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    China Mobile was created from the mobile-phone division of

    [6][7]China Telecom after its 1999 break-up, and incorporated in

    [7]2000. It is a state-owned enterprise so obviously it enjoys

    [8][6]substantial protectionist benefits from China's government.

    As a result of governmental protectionism and based on a large population, China Mobile is the world's largest mobile phone operator which has the world’s largest mobile network and the world’s largest users. According to statistics , there is almost 7 hundred million users by 2009.8.

    China Mobile has historically held a greater share of the rural

    [10]market than competitors. By 2006 it had expanded its

    network so that 97% of the Chinese population lived in an area

    [11]that received reception and has since seen a sustained

    [10]stream of new, rural mobile customers. China Mobile also

    offers information services targeted at the rural market, chief among these being the Agricultural Information Service, which allows a variety of activities to take place through the use of mobile phones and the internet.

China Unicon is the second largest mobile carrier in China.

    38 percent of the population has a phone in the pocket, China has over 1.3 billion people.

    As late as 2003, and, China Mobile was one that saw China Unicom and China Mobile control China's mobile services market

    These include the sale and purchase of agricultural products, access to market prices for agricultural products, connecting potential employees with employers looking to hire, dissemination of information by local government, wire transfers, bank withdrawals and payments, etc

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