TwC at Fiver Years - Internal Backgrounder

By Vernon Rose,2014-11-25 11:27
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TwC at Fiver Years - Internal Backgrounder

    Microsoft & Aiding the Fight

    Against Child Pornography and

    Illegal Child Abuse

Key Points:

    Microsoft is committed to helping lead the fight against child pornography and other forms of abuse on the Internet with a three-pronged effort that includes:

    ; Educating children and adult consumers and empowering them with the knowledge and tools

    they need to protect themselves while online;

    ; Taking a leadership role in partnerships with industry and government, including law

    enforcement, to thwart child pornographers and predators and make the Internet safer for all;

    ; Creating technology and software to create a safer Internet by deterring cyber crime and

    enabling law-enforcement activities while respecting legitimate privacy needs.

Background: Making the Internet Safer:

    The Internet creates enormous benefits for children with new and growing opportunities to learn and explore the world. Unfortunately, it also presents real risks, from accidental exposure to disturbing images to the threat of online predators. While children are often more adventurous than adults in their use of new technology, they are also often unaware of or ill-equipped to handle the potential dangers. According to a survey of children in the United Kingdom, for instance, 46% have given out personal information to strangers online. And a U.S. Department of Justice study found that one in five children between the ages of 10 and 17 has received unwanted sexual solicitations online. In addition, about 14% of teens physically met with a person they had only met on the Internet beforehand. Microsoft is committed to fighting child pornography and exploitation on the Internet by empowering consumers with the knowledge and tools they need to take safety into their own hands, partnering with industry, government and law enforcement, and innovating technology to make the Internet a safer place for all.

Giving Families the Knowledge and Tools They Need to Protect Their Children:

    ; Windows Vista’s advanced Parental Controls help to guide and protect children’s Internet usage,

    including settings that allow parents to set-up separate accounts for each family member,

    customize content, block or allow IM contacts, and access detailed activity reports about websites

    visited, total time spent online, and information about interactions in chat rooms and social

    networking websites. In addition, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Xbox Live game consoles have

    industry-leading parental controls, and the Zune personal entertainment service has the ability to

    allow parents to restrict purchase or browsing of music labeled as having explicit lyrics;

    ; Windows Live OneCare Family Safety provides parents with a free web-based service to aid them

    in blocking inappropriate content and creating a safer online experience for their children;

    ; Microsoft incorporates safety messaging into its products, provides safety training materials for

    families at, and provides safety content and information worldwide in 23

    languages on its corporate website at

    ; Microsoft has partnered with the American Academy of Pediatrics (“AAP”) to provide parents with

    the AAP’s expert guidance regarding appropriate online content for children and to distribute

    Internet safety educational materials.

    ; Microsoft has partnered with the National Association of School Resource Officers to support

    Internet safety education around the United States.


Partnering with Others to Thwart Child Pornography and Exploitation:

    Microsoft works with other industries, law enforcement and other public officials around the world to help make the Internet safer for children. Some of our efforts include:

    ; Partnering with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (“NCMEC”), the

    International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children, and Interpol. Microsoft has joined the

    Global Campaign Against Child Pornography and sponsored 26 worldwide training sessions for

    law enforcement officers. The training sessions have provided thousands of officers, in more

    than 205 countries, with extensive training regarding computer-facilitated crimes against children

    and methods of identifying suspects responsible for those crimes;

    ; Joining with 16 of the world’s leading financial institutions, the International Centre, NCMEC and

    others in the IT industry to create the Financial Coalition Against Child Pornography. The

    Financial Coalition is a worldwide effort to cut off sources of payment and stop the flow of money

    to child pornographers;

    ; Helping found the Virtual Global Taskforce, a collaboration among law enforcement officials in the

    UK, US, Canada and Australia, as well as Interpol, committed to pursuing efforts to make the

    Internet safer for children;

    ; Participating in the International Centre’s announcement of model legislation seeking to

    modernize laws against child pornography for 184 Interpol Member Countries and pledging to

    support pursuit of such legislation worldwide;

    ; Supporting and sponsoring the Crimes Against Children Conference organized by the Dallas

    Children’s Advocacy Center.

    ; Providing training to the Internet Crimes Against Children (“ICAC”) Task Forces managed by the

    U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of Juvenile Justice Program;

    ; Signing a Memorandum of Understanding with the International Association of Internet Hotlines

    (“INHOPE”), to provide financial underwriting, training and software. INHOPE is an EU-supported

    organization that includes 25 member hotlines in 25 countries, including 19 European nations,

    which respond to reports of illegal content.

    ; Participating in the Youth Internet Safety Task Forces convened by the Washington and Virginia

    Attorneys General and working to strengthen laws that protect children, to train law enforcement

    officers, and to develop innovative new solutions for computer forensics laboratories operated by

    law enforcement.

Innovating Technology to Deter Cyber Crime:

    Microsoft innovates on technology to disrupt child pornography and help law enforcement capture those who abuse and exploit children:

    ; One of our most successful efforts on this front is the development of the Child Exploitation

    Tracking System, a joint effort of Microsoft and Canadian law enforcement that now is used by

    over six countries to manage investigations of child exploitation cases.

    ; Microsoft, AOL, EarthLink, United Online and Yahoo! have partnered with NCMEC to create a new

    Center for Child Protection Technologies at NCMEC that will use advanced technologies to block

    child pornography and aid law enforcement agencies in the investigation and prosecution of

    crimes against children;

    ; Microsoft has provided grants and technical collaboration to help researchers at Dartmouth

    College develop better tools for law enforcement authorities to detect whether images of children

    have been digitally altered.


    Microsoft is committed to bringing the expertise of its attorneys, investigators, technical and forensic experts, technologies and other resources to bear in the fight against child pornography and exploitation on the Internet, and to aiding worldwide efforts to combat computer crimes against children.


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