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Dear Cindy:

    Hi! I am glad to receive your letter. How are you recently? You said you were learning something about Chinese women, and you want to know more information about them.

    First of all, I will tell you some changes in the history of China and what happened of Chinese women. In Primitive Society, women's rights were powerful, because the people worship procreationIn

    Matriarchal clan community, most of people implemented polyandry. In Paternal clan society, the status of women started to decline, and women become men's accessories. In Feudal society, a patriarchal changed to a husband the right to monogamy with more concubine system, the Sung Dynasty, began deteriorating status of women. And this kind of martial system became legal. In 1911, even though Sun Yat-sen's revolution the overthrow of the Qing Dynasty, but the Chinese women were still being used as a working tool by the capitalist, women just changed from working in families to become the social labor. Then Chairman Mao built up the People's Republic of China, after the New China was founded, Chairman Mao praises "women can hold up half the sky", and he also exercised monogamy. This is the glancing history of Chinese women.

     Next, I will show you a typical thing about Traditional Chinese womenfoot-binding.

    This is a picture of foot-binding. It is a way to show us that the status of these women who lived in ancient China were very low, they needed to find all kinds of methods to please the men. During that time, the foot-binding were very popular, and the men liked that very much. Because foot-binding could keep the women stay at home and it made the feet looks very tiny. Foot-binding is using cloth to wrap the women’s feet and made their feet in a tiny size. Usually, they would do it when the women were the girls, so that they could keep the size smaller. But it is not a normal aesthetics; it is a kind of morbid aesthetics.

     (杨贵妃) ;王昭君?

    (西施) ;貂蝉?

    These four pictures are the Four Beauties. I want to show you, most of the Chinese women are long hair. It shows us the status of them is very low again. Because of the mens conception, they thought only

    long hair could show the womens beauty. Thats why most of the

    women are long-hair.

    Both of the examples show us the status of women is very low in Traditional China and its a unfair society for women.


Amy Yu


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