HCSD Finance Systems Security Procedures

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HCSD Finance Systems Security Procedures

    Quick Links: Access Rights Network Account Application

    HCSD Finance Systems Security Procedures

    LSUHSC-NO Network Security

    LSUHSC-NO operates local and wide area network computer systems used by HCSD. Access to these systems is handled by the LSUHSC-NO Information Security Section (IS) through your business unit’s Information Security staff.

    Notification of all HR actions are transmitted to IS through routine HR processes. However, the employee’s direct supervisor should notify IS directly of any change in personnel action to ensure prompt action is taken regarding security settings.

    1. New Employees: New employees will need to fill out an account application

    form ( to gain access to the local and wide

    area network and to set up an email account. The form must be signed by

    the applicant, his or her supervisor and the designated authority for the

    business unit. This form can also authorize access into various other HCSD

    systems such as PeopleSoft Financials, PeopleSoft HR, and Siemens Patient

    Accounting. Authorization for these other HCSD systems require additional

    information and authorization, and for this reason, may be handled through

    email once the account has been set up.

    2. External Users: External users, such as auditors and legislative staff, may

    be approved to access the LSUHSC-NO network if sufficiently justified. The

    process for approval of external users is the same as that for new employees,

    however, additional approvals and a statement of justification is also required.

3. Transferred Employees: Employees who transfer between units or

    departments within LSUHSC-NO will be reviewed by the IS staff to determine

    whether their access rights must be adjusted. Unless advised otherwise,

    access rights to specific HCSD systems will be removed within 5 days of


    4. Terminated Employees: The IS staff will automatically remove access rights

    to the LSU network and all related systems as a part of the employee

    severance process handled by the Human Resources department. The

    employee’s direct supervisor should, however, notify IS directly of the

    termination date as soon as it is known.

5. Changes to Employee Accounts: Changes to a network account after the

    account is established can be handled by email to the Information Security


    PeopleSoft Financial Database

    The following are procedures to add, remove or change access rights for the PeopleSoft Financials Database (PS FIN).

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    a. The request to add or change PS FIN security access must specify the following:

    1. Name of the user in last name, first name format.

    2. Network ID of the user

    3. Phone Number: Telephone number of the user

    4. Database Instance: The most commonly used databases are

    Reporting (PSFS8RPT) and Production (PSFS8PRD).

    Additional databases are available for staff who are involved in


    5. Row Level: The Row Level must be indicated if it is being

    added or changed. Generally, the row level required is specific

    to the user’s business unit. Requests for access to more than

    one business unit must be specifically justified. Row Level

    designations are as follows:

     Business Unit Row Level Designation







    6. Roles: The definition of roles is available in PeopleSoft. The

    navigation to this site is: PeopleTools > Security > Roles. Open

    one of the LSU roles, select “Permission Lists” then “View

    Definition” to see which PeopleSoft pages that role can edit or


    The easiest way to determine the necessary classes for a

    person is to identify an existing user who has the same access

    rights needed by the user whose account is to be created or

    changed. The access rights for each HCSD PS FIN user is

    identified on the spreadsheets available on the HCSD Finance

    web site at

    7. Workflow: This field is related to purchase requisitions for

    those business units where this module is implemented. A

    member of the PS FIN WORKFLOW LIAISONS can help you to

    complete this field if needed.

    8. Route Control: This field is typically the department where

    workflow will be accessed by the user.

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    9. Merkur: This field refers to a separate purchasing application.

    Indicate whether the user needs this access or not.

    10. Authorizer: The person who authorized the action must be

    listed. Generally, this is the Hospital level liaison.

    11. Authorizer ID: Network ID of the authorizer.

    12. Format:



     DataBase Instances

     Row Level (if being changed or added)


     Route Control


     Authorizer name

     Authorizer ID

    13. Sample Completed Request:

    Jane Doe Name

    LSU ID or Last 4 of SSN jdoe

    PS8FSRPT DB Instance

    Row Level RLEKL


    Workflow DEPT_APPROVER



    Route Control

    N/A Merkur

    Authorized By Dianne Hawkins

    Authorized By ID dhawki

    14. Requests for more than 4 users at one time can be done on an

    Excel spreadsheet that is then attached to the email request. HCSD Restricted Folders

    The network folder where the monthly department reports are stored is

    restricted to all PeopleSoft users and members of the security group

    PeopleSoft-HCSD-Reports. Requests to add users to this group

    should follow the same approval process as described in the procedures

    for PS FIN access above.

    These folders are located at:

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    V:\PeopleSoft\nVisionRptFiles\Reports\HCSD .

    HCSD Finance Website

    Some documents on the HCSD Finance Website are restricted to certain user groups. Users who do not have access will not be able to move beyond the login screen for these pages. Requests to gain access to these areas should be sent to the Finance Webmaster at

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