Starter Module Two

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Starter Module Two

    Starter Module Two

    一、 单项选择题!10

    1.------______ is this in English ? ------- A book. A.How B.What C.What’s D.How many

    2.________ these feet ?

    A.Is B.Are D. are

    3.This is _____ ear and this is _____ arm.

    A.a, a B.a, an, an, a 4.-----What’s this ? A pen ? ----- ______ ,A pencil.

    A.Yes B.No C.Thanks D.It’s

    5.----What are ______? -----Desks

    A.this B.there C.these D.that

    6.-----How mnay books are there ? ----- _____one. A.This is B.There is C.These are D.There are 7.-----What’s this? ---- ____ pen.

    A.Is B.It’s C. Is a D. It’s a

    8.A person has two ______.

    A.heads B.foots C.noses D. hands

    9.-----Are there four cups ? -----______.

    A.Yes ,there is B.No, it isn’t C.Yes, there are. D.No, they aren’t

    10.---- Is this a computer ? ----- _______.

    A.Yes, this is B.No, this isn’t C.Yes, it is D.No,that isn’t


    I II 1.What are these ? A.It’s a map.

    2.How many bags are there? B.Yes, it is. 3.I think they’re bags. C.I’m Li Ming

    4.What’s this in English? D.Yes, they are

    5.Is this a map ? E.I’m fine.

    6.Sit down,please. F:Nice to meet you 7.Nice to meet you G.There are two 8.Are these books? H.Thank you 9.What’s your name? I.They are bags.

    10.How are you, Daming? J.Yes, they are bags.


    I_1__ Linda Brown. I’m a ___2__.Linda is my __3__ name. I’m from__4__.Now I’m in China. _5____ isMr Read.___6__ is English. He isn’t an English teacher. But Mrs Road is _7____ English teacher.

    She’s my English __8__.We all like her. She is from England.__9___ she likes China. She also likes __10____ people. C. are

    2.A.boy B.girl C.teacher 3.A.first C.last

    4.A.English B.Chinese C.America 5. A.This B.There C.That 6.A.She B.He C.It 7.A./ B.a 8.A.friend B.teacher C.mother .A.but B.and C.or 9

    10.A.China B.Chinese C.Japan


    My name’s Yangyang. I’m not from England. and I’m not English.

    I’m from China. I’m Chinese. I’m a student. I’m 11 years old. I’m

    in Class Five. Jim is my friend. He’s from America. But he is

    in China. He’s 12 years old. We are in the same class. We are

    good friends, too.

    1. Yangyang is from______.

    A. China B.England C.America 2.Jim is _______.

    A. a student B.11 years old C.Yangyang’s teacher

    3.Where’s Jim now ?

    A.England B.China C.America 4.How old is Yangyang ?

    A.5 B.11 C.12

    5.Are they in the same class?

    A.Yes,they are B.No, they aren’t C.Sorry, I don’t know.


    1Mr Li: Daming,______ this in English ?

     Daming:______ chair.

    Mr Li: No,Lingling. What’s ______ ?

    Lingling: ______ a desk.

    Miss Li: _______ , it’s a desk.

    2.Daming:Hello, Tom. What are ______ ? Legs?

     Tom:______ ,Daming._______, ______ arms.

     Daming: Yes, they’re ______


    1.How many ______(椅子) are there? There are ______ ().

    2.What are ______ () ? _____ __()pens.

    3.Please _______ (触摸) your _______?嘴?.

    4.There are ______()______() in my room.

    5.Whats this _______ _______ (用英语)?

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