google and hotels

By Samantha Freeman,2014-08-03 11:25
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google and hotels

Google+ doesn’t add up for hotels yet

    There’s a lot of buzz (forgive the pun, if you recall one of Google’s more prominent social media duds) out there about Google+, the new “Facebook-like” social media platform from the Mountain View, California-based search giant.

    I’ve already had several hospitality clients ask whether they should be developing a Google+ brand page. The answer, in a word, is “no.”

    It’s not that the new platform doesn’t have potential early reviews

    have been surprisingly positive it’s simply that Google doesn’t want

    brands on the service just yet. In fact, they’ve promised to pull down accounts deemed brand profiles.

    There’s criticism in the market that Google failed to make this clear at the outset of the Google+ rollout. Google, for its part, says it plans

    to embrace brands on Google+ in the future, but wants to launch with individual users.

    That debate aside, I’ve been testing the “invitation-only” Google+,

    and the new service does certainly have useful features that set it apart

    (for now) from Facebook. Whether enough users will be willing to jump in to a new social media playground is another question, but early adoption of the platform looks promising.

    Among it’s unique features, Google+ offers multi-user video conferencing

    (with “Hangouts”); easy segmenting of your connections into categories such as friends, family and acquaintances (the “circles” feature); long-form posts; the ability to “follow” public posts; and more.

    Hotels will have to hold off a little longer, but Google+ may make the

    grade in the end. If anyone else has been trying out the new service and has an opinion, I’d love to hear it!

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