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    SEPTEMBER 13, 2003 - SEPTEMBER 12, 2004


     The City of Le Roy had an official population after the 2000 census of 3332.

    With over 80 new housing starts in the past three-four years, the City is proceeding with a

    special census. This new count will be conducted sometime in 2005. Early estimates

    suggest that Le Roy’s population has grown by approximately 200 residents.

     The following is a listing of all elected officials:


     Mayor: Bob Rice 2005

     Council Ward One: John Haney 2005

     Council Ward One: Dawn Thompson 2007

     Council Ward Two: Dave McClelland 2005

     Council Ward Two: Theresa O’Hare 2007

     Council Ward Three: Gary Koerner 2005

     Council Ward Three: George Cook Jr. 2007

     Council Ward Four: Jerry Henson 2007

     Council Ward Four: T. A. Whitsitt 2005

     City Clerk: Sue Marcum 2005

     Treasurer: Teresa Miller 2005

     T. A. Whitsitt took the seat held by Chad Farischon who relocated to Oklahoma.


    The following changes took place over the past year in reference to personnel:


     -------- ----------------------- -------------

     Kevin Kahoun 10/27/2003 Code Compliance Officer

     Joshua Lowe 12/01/2003 Laborer Street Department

     Nathan Wilkins 01/05/2004 Patrol Officer

     Ralph Jungles Jr. 04/19/2004 Chief of Police

     Job descriptions and pay scales have been established for all newly hired positions.



     The City Council authorized the City Code to be made available on-line. Through

    Sterling Codifiers, our complete city code is now available through the internet. There is

    a link to the code on the City website (


    Motor Fuel Tax funds were utilized to resurface city streets totaling approximately $95,000. This includes 15 to 20 blocks of new asphalt. Since 1999, the

    City has spent $440,000 and asphalted approximately 100 blocks.

     The street department had Cherry Street milled in front of the post office. This

    section was asphalted this summer. In addition, Oriole Drive in Golden Eagle, Elm

    Street from Hemlock to Highway 150, and several individual blocks received new asphalt.

     The 1978 bucket truck was traded in for a 1993 model bucket truck late last year that will extend to a working height of 55 feet. This addition will continue to enhance the

    services that can be provided by our public works departments.

     The City Council has directed the street department to begin restoring Chestnut Street. This is an eight block brick street. We will begin with the intersection of

    Chestnut and Oak. All brick will be removed and cleaned, a concrete pad will be poured

    and the brick will be re-laid.

     An evaluation of all signs within the city has begun. New safety related signs have been installed around all parks and schools. Stop and yield signs will be evaluated

    and installed next. Finally, street name signs will be upgraded. The new street signs will

    be color coded to identify regular city streets, private drives and streets in unincorporated



    Thanks to Adam Woelfle, Lester C. Wilson Park has a flag, flag pole and flower bed with a decorative brick base. The Kiwanis donated the materials and our parks

    department built a new pavilion.

     Brickyard Fields had its first soccer field completed in September of 2004. This

    field is 90 X 150 and is located next to the parking lot. Initial work has been done on the

    high school size baseball field.

     The access road that leads to Howard Virgin Timber Park was repaired in the fall

    of 2003.

     Indoor batting cages were set up last winter by Howard Springer. This facility is being leased to Mr. Springer by the City and is open to the public. They are located at

    the old Permabilt Facility located on North Hemlock.


     A new basketball court has been built at Falcon Ridge Park.

     A new sign has been installed at Kiwanis Park.


    The community center was razed in 2004. The total cost to demolish the facility was approximately $25,000. The lot will be used for parking in the short term. Long

    term plans include an expansion of City Hall to accommodate a new facility for the

    police department and the building and zoning department.

    The north side of water tower place was leased to Antiquity billiards in the summer of 2004. They will be paying $300 per month rent for the use of this facility to

    accommodate storage of their extra inventory.


    The City hired a full time code compliance officer. He started in October of 2003. This position will be responsible for all building code and zoning enforcement.

    Eventually, he will also take over all property management issues including dilapidated

    buildings and demolition.

    The following statistics reflect building permits issued for the past 2 year period:

     September 2003 through August 2004

     Description Total Amount

     New housing starts = 22 = $ 2,748,119

     New buildings = 28 = $ 6,946,204

    House renovation = 21 = $ 243,400

    Miscellaneous Projects = 42 = $ 636,052

    GRAND TOTAL (ALL PROJECTS) 113 = $10,573,775

     September 2002 through August 2003

     Description Total Amount

     New housing starts = 20 = $ 2,432,150

     New buildings = 10 = $ 234,404

    House renovation = 4 = $ 42,935

    Miscellaneous Projects = 50 = $ 89,600

    GRAND TOTAL (ALL PROJECTS) 84 = $ 2,799,089


    Police Fleet of Vehicles


    2002 Dodge Intrepid (Black & White) Unit 14

     2001 Ford Crown Victoria (Black & White) Unit 12

    2000 Ford Crown Victoria (White) Unit 13

     1999 Ford Crown Victoria (Black & White) Unit 16

     1996 Talon (Blue) Unit 15

    Ralph Jungles Jr. was hired as Chief of Police in April of 2004. Chief Jungles came to Le Roy after serving for twenty-seven years with the Palos Hills police

    department. He was the deputy chief of police for Palos Hills.

    In addition, Nathan Wilkins was added to the staff in January of 2004. He is the fifth full time patrol officer. Nathan was hired utilizing COPS grant funds. The City will

    be reimbursed for a percentage of Nathan’s payroll and benefit costs for his first three

    years of employment.


     8/03 07/04 08/02 07/03

     --------------- ------------------

     Total Calls Responded to = 2,982 Not Available

     Criminal Reports = 344 241

     Reported Accidents = 59 50

     Criminal Arrests = 94 91

     Traffic Citations = 348 438

     DUI Arrests = 19 Not Available

     Alcohol Related Arrest = 13 Not Available

     Drug Related Arrests = 26 Not Available

     Written Warnings = 106 74

     Ordinance Violations = 89 87

    Officer Brian Taylor requested and was given a tobacco enforcement grant. Brian setup this program and used the funds to ensure that our local merchants are not selling

    cigarettes to individuals who are underage.

     Chief Jungles set up a traffic safety program funded by the Illinois Department of Transportation. During May, 2004 safety belt inspections were conducted throughout our



    The City awarded the bid to build a new water treatment plant to Felmley-Dickerson for $2.4 million. The City has selected U S Filter equipment for the new one

    million gallon per day plant. The new equipment will utilize a process called

    microfiltration to treat the water. The construction is scheduled to culminate in

    September, 2004. This project includes a 250,000 gallon clear well (in ground treated

    water storage facility).


     This project is nearing completion and will be on line very soon. The total actual cost of the project should remain at $2.4 million. $2 million in revenue bonds were

    issued and will be paid over a ten-fifteen year period.

     One block of water main was built from East Street to Pearl Street on Center.

    This 6” main will be used to provide and/or improve service to all property owners in this

    area. The total cost of this project was $12,000.


    The final leg of the Golden Eagle sanitary sewer project was completed in the late fall of 2003. The entire subdivision has sanitary sewer service available.

     A manhole project on Meadow Lane was also completed in the 2003-2004 year. This improvement was necessary to maintain existing sewer mains in the area. The cost

    of this project was approximately $11,000.

     The sewer department purchased a Kioti tractor for a total cost of $26,005.60. This tractor was purchased from Le Roy Farm and Lawn and will be financed at 0%

    interest for 36 months.

     The 1983 Vactor Truck was traded in the summer of 2004. A used 2001 model was acquired that the Town of Normal had recently traded. This vehicle will enhance the

    City’s ability to maintain all sewer mains. This vehicle was purchased for a total cost

    with trade of $162,000 and was acquired through a lease purchase agreement with Busey

    Bank. This vehicle will be paid for in 48 months.

    In 2004 the City Council increased sewer tap (connection) fees as follows:

     Previous Current

     Residential $ 100 $ 200

     Commercial $ 200 $ 300

     Industrial $ 400 $ 500


    Closing of the landfill continues to be a drain on the refuse fund cash. Engineering costs over the past 12 months have exceeded $ 50,000. The expense of the

    landfill includes site evaluation, new monitoring wells, pulling samples from the

    monitoring wells for testing and evaluating the site to determine the extent of fill required

    to complete the 2 foot cover requirement. The 2 foot cover project is scheduled for this

    fall and winter. The City will continue to work toward an end to this problem. The

    estimated cost to complete the closure plan is $350,000. The cash reserves in the refuse

    fund totaling $100,000 have been depleted do to this project.


     A new three year contract was signed with American Disposal to provide refuse pick up services for our community. This agreement was effective November 1, 2003

    and will expire on October 31, 2006.

    This contract increased rates as follows:

    19% for 2003/04 4% for 2004/05 4% for 2005/06



     The most recent tax levy (December 2003) for the City has lowered the rate of 66

    cents per $100 of assessed valuation to 60 cents.

     The City Council approved the 2004-2005 budget in April of 2004. The total

    budget for the current fiscal year is $ 2,723,000 as opposed to last years budget of $4,800,

    000. The large decrease is due to the water treatment plant project that was included in

    last years budget.

     State financial problems have had a significant impact on City funds.

    The following revenue line items have been reduced by the State:

     Revenue 2002-03 2003-04 2004-05

    Photo processing tax $ 7,000 Eliminated Eliminated

    Income & Replacement tax $ 211,663 $ 206,923 $ 220,000

    Sales & Use Tax $ 192,226 $ 175,797 $ 216,000

     In addition, the state is continuing to charge a fee for NPDES (Sewer Treatment

    Plant) permits. This fee was implemented last year. The first year fee of $11,000 has

    been reduced in the second year to $8,500.

    The City has the following outstanding debt:


    --------------- ------------------- ------------------ -------------------

    7/86 $ 74,000 Storm Sewer General Obligation

    7/96 $ 555,000 Storm Sewer General Obligation

    9/03 $2,069,000 Water Plant Alternate Revenue


     TOTAL $2,698,000


     With the addition of the water treatment plant, the City had increased total debt to

    $2,885,000. The first payments were made on the water treatment plant revenue bonds

    and the total debt has been reduced by $187,000. The following is the schedule to retire

    all debt:

     Description Retired


     7/86 General Obligation Bond Issue 2007

     7/96 General Obligation Bond Issue 2011

     9/03 Water Alternate Revenue Issue 2018

     The following is the property tax history over the past six years:

    Year Assessed Valuation Rate

     ----- -------------------- -----

     1998 29,370,150 .9753

     1999 29,646,779 (+1%) .9756

     2000 30,170,928 (+2%) .7596

     2001 31,389,550 (+4%) .6810

     2002 33,531,307 (+7%) .6493

     2003 35,593,399 (+6%) .59865

     A new fund was created (Enterprise Capital Replacement Fund) to accumulate capital for future enterprise fund (Water, Sewer & Refuse) projects. Each fund

    transferred $10,000 to the new fund making a beginning balance of $30,000. Each year a

    sum will be transferred from each enterprise fund to the Enterprise Capital Replacement


     The Hotel/Motel Tax has been increased from 3% to 5%, with the increase becoming effective January 1, 2005. This will generate an additional $6,000 to $10,000

    of revenue annually for tourism.


    The City continues to sponsor a local website. Sharon Newton has been the City’s webmaster since October of 2003. The website can be found at

     Last year the City joined forces with the University of Illinois Extension to

    develop a strategic economic development plan for the City. This plan was developed

    through the efforts of LPAC. Six committees were set up to target the following priority

    areas within Le Roy. These areas are: housing, infrastructure, business development and

    tourism, recreation, education and population and residential services. The new

    comprehensive plan has been completed and various groups are working on

    implementing plan concepts.

     The City continues to manage its own local television access channel 13. Anyone

    subscribing to cable TV through Mediacom may view the City’s local access channel

    (Channel 13). Ads are being sold to local business with all not-for-profit groups being

    allowed to advertise their upcoming events for free. This channel has been very popular.

     Over the past year, the City has contributed between $20,000 and $25,000 to the Le Roy Emergency Ambulance Service to retire debt and to provide additional training



     Two interstate billboards were installed this year. There is one on the east bound side and one on the west bound side of Interstate 74. They are bright yellow and draw

    attention to the Le Roy exit. The billboards cost $6,000 each and were paid for as

    follows: LPAC = $1,500; Chamber = $4,000; Downtown = $500; City = $6,000.

     The first City newsletter was sent to all residents in the summer of 2004. Making this newsletter a quarterly or semi-annual mailing is being evaluated.


    The City again had a very active year with economic development. The following projects are in various stages of completion:

     Empire Capital made improvements to the building that houses “The Coop”. A

    new roof was installed with TIF contributing $7,000 toward the project.

     BroMenn has acquired property in Le Roy located at the intersection of

    Bicentennial Drive and Chestnut. They are nearing completion of a four doctor physician

    clinic. The facility will include a lab, a radiology department, physical therapy and

    procedures rooms. The City approved TIF incentives totaling approximately $200,000.

    The clinic will be open in October of 2004.

     Mark & Wendy Bardwell purchased the Club Kid building located at 121 East

    Center Street. They renovated the building and started a new business in April of 2004

    called A Change of Pace. This is a woman’s fitness center The City approved a TIF

    agreement and incentive of $ 15,000.

     Minor repairs were made to the building that houses The Silly Goose and Ron

    Scott’s Piano business. A TIF incentive of $2,500 assisted with the structural renovations.

    Additional structural repairs are underway to improve the quality of this building.

     The Rusty Hinge was given a TIF incentive package to assist with the growing of

    their manufacturing concern located on the north side of the Falcon Ridge subdivision.

     The Rusty Hinge group started a new retail store in the 100 block of east Center

    called The Weathered Crow. This is an outlet for their manufacturing concern.

     Old Bank Restaurant/Empire Capital was given a three year TIF incentive package. The restaurant opened in March of 2004.

     Hanafin Enterprises was granted a new incentive for an addition to their existing

    building to accommodate growth in the rental business. This incentive was completed in

    August of 2004 with TIF incentives of approximately $17,000.


     Hanafin Enterprises was also granted an incentive package to allow for the addition of Napa Auto Parts. The Napa stored opened in August of 2004 inside the

    existing True Value Hardware Store. This project will include approximately $20,000 in

    TIF incentives.

     The Gift of Time is a new antique business that will be opening in the 100 block of East Center Street. The owners are Danny and Michele Martinez of Bloomington.

    The City has pledged TIF funds to assist with structural improvements to their building.

    They have a TIF agreement equaling $25,000.

     Also in the 100 block of East Center Street, a new business has opened called Dream Catchers. This is several businesses in one facility. They have a double store

    front with one side housing a deli and ice cream shop and the other offers DVD rentals

    and a consignment business. Their upstairs business offers four tanning beds as well as a

    manicurist. All of their operations were opened by the end of August, 2004. They have

    received $35,000 in TIF incentives.

     Marsha Ehlers owns a building in the 100 block of East Center that needed a new roof to remain viable. The City assisted through TIF and a new roof has been installed by

    reimbursing $5,000 of the total cost of this project.

     David Kraft, Susan Spaulding and Kris Spaulding acquired the Princess Theatre building and have converted the building back to a single screen theatre. City crews

    assisted with the removal of all debris from the building. The owners invested over

    $130,000 to completely remodel the facility. The theatre opened for the first time in over

    20 years on August 6, 2004. Tax Increment Financing provided assistance with a

    $65,000 loan/grant.

     The City of Le Roy public works had a new water main installed to improve water quality. They also rebuilt the sidewalks around the theatre and redesigned the

    parking to accommodate more vehicles. All costs associated with the Princess Theatre

    development paid by the City came from TIF funds.


    Falcon Ridge Phase III has been completed and lots are now available for sale. This phase has 40 lots all with City water and sewer and asphalt streets.

     th Crumbaugh 6 addition has been completed and lots are now available for sale.

    The phase has 20 lots all with City water and sewer and asphalt streets.

     Bishop Estates has completed their first duplex and they are working on the

    second. Bishop Estates is located south of the Christian Church at the end of East Street.

    They are working on phase I which will allow for eight duplexes.



Economic Development: The City Council is considering a revolving loan fund that

    will be substituted for the loss of the sales tax revenue source in the tax increment

    financing district.

    Parks: The City is looking at expanding the Parks Department to include additional recreation opportunities.

    The current project being evaluated in conjunction with the Le Roy School District and the Le Roy Park District is an indoor recreation center that would include a

    gym, fitness and weight training, elevated walking track and an indoor swimming pool.

    This facility could be built attached to the high school.

    Refuse: Various options available to the City are being considered to expand and enhance local recycling. This includes looking at a drop off facility that would be

    available more than just a few days per month. Another option being considered is door

    to door recycling. This option would require additional fees.


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