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    ; Park area general situation

     General situation of Luzhou

    Situated at the south edge of Sichuan Basin and at the confluence LUZHOU----

    of Yangtze River and Tuo River and enjoying the advantage of being a communication hub of Yunnan , Guizhou, Sichuan and Chongqing, Luzhou city is the door of the great access from the southwest to the sea and an important port in the upper reach of the Yangtze River;

    Luzhou is rich in coal, sulphur, gas and mineral resources, providing favorable conditions for the development of chemical industry;

    Luzhou is one of the chemical industrial base of China(15 in total) and one of the engineering machine industrial base of China(9 in total), it’s also one of the fine chemical industrial base of China(14 in total, programming by Chemical Department of China);

    Luzhou has many nationwide famous chemical industrial enterprises;

    Luzhou now has 15 chemical research institutes , 3 of them are state-run, 6 are with in plants or factories and 6 are private-owned;

    In addition, Luzhou is famous for its wine industrial. There are more than 10,000 cellars which are over 10 years old. The tax revenue from wine industry occupy 47 percent of the total finance tax revenue in 1997. In a ward, the wine technique and producing power are extremely strong.

     General situation of the chemical city

    The total property of the chemical city is almost 5.5 billion RMB, the committee aims to improve its property by 50 per cent in 5 years to 8 billion RMB;

    The investment meeting has been opened in Chengdu, 83 develop projects has been chosen and prepared, total investment 125 hundred million dollar, among them natural gas chemical engineering 60.8 hundred million dollars, petroleum chemical engineering 19.3 hundred million dollars, fine chemical industrial 3.8 hundred million dollars, new material 33.5 hundred million dollar, biochemical engineering 4.5 hundred million dollar, other item 3.2 hundred million dollar.

    ; Park area programming

     Develop spirit

    Include the new material, natural gas of petroleum chemical engineering, fine chemical engineering, chemical engineering the chemical engineering, biochemical

    engineering and the medicine etc. The development direction is making full use of the technical , resource advantage of the area to develop the characteristic product and comparing advantage product, realizing current business enterprise reform with the industrial upgrading;

     Implement programming

    There will be four chemical industrial park in the west chemical city, in total covers 13 square kilometers:

    A) Naxi chemical industrial park, including Lutianhua Group Inc., Huoju Chemical

    Plant, The Southwest Research and Design Institute of Chemical Industry, will

    aim to develop natural gas chemical industry, grease chemical indusrty and coal

    chemical industry mainly;

    B) Longmatan chemical industrial park, including Baoguang plant, Shenghe

    medicine plant and Luzhou wine plant, will aim to develop medicine and

    biochemical industrial mainly;

    C) Gaoba chemical industrial park, including Luzhou chemical plant, Dingli Inc.,

    will aim to develop fine chemical industrial mainly;

    D) Hejiang chemical industrial park, including Tianhua Inc., will aim to develop

    natural gas chemical industry and fine chemical industry mainly.

     Management programming

    The parks will be constructed jointly by provincial, municipal and county governments and managed by the municipal government .The garden management committee will be set up to offer best services by stimulating a international environment;

    Sichuan West Chemical City Science & Technology Service Center is to be set up to offer innovation venture services for the builders;

    Sichuan West Chemical City Expert Committee is to be set up to provide consulting and appraisal services for chemical projects in the parks.

     Environment management

    The park will improve their producing line step to step, use new technique to decrease producing pollutants, restrain waste form original period;

    In the period of producing, make full use of all the by-products, such as build boiler to reuse the waste heat, reuse the waste catalyst, recycle the dissolver ect.;

    Use proper method to treat those can’t reusable waste.

    ; Potential analysis

     Finance support

    The capital operation mechanism is to be built to provide financing and refinancing channels for the West Chemical City.

     Preferential policies

    In order to speed up the development of Sichuan West Chemical City, Sichuan provincial government and Luzhou city have formulated the relevant preferential policies.

     Service system

    The one-step service will be provided. Favorable and free development environment will be created.

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