Ass 1 Games and Places Match

By Esther Henderson,2014-11-25 17:38
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Ass 1 Games and Places Match

Ass 1: Games and Places Match

    Draw lines from the games to the right place to play them. Health and PE

    PA1.6 Recognises and takes part in children’s games and activities and describes places were children play. NY= Not Yet D= developing A= Achieved WB= Working beyond NY D A WB

     Ass 2: From Birth to Old Age

     NY D A WB

    Health and PE

    HD1.1 Identifies ideas, feelings and questions about birth, growing up, aging and death.


    TCC1.2 Understands time order and time relationships within their experience.

NY = Not Yet D = Developing A = Achieved WB = Working Beyond

Ass 3 -Write a story about YOU.

     (Tell about what you feel and think, what you like to do, about your family and where you

    live. etc)

Health and PE

    R1:15 Describes self in personal, family and community terms

     NY D A WB

     NY=Not Yet D=Developing A= Achieved WB= Working Beyond

Ass 5: Dear Parents

     As part of our assessment for the Unit Me and my Fabulous Family we would appreciate your assistance by filling out the questionnaire and returning it to the school with your child. Our

    subject this week is about helping our families get on better.


    Did your child communicate about the choice of activity they made, ?

Did they understand why they were doing it?

Did your child carry out the chosen activity?

Was their chosen activity done consistently?

Other Comments

Thank you for your assistance.


Health and PE

    R1.13 Demonstrates skills that enhance relationships, group performance and community living.

    NY=Not yet D=Developing A=Achieved WB= Working beyond NY D A WB

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