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By Betty Clark,2014-10-17 15:06
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The secret of brand Brand for the Chinese enterprises, seems to be a Hamlet-style proposition, has struck a chord in the hearts of Chinese enterprises. In many Chinese enterprises to pay a 'road will be long Xi, Wu Jiang from top to bottom while the quest' difficult, the face of the brand can only be made when there is no improvement in baffled looks like. In fa..

The secret of brand

     Brand for the Chinese enterprises, seems to be a Hamlet-style

    proposition, has struck a chord in the hearts of Chinese enterprises. In many Chinese enterprises to pay a 'road will be long Xi, Wu Jiang from top to bottom while the quest' difficult, the face of the brand can only be made when there is no improvement in baffled looks like.

     In fact, we see Chinese companies to pay a brand is like the ancient farmer labors hard at the same time, the same in the ancient Tang

    Dynasty 'Benjamin farmers':' hoe Wo day when the afternoon, sweat Wo soil under; Who would have thought Pan Zhongcan, capsules are hard 'to find the best answer to build the brand - in fact the heart of Chinese enterprises

    are used in their enterprise's own interests, rather than the farmer for the sake of their own seedlings. Ancient farmers back overturned, facing the earth, sunrise and sunset and the return from Canada with a hoe sweat hard to return for 'disk of the meal', in exchange for 'disk of the meal'

    ago, the ancient single-minded farmer placed on the careful nurturing of the seedlings; while Chinese enterprises to do the brand, though not a farmer labors pain, but not without Zhaokuo easier on paper. That and fishing, as you want to catch fish, must stand on the angle of the fish thinking; Chinese enterprises want to do a good job branding, you must proceed from the target clients, and learn to win over the target clients, the people of this mental cognitive.

     Heart insight into the brand's black hole

     Greenhouse cultivation is always strong, no towering trees, luxurious office building bright and never can not make a strong brand programs. Therefore, many companies make the brand and marketing people 'hard' to run the market, and even said the real program is running out of feet. However, the feet come out of the program can really do to solve the problems the brand? Or did not, and may once again caught in market research studies for the misunderstanding among the. In fact, after many

    years of market practice, the accumulation, we also have to use their feet to run the market confusion. Although we ran for a project a lot of the market, coupled with the skill of observation usually always believe that they can realize the real research is to wipe out the brand's 'black hole', in order to make the brand to provide an accurate basis for decision making. However, we still did not fully grasped the true brand of 'subject'. A certain extent, to run the market is indeed useful, you can

    find some things in the office will never be found, it can be found in the process of running the market, if the process of running the market, with 'heart' slowly Insight then, perhaps I would completely solve the brand of 'black hole'. In the financial crisis, in order to understand a regional wine brand real reason for the decline, and we went down to the Pearl River Delta 'inspection', further in-depth customer business, visit the

    dealer, asking consumers, at every level to promote and discovered

    consumer trends slow slowly changing, and each region show different consumer characteristics. Also, the same area, different types of consumer spending have significantly different characteristics, so the impact of the financial crisis is not so simple. Therefore, brand and market

    research, not only need to use his legs to run, but also need to use 'heart' to the insight into the different consumer characteristics of the consumer, with 'heart' the true nature of suffering out of research. When can accurately grasp the characteristics of consumers, they basically can scan a brand of 'black hole'. This is the brand through market research found that problems in the office is not easy.

     Institute win over the hearts of target customers

     If saying that the most mysterious part of the brand where it is the uncertainty in the mind of consumers Caibu Zhao sinking heart, just as the same as fishing for sea needle. The results let us Chinese companies in the surging waves of the sea, like a ship traveling in a sudden loss of

    aids to navigation, naturally, we can not reach the other side of the distance. More than 30 years ago in the past, as we have just the implementation of China's market economic policy, customer demand for consumer awareness and consumption of idea is basically in the 'resting' state, to a certain extent reflected in the purchase situation was 'forced' to buy products. Now we are China's market economy slowly matured, the needs of consumer spending and consumer attitudes are beginning to 'movement' up, and to 'drift' of the state of the spread can be arbitrary to purchase your favorite product. The process of change, to persuade China's market economy has been the transition from a seller to a buyer's market, Chinese enterprises need to 'hard' way to win over the

    target customers can not see the hearts sinking, or touched.

     Moreover, as the financial crisis, subject to many factors, customers can not see the hearts sinking intangible will become even more is the intangible. However, determined the future of the Chinese companies must also uncertainty in the mind to grasp the Caibu Zhao sinking heart. In fact, the direct customers of the hearts there are certain shortcuts, as long as customers find the mental awareness, and then let the brand

    awareness and customer mental link, it can win over with the prisoners of clients. For example, Wong Lo Kat herbal tea with customers on a 'prevention lit' mental awareness, build a Chinese herbal tea brands; Keylock with the U.S. high-tech products in this country the advantages of mental awareness, build a high-end fingerprint lock brands; Rolex Swiss

    watches with customers mind awareness, build a high-end watches of the

    brand; Moutai with customers 'country liquor' and mental awareness, build

    a high-end liquor brands. As the saying goes: 'siege for the next, for the hearts and minds. 'Chinese enterprises must understand that the stone people to seize the key to customers not by the enterprises themselves to' scrutiny 'of customers, but on customers' movement' of the process, by

    using 'heart' insight into the brand of 'black hole' to find a customer, where the true mental cognition - may be some common sense. This will

    naturally achieve the win over the hearts and minds of target clients of

    this objective. Interpretation of the art paper on the battlefield, the victory of the war fighting forces, the more official high command, the more positions will not go deep into the forefront. This seems anomalous, not to play a leading role in command do! During this period the art of

    war! Because before the war broke out, their commander in chief has

    personally fell into positions among the reconnaissance terrain, or the observed changes in the situation of the entire war, and first-class when

    the war began, has been deployed operational plans, implementation plans for the soldiers to play a role in. Brands of Chinese enterprises do so, the program entered the implementation stage, will do the brand of Chinese enterprises can boldly climb to 'paper'. Some may say: 'one-third of the

    planning, the implementation of seven parts. 'Or even shouting must be strong to carry out, as if the same had not been implemented is finished. In fact, good programs do not really need a good implementation of the leave, however, verify whether or hear 'should first do things right, then do a good job' this logic it! When you need to transition from tactical to strategic, so that strategies to guide and tactics, we must understand the 'paper' art. Because the proposal is finalized, if the re-start change, or

    to overthrow the re-arrived, has missed market opportunities. Urgent task is to find defects in the tactical execution - can not deviate from the

    target clients, the people's minds around the strategy of 'paper' adjustment, and continuous target customers of this people's minds, so do brands really do the things together. In this way, the implementation in order to showing the true qualities of a hero. This is the 'paper' art such as art. I remember, Comrade Mao Zedong's poems' Yiqin E

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