Unit 6 How long have you been collecting shells

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Unit 6 How long have you been collecting shells...

    Teaching Plan

    Unit 6: How long have you been collecting shells?

    Section B

    Yuan Huili Hefei No.38 Middle School

    ?Teaching aims

    1.Knowledge aim

    The words and phrases in pages 47and48:

     collect(or), stamp, kite, coin, common

     I collect I’d like to collect

    Target language: What do you collect?

     How many do you have?

    When did you start?

     How long have you been collecting them?

2.Ability aim

     Train students listening and speaking skills by using the new language.

    3.Moral aim

     Its good to have your own collection. That will make your life interesting and meaningful, at the same time you can learn many things

    from it.

     Playing sports is good for us.

? Teaching key points

    Target language

    ? Teaching difficult points

     The present perfect progressive tense:

    +for/+since…” have/has been +v-ing

    ?Teaching methods

     Task-based teaching approach

    ?Learning methods

    Cooperation (group-work, pair-work) ?Teaching aids

     Multi-media computer

     some movie tickets and envelopes.

?Teaching procedures

    Step1 Warming-up

    Introduce myself to them in order to make friends with them.

    (Use the present perfect progressive tense: I have been teaching

    there for one year /since last year)

Step2 Preview

     Task? Groupwork (A group of three)

    Ask your partners what sports they play and how long theyve been

    playing. The group-leader report the information.

    A: What sport do you play?

    B: Tennis.

    A: How long have you been playing?

    B: For three years.

    C: B plays tennis , B has been playing for three years.

Step3 Presentation

    First show them some collections on the screen and explain some

    new words: stamp, coin, shell, kite, stuffed animal.

    Then take out my own collections, using the sentence “I collect

    I’d like to collect…” to do a model

    Task? Pairwork

    Tell your partners what you collect and what youd like to collect.

    Say why.

Step4 Listening practice

    Listen to the tape (2a and 2b) two times and fill in the chart.

    Task? Pairwork

    Ask and answer questions about Bob, Marcia and Liam.

Step5 Grammar focus

    The present perfect progressive tense.

Step6 Task? Survey

     Make a survey about the collection of each student and fill in the following chart.

Name CollectionWhen How long How

    s started many

    Discuss which is the most common or unusual collection.

Step7 Task? Job challenge

    Pretend to be the headmaster of an international school.

    Our school needs an English teacher to teach English.

    Ask students who are interested in this job to apply for it. Then decide which is the best one for the job.

Step8 Homework

Ask your parents what they collect and how long theyve been


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