or the result of tired and took part in the revolution of love. Chang Tzu-ping this period quasi-"revolutionary novel" has also been

    dismissive of the negative example is the later generations. However, both Chiang and others works of Ye Hao, Ye Hao Zhang Zi-Ping's work, in which the cultural value of

    the Bao Yun should be given to appropriate evaluation. The main contents of these

    works were assigned to negative evaluation of "revolution plus love." People think that these stories too much emphasis on love, life choices and ideological transformation in the role, has too many "petty bourgeois" of the romantic ambience and ancient

    literature "heroic Canadian Beauty" model. In my opinion, this content is precisely the "54" novel individual liberation (especially women's liberation) is the moral theme of the liberation of the political class began to subject the inevitable conversion patterns.

    Chang Tzu-ping said that in his novel "Youth" in the mouth by people known as "engaged in revolution, not to deny the love, especially not have to deny love triangle, square fall in love ... ... a number of revolutionary people is a love triangle, square build

    a successful romantic relationships" ( Note: Song Ruizhi: "On the characteristics of ancient Chinese women's culture", "Guangming Daily" November 27, 1995.). His presentation with a clear ideological bias, but often is an approach consistent with

    human emotions and who meet the factual existence of the process of Chinese society. Regardless of individual freedom or social emancipation are based on the realities of the environment is the prerequisite for change or resistance to the individual because of

    their disillusion and resistance that would be responsible for the environment, naturally, to make contact with self and society has undergone. Thus, the personal tragedy of love is to promote people to move towards a driving force in social

    revolution. As is often the first workers certainly distress or hardship for personal hatred, like a living join the revolution, these novels have also grasped the individual into a social liberation of the liberation of the process of this opportunity. Gravity of

    the opposite sex actually adds to transform the thinking of the reality of characters based on the natural needs of individual shows that the transition to the social needs of inner logic. Of course, this theme is not Zhang Zi-Ping tendency has always been the

    pursuit of the novel is only a literary fashion only, performance of gender equality (especially sexual rights) as the main content of feminist consciousness is a constant theme of his novel writing. It should be said that this subject does not belong to the

    social conditions then the most cutting-edge issues, but it is China's cultural history, the

    history of thought the most unique problems. Limited awareness of the writer, the female sex is also a fight for the rights of the nature of the pursuit of meaning, is to

    establish the basis for awareness of women as a whole.

     For a long time, people's awareness of sex is rarely seen as the essence of human culture composition, even compared with the animal. Nature of psychology in China's

    traditional culture often do not have individual meaning of life, only obligation to bear the heir of the production tools and negative ethics of crime and prostitution color, in this cultural history and social environment, women in an open or closed to strive for

    the kind words and deeds are an individual right to life, the value of sex is indeed an extremely difficult period is a bold challenge. "Ai-Li outsiders" in the Ju-Yun in a most

    personal experience of Chinese women came to her husband, mother and community to

    initiate a decidedly challenges. "Why should inequality between men and women?" "Human beings are animals that want to perfect, to both men and women in order to create the perfect happy family sacred." However, the harsh reality is that "No matter

    what a man is waiting for his wife to injustice, not only not to treat the couple as a whole, and there is no man to be his own half to the treatment of his wife's. " Sadly, this perverse logic, and anti-traditional concept of human nature, not only by men as a

    matter of course, but also by traditional women or so-called "open-minded women"

    enshrined in the Women must observe. When Ju-Yun in retaliation for her husband

    and family, a bold combination with the servants, after the elopement, her husband

    came to advise Cho-Min. In the rhetorical question posed by his wife, the Cho-Min

    excuse for their own acts of fornication, said: "Men and women can not be the same ah!" "Of course! The world of men to do so, not only or for a person!" Long-term

    unreasonable, not the concept of equality has become the maintenance of irrational and inequitable basis of reality itself, which is a vicious cycle of thought and life. Ju-Yun's

    aunt called "educator", married a little warlords to become dependent on men's goods,

    and negative in order to "educate" other women. When the others "is a famous lady praised her, she smiled; praised her female teacher, she opens his mouth and smiled; of Good Hope and then praised her high, the sound of her laugh." However, she was the

    victim - Chrysanthemum Yun's education is: "men and women different, it is

    unreasonable endless." Ju-Yun in the mothers, families and society to lose hope, after he decided to single-handedly to take action to the social challenges: "the world is now

    only up to protect their own themselves, what name is unreliable. "announce," I did not do her husband's qualifications were never respected, are not the wives of the obligations and responsibilities. is to say, I am not her husband's body, and either I

    belong to Who. As long as there is love, is a husband and wife.'s Day parade is not a single defensive responsibilities on the one hand, we must abide by both sides. "traditional women, living in Chinese societies, in the event daisy-jun-style marriage is

    in crisis can only be done," Deserted Wife "or "Jour", but Ju-Yun but never women,

    most point of resistance to the sexual vitality of a strong patriarchal society. She believes that "In the past the moral a man at home under the provisions of the future,

    the moral should be provided on both men and women desired. For example, if the dissolute husband, then his wife can find another man. Caidui the provision to be in such a manner. "You could say that this is the most concrete are the most essential to

    the understanding of women's emancipation. Chang Tzu-ping's novels rarely bite the

    bullet, put up the old woman, and some times more than a "slut." The pursuit of these women for sex is a bold, active, aggressive. On the contrary, many men and women

    compared to seem cowardly, selfish, but also a lack of masculinity. In love and sex, as well as associated with marriage and family on the concept of discrimination against women in male-female life experience of the most strong and universal, because it is

    also a traditional society to the roles assigned to women by the major role. Therefore, sex, marriage is a basic human value of life display, and its inequality is the most fundamental inequality for women, sex, marriage on the liberation of a form of social

    liberation is not only an important and means It is also the natural life of a natural human instinct of liberation.

     By Zhang Zi-ping fictional journey of life can be seen, the human tragedy of sex towards the socio-political resistance, one of the inner spiritual force, which makes

    contemporary fiction and Zhang Zi-ping's "revolutionary novel" share a common basis

    of life and emotional logic. Therefore, the camps have long been criticized by left-wing

    literature, was placed in negative evaluation of Chang Tzu-ping many of the novels can

    be regarded as "quasi-revolutionary novel" and its ideological content of the novel reflects the personality literature, 54 the moral theme of the liberation of the liberation of the class began to the inevitable political themes conversion patterns.


     ? Mao Dun: "to create the impression to me," "News Hong Kong Daily News," May 21, 1922. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

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