2_CIGE 2011 Catalogue Registration Form for Gallery Exhibition

By Alan Gonzalez,2014-01-29 10:30
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Catalogue Registration Form. For Gallery Exhibition. Return Email: publication@ Deadline: January 15, 2011. Instructions ...

    Catalogue Registration Form

    For Gallery Exhibition

    Return Email:

    Deadline: January 15, 2011


    a. Please fill out the Catalogue Registration Form in both Chinese & English. If the information is not

    available in Chinese, please fill out the form in English only.

    b. The number of catalogue pages and catalogues offered to each exhibitor depends on the booth size.

    Catalogue Page - 30m? and less: 2 pages 36 - 53m?: 4 pages 54m? and above: 6 pages

    Copy of Catalogue - 53m? and less: 2 copies 54 - 71m?: 3 copies 72m? and above: 4 copies

    c. The catalogue images must be submitted together with the Catalogue Registration Form by email before

    January 15, 2011. All images are required to be in JPG format, with a resolution at 300 dpi or higher,

    and with correct color and cropped size (please do not compress the image file).

    d. If the images are too large for email, please send a CD-ROM to the address below by express mail:

    CIGE 2011 Organizing Committee

    Publication Department

    B-1019, Nan Xin Cang International Tower, A 22, Dong Si Shi Tiao Street

    Dongcheng District, Beijing, 100007, China

    Tel: 86 10 6409 6667 - 800

    Address in Chinese:

    中国北京市东城区东四十条 22 南新仓国际大厦B-1019室;邮编;100007

    2010中艺博国际画廊博览会 执行委员会 出版部

    Tel: 86 10 6409 6667-800

    e. The Committee will not publish the images which are not submitted as required. The exhibitor shall bear

    all damages due to the improper submission. Fail to submit the Catalogue Registration Form and images

    before the deadline are regarded as forfeiting the right to publish in the catalogue, and such losses shall

    be the sole responsibility of the exhibitor.

    f. Exhibitors can provide reference design of the pages for the catalogue in PDF format. The Committee will

    consider it according to the overall design.

    g. The Organizing Committee reserves the rights to finalize the contents and design of the catalogue.

    h. The first page of the catalogue will be an information page without image; only one image will be

    published on each of the following pages.

    i. The Committee will email the page design draft to the exhibitor for proofreading. The exhibitor must

    provide feedback within 3 days upon the receipt. Fail to provide feedback within 3 days shall be

    regarded as confirming the texts and layout in the catalogue.

    j. Additional catalogue pages are available for ordering with additional cost. The payment for additional

    catalogue pages must be wire transferred to the CIGE designated account within 7 days upon the receipt

    of the invoice of the additional catalogue pages.


    Represented Artists: Artists who are under exclusive or regional exclusive agent agreement. Available Artworks By: Artists who are not necessarily linked by an exclusive agent agreement. Exhibited Artists: Artists whose works will be exhibited at CIGE 2011. CIGE 2011 Organizing Committee Publication Department: Helen Lee B-1019, Nan Xin Cang International Tower A 22, Dong Si Shi Tiao Street Dongcheng District, Beijing, 100007, China Tel: 86 10 6409 6667 ext: 800 Fax: 86 10 6409 6657 Email: Website:

    Catalogue Registration Form

    For Gallery Exhibition

    Return Email:

    Deadline: January 15, 2011 - Please type all information in both Chinese & English as you would like it to appear in the catalogue. If the

    information is not available in Chinese, please fill out the form in English only. 画廊名称 Gallery Name:

    负责人 Director(s):

    地址 Address:

    电话 Tel: 传真 Fax:

    邮箱 Email: 网站Website:

    If the gallery has other locations, please fill out the info below. 1. 画廊名称Gallery Name:

    地址 Address:

    电话 Tel: 传真 Fax:

    邮箱 Email: 网站Website:

    2. 画廊名称Gallery Name:

    地址 Address:

    电话 Tel: 传真 Fax:

    邮箱 Email: 网站Website:

    代理艺术家 Represented Artists: