By Matthew Ward,2014-11-02 18:54
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    Parents And Children

     Parents play an important role in childrens live. Since children are given birth to this world, responsibilities of adoption and education are produced towards their parents. Parents are

    childrens first teacher. This is from a proverb that parents behaviors, personality, and their style will influence their next generation. Being a grown-up, its not easy to live in this cruel world, but its harder to become good parents.

     Firstly, its not easy to raise a kid that parents have to take great care of their children. Throughout childrens period of development, parents have to provide them food without giving too much calories, control their playtime and passion, and put them into the best education to make them become a useful man in the future. Sometimes, sickness and storms

    come, parents have to stay with their children and go through it together. When they have

    setbacks, parents should cheer them up without giving them too much love. Parents should

    treat their children in a proper way. They mustn't dote on them, but be strict with them.

     The communication between parents and children is one of the most important parts in family education that cant be lack of. This is the best way to teach them what is right or not. A

    family without communication can lead their children into crime and violence that their

    immature thoughts should be completed by parents’ goodness.

     There are also many more aspects that are undeniably important to children’s growth in

    home education. Parents should show them the luminous beauty, goodness, and patience in

    order to lead them become mature. Being a child, they have to understand their parents, too. If we both do our own job well, a harmonious atmosphere of family life is approaching.

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