MEMO(a people problem)

By Dustin Johnson,2014-08-03 16:04
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MEMO(a people problem)


    TO: head of Human Resources

     FROM: Director A/B

    DATE: July 13th 2011

    SUBJECT: Stuttgart Office s people problem


     Following a meeting on Stuttgart Office s people problem, we

    decided to move Lincoln to another part of the company.

    The problem here at the Stuttgart Office seems to be a personality conflict between Sam Benetti and Lincoln Davis. It is seems to be that Lincoln isnt a good fit here at Stuttgart. Why dont we offer him a

    position in our new location in Paris, France. Lincoln can speak French as well as other languages. He is a bit difficult to work with but he has talents needed in our growing company. I dont agree with letting him go,

    but I do think relocation is a good option.

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