FFrom November 15 to 18

By Nathan Rodriguez,2014-10-14 03:12
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FFrom November 15 to 18

     From November 15 to 18, 2009, United States President Barack Obama paid his first visit to China. And he is the first president of US who comes to China in his first year of taking office. =come into power

     Nowadays with the globalization of the economy, China and the US both play an important part in the world. And now, China

    is the US third-biggest export market. On the one hand, there are many co-operations between China and the US. In face of

    many global issues, China and the US have the same opinion and work hard together in solving them. During Obamas visit,

    the two countries have reached an agreement on the climate

    problems. In the world, China gives out the most carbon dioxide while the US ranks the second. Both of the countries agreed to promote the development of renewable resources. On the other

    hand, they are adversaries. Since the beginning of 2009, the US has launched 13 anti-dumping(反倾销的) policies into imported

    Chinese goods and imposed(征收) high taxes, which made

    China discontented,不满意(. But the two countries said

    they could build a positive, cooperative and

    stcomprehensive relationship in the 21 century.

     From this visit, the US and other developed countries will get a further comprehension of

China. China aims at promoting the international

    ust as Obama said: The jobs development harmoniously. J

    we do, the prosperity,繁荣( we build, the environment we

    protect and the security we seek are all shared.

     Overall, the future of the two countries looks bright. China is getting more wealthy and powerful. But a country cannot rank among the strongest countries in the world without sufficient (

    足的;有能力的) scientific and technical strength. And all this is based on knowledge. As students, we should study hard to enrich ourselves, so that we can shoulder the heavy burden of building a prosperous,繁荣( China.

impose v. ?impose a ban/tax/fine (on) 实施禁令/征收税款/


     eg. 1政府禁止买卖珍稀动物。

     2 我们决定对违约国加以制裁,sanction(。

     1 The government imposed a ban on the sale

    of endangered animals.

     2 we have decided to impose sanctions on

    countries that break the agreement.

     ?impose a burden on/upon 增加负担

     eg. 总统提出的医疗保健计划不会给国家财政带来任


     The Presidents health care proposals

    would not impose any great burden on the

    states finances.

     ?impose sth on sb [将想法、信仰]强加于某人

     eg. 把自己的想法强加于孩子们的父母

     parents who impose their own thoughts

    on their children

     ?impose on/upon 打扰;麻烦

     eg. 我们可以请求他们让我们在这里过夜;但我不想麻


     We could ask them to let us stay the night,

    but I dont want to impose on them.

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