Gramsci and Global Politics

By David Sims,2014-08-03 13:44
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Gramsci and Global Politics

Gramsci and Global Politics

    The aim of this book is to explain and assess the relevance of the ideas of Gramsci to a worldfundamentally transformed from that in which his thought was developed. It takes some ofGramsci’s best known concepts – hegemony, civil society, passive revolution, the national-

     , the integral state – and uses them creatively to analyse features ofpopular, trasformismo

    present-day politics, assessing to what extent his ideas can aid our understanding of thecontemporary political world.

    The book contains essays focused on: aspects of global politics (the development of a globalcivil society, the validity of the knowledge claims of neoGramscian International Relationsspecialists and the politics of the World Trade Organization and the Alternative GlobalisationMovement); contemporary feminism and the problem of adjusting Gramsci’s theory of agency tomodern conditions; Turkish and Israeli politics; and a series of essays on present-day Britishpolitics. The book concludes that while there remain considerable problems in applyingGramsci’s concepts to the contemporary world, his political thought still retains anattraction and validity that is likely to continue to inspire political analysts well into thefuture.

    Bringing together a range of essays written by scholars and experts in the Gramsci and Global

     will be of vital interest to students and scholars ofPolitics: Hegemony and Resistance

    International Relations and Political Science, Sociology and History.

    Mark McNally

    intellectual history, ideology and rhetoric with a primary focus on twentiethcentury Ireland. John Schwarzmantel is Senior Lecturer in Politics at the University of Leeds, and author of Ideology and Politics (2008). Routledge innovations in political theory

    1 A Radical Green Political Theory

     Alan Carter

    2 Rational Woman

    A feminist critique of dualism

     Raia Prokhovnik