How to complain about the Behaviour of a Local Councillor

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How to complain about the Behaviour of a Local Councillor

     You will be informed of the outcome of

     the Standards Committee meeting and

     of the Committee’s reasons for its

     decision. If you do not agree with the

     Committee’s decision you can ask

     them to review it but you must do this

     in writing within 30 days of receiving

     their decision.

    If you ask the Standards Committee to Making a Complaint about

    review their decision they will do this within

    three months of you making your request. a

    The Committee members who made the

    Local Councillor original decision will not take part in the

    review and the review meeting will be

    chaired by one of the independent Please use this form if you wish to make a members of the Committee. complaint about the conduct of a local Councillor. Having considered the original decision the Committee can decide to uphold it You must make your complaint in writing and say or overturn it and will inform you in who the complaint is about and why you think writing what they have decided.

    that the Councillor has not followed the Council’s

    Code of Conduct. To request a copy of the Code of

     Conduct please contact Constitutional

    Services on 01332 255467 When we receive your complaint the Monitoring

     Officer of the Council will contact you to agree

    Please send your form to: how to take the matter forward.

     The Standards Committee If your complaint cannot be resolved informally, Derby City Council the Monitoring Officer will arrange a meeting of Council House the Standards Committee to decide what should Corporation Street happen next. The meeting will be chaired by one Derby of the independent members of the Standards DE1 2FS Committee and will if possible take place within 20 days of you making your complaint. Grounds for making a complaint about

     a Local Councillor.

    At its meeting the Standards Committee can

    decide to: To make your complaint you must tell us

    how you think that the Councillor in ; Investigate your complaint

    question has breached the Code of ; Ask the Standards Board for England to Conduct. investigate your complaint

    ; Require action to resolve the complaint, The ways in which this might have

    such as conflict resolution, mediation or occurred are listed on the next page.

    training Please consider this list and note on the

    complaint form which breaches of the ; Take no further action

    Code you consider the Councillor is

    responsible for.

Complaint form

    If you have any questions or difficulties filling in this form, for example if English is not your first language or you have a disability that prevents you from making your complaint in writing then

    please contact us on 01332 255538 Minicom 01332 256666

You can also email us at

Please note

> we can only accept complaints in writing

    > one of our officers may contact you to go through the details of your complaint

    > we are unlikely to be able to keep your identity confidential if you make a complaint.


     Title Mr Ms Mrs Miss Councillor Other

     (please specify)

     First name Surname



Daytime telephone

Evening telephone


Please consider the complaint I have described and in the evidence attached. I understand and

    accept that the details will normally be disclosed to the member, particularly if the matters goes through to investigation.

Signature Date

A Councillor may have breached the Code of Conduct if they have:

    1. Failed to treat people with respect, or done something to prevent those who work for

    the authority from being unbiased

    2. Done something which may cause the authority to breach equality laws

    3. Bullied or intimidated someone

    4. Revealed information that was given to them in confidence or stopped someone getting

    information that they were entitled to by law

    5. Damaged the reputation of their office or authority

    6. Used their position to their own advantage or to someone else’s advantage or


    7. Allowed the authority’s resources to be misused

    8. Failed to register financial or other interests

    9. Failed to reveal a personal interest at a meeting

    10. Taken part in a meeting or made a judgement or a decision where they have an interest

    that is so significant that you think it may affect their judgement.

    11. Failed to tell the authority’s Monitoring Officer about any gifts or hospitality they have

    received worth over ?25.

    Only complete the next section if you are requesting that your identity is kept confidential

    In the interests of fairness and natural justice, we believe members who are complained about have a right to know who has made the complaint. We also believe they have a right to be provided with a summary of the complaint. We are unlikely to withhold your identity or the details of your complaint unless you have good reason to believe that you would be placed in serious risk by its disclosure.

    If you wish your details to be kept confidential, please explain your reasons for requesting this

    Requests for confidentiality or requests for suppression of complaint details will not automatically be granted. The Standards Committee will consider the request alongside the substance of your complaint. We will then contact you with the decision.

    If your request for confidentiality is not granted, you may usually withdraw your complaint. However in certain exceptional circumstances where the matter complained about is very serious, we can proceed with an investigation or other action and disclose your name even if you have expressly asked us not to.

    Please provide us with details of why you believe we should withhold your name and/or the details of your complaint:

YOUR COMPLAINT - Who are you complaining about?

    Please give the name of the councillor/s, member/s or co-opted member/s that you consider has broken the Code of Conduct.

Name of the individual/s


    Please provide us with as much information as you can about your complaint to help us to decide whether or not it should be investigated. Include the date and details of the alleged misconduct, and any information that supports

    the allegation. We can only investigate complaints that a member has broken the Council’s Code of Conduct.

    Continue on a separate sheet if there is not enough space on this form.

How do you think the Council’s Code of Conduct has been breached?

EVIDENCE (If this applies)

    Please attach to this form copies of any correspondence, documents, names and details of witnesses, and any other evidence that you feel is relevant to your complaint. Please avoid sending us large amounts of background information that only relate indirectly to your complaint.

Please tick this box if you would like us to return the evidence to you .

Please tick here if you work for Derby City Council

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