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    April 11, 2006

    10:00 AM

    Site Plan Review Factory Street - P 17, Lot 3,

Plans were presented for the development of a new youth drop-in center sponsored by the

    Police Department and the newly formed non-profit on Factory Street at the corner of

    Border Street. The site was acquired by the Town and was used as a trailer storage area

    for NATCO.

They have applied to DEM for an opinion letter that will hopefully determine that the site

    is outside DEM’s wetlands area. The facility will be new construction and will include a new outdoor basketball court subject to future funding.

Parking will be developed on adjacent land controlled by the Riverwalk Committee and

    will be created as shared parking with the proposed facility.

Drainage will be handled on site via a drywell system which has been designed to include

    runoff from the proposed basketball court. There is curbing along Border Street which

    will keep storm water off the site and on-site storm water will be percolated on site via

    the drywell system. Test pits disclosed sandy soil at the well location.

The Town Engineer suggested overflow option for the drywell system, and recommended

    the inclusion of landscaping and proposed site lighting on the plan.

The representative indicated that there will be minimal tree loss on the site due to the


There were no other comments by the TRC, and the project was recommended to move

    to the Planning Board with the noted changes/additions, for their approval.

Application 2006-11 40 Robinson Way P 8, Lot 441

Again, there was no one present to represent the application.

The TRC members indicated no real concerns with the proposal and recommended that

    the Town Planner consider making a positive recommendation on behalf of the Planning


    Master Plan 14 Ball Street P 36, Lot 89

There was no one present to represent the application.

The TRC took no action on the proposal.

Minor Subdivision Simon Street - P 18, Lot 174

    Mr. Nunes, the applicant, indicated that the property is located at the end of Simon Street and requires the extension of the roadway using a cul-de-sac to provide the proper frontage for two of the three lots in the subdivision. The third lot will require DEM approval so he is deferring development of the lot until a later date, or he may offer it to the Town as open space. He indicated that the water service on Simon Street is a 2 inch line and is inadequate to serve his lots, and it would be too costly to bring a new service down the street. He will utilize wells on the lots for domestic water supply.

    There is a hydrant at the mouth of Simon Street and the Fire Chief indicated that he would visit the site and see if an additional hydrant is needed. Usually a 500 foot limit from a hydrant is ok.

    The drainage from the street will be picked up by catch basins the cul-de-sac and then allowed to outfall onto his adjacent industrial land. Guard rail will be installed on the sloping side of the cul-de-sac, with a retaining wall and vegetation to maintain the slope from erosion.

    R Dry wells will be used to capture roof drains and grinder pumps will be installed in the houses as part of the sewer connection.

    The Town Engineer raised the issue of street lighting at the cul-de-sac and various locations were discussed. A proposed location will be shown on the final plan.

    The TRC members felt the presentation was comprehensive and recommended that the application be forwarded to the Planning Board.

Application 2006-13 Cowesett and East Greenwich Avenue P 9, Lots 13, 14, 15,

    17, 18, and 118.

The applicant’s attorney, John Pagliarini, stated that Walgreen’s is proposing a

    freestanding sign for their new facility at this location that is taller and larger than that allowed by the sign ordinance.

    The ordinance allows a maximum of 15 feet in height and the sign is 20 feet tall. The ordinance allows a total of 40 square feet of sign area on each face and the proposed sign has a total of a total of 93 square feet of area.

    The sign consists of four panels framed by two brick pylons. The top and second panel will be for the Walgreen’s sign and a LED reader board and the bottom two panels will be reserved for the two tenant spaces in the development.

    The TRC members were not concerned as to the increased size of the sign area or the height increase. It was the consensus of the TRC that the sign scale would be diminished by the scale of the new Walgreen’s structure and the location of the sign on the site.

     The Town Planner indicated that he thought there might be a restriction on LED reader signage as it could be viewed as an “animated sign” which is prohibited under the sign


The Town Planner indicated that he would be making a recommendation on this

application to the ZBR on behalf of the Planning Board.


    Application 2006-14 34 36 Gough Street P 5, Lot 34

The applicant’s representative indicated that the development is a newer concept

    called :”cottage communities” where the housing units are clustered in such a way as to

    create an intimate neighborhood that provides for a more affordable housing option.

    The condominium development will be an Energy Star development compliant with the LEEDS (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Gold standard. Each of the seven (7) cottages will have a co-generation heating and cooling unit that will also generate electricity as well as heat and A/C, and there will be energy efficient elements throughout the development.

    He added that the site will have three parking spaces per unit to allow for visitor parking.

    The Town Engineer asked how the drainage would be handled, and requested that it be shown on the plan. All storm runoff will be picked up by a collection system and the roadway will have a berm edge to capture and direct the water to the system.

The Town Engineer requested that topography be put on the final plan.

    The Fire Chief requested that there be a fire hydrant on the site with an 8” feed to provide 1000 gallons per minute for a continuous 2 minute time period standard.

    There were no major traffic impacts with this project and the Police Department requested that there be a stop sign posted at the exit from the property.

    The Town Planner asked about site lighting and indicated that there needs to be a landscape plan prepared by a RI-registered Landscape Architect for the final submission to the Planning Board. The developer indicated that John Carter, Landscape Architect, will be preparing the plan including the location of soft energy efficient site lighting on the site.

    The TRC members recommended that the application move forward to the Planning Board and ZBR.

Application 2006-15 251 Legris Avenue P 27, Lot 468

    Scott Hollingworth, representing Advanced Auto Parts Inc., indicated that the proposed auto parts store will be compliant with the dimensional requirements of the zoning code except for the edge of the parking lot, which will be within ten feet of the side yard.

    David George, from WD partners, the site engineer for the project, questioned whether he was reading the zoning regulations correctly related to the side yard variance.

    The Town Planner read Section 5.9.6 related to setbacks for parking spaces and suggested that a variance request may not be necessary. He indicated that the language references corner side yards and the side yard involved on this site is not a “corner side

    yard”. The Town Planner indicated that he would confer with the legal counsel for the

    ZBR and then send a communication to the ZBR indicating his interpretation of the ordinance and suggest that a variance request is not required for this project.

    The Town Engineer asked how the drainage would be handled. The site engineers indicated that the storm water would be collected on site and handled by a vegetated detention area to the rear of the site. The Town Engineer asked if there was an oil collection unit designed in the system. Catch basins would be fitted with hoods to trap floatable materials from entering the detention basin.

    The Fire Chief asked about fire hydrants. He indicated that there was a private hydrant near the rear of the site and he did not want to depend on it. He requested a new installation at the front of the site.

    There was some discussion concerning traffic impacts and it was recommended that the applicant conduct traffic impact analysis and report its findings to the Planning Board as part of their petition for site plan approval.

    The Town Planner indicated that he would communicate with the ZBR on the variance request and suggest that the need for a variance be abandoned.

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