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About College Student Association Activities and Quality Education_3948

    About College Student Association Activities and Quality Education

     Papers Key words college students quality education association activities

     Abstract college students college students group activities is an important carrier of quality education. Current college student

    organizations should give full play to the education, practice, sports, leisure and other functions, to strengthen community organizations and community activities, management and guidance, and comprehensively improve

    the overall quality of university students.

     First, college students quality education and community relations activities

     Quality is the person on the basis of innate endowments, through education and social practice developed from the main body of quality, was

    at the intellectual, moral, aesthetic and other aspects of system integration is a comprehensive quality of people. In other words, people's quality mainly refers to the people acquired through environmental impact and education and training to obtain a stable, long-term role of the basic

    structural quality. Quality can be through learning, education, practice and continuously improve, so the quality of education is to improve people's physical and mental development refers to the potential of

    education. College students, quality education is to train college students to adapt to society and the transformation of society necessary for the overall quality, mainly including moral, intellectual, physical, psychological and so on.

     College Student Association is a sense of fun, love the same or similar students in a voluntary organization and approved by relevant departments set up a mass amateur groups. It is usually formed based on a purpose of the informal group. Student club activities in school education

    as a complement and extension of students based on their needs and free to broaden horizons, capacity-building for students, an increase of

    knowledge, an important way to improve the quality. Student group activities are a part of campus life, it is a form of stealth education, that is, outside of classroom teaching, all kinds of healthy and beneficial community activities to improve overall quality of students play a subtle role can not be underestimated. If the current changes in

    American higher education is an important trend, in addition to improving the formal education, strengthening classroom education, but also to play a particular emphasis on the role of non-formal education should strive to

    create opportunities to increase extra-curricular activities to enable

    students to participate in community activities. Practice has proved that a variety of community activities can play a wide range of potential college students to improve all aspects of quality. Thus, group activities, the conduct and implementation of quality education in its essence and purpose to achieve the means, ways and results of the harmony and unity.

     Second, college students in community activities in the role of quality education

     College students have learned based on their professional and personal interests and hobbies, voluntary organizations and to participate in a variety of community activities, changing the formal classroom teaching the relationship between subject and object, so that students

    change from passive to active, to better help students develop initiatives to enhance quality education Xing, enhance self-education, and to meet the

    needs of the students themselves while training skills through a wide range of channels, an increase of knowledge, active thinking, inspired

    ideas, regulate emotions, develop their personality, values and promote the overall quality of students improved.

     First, will help strengthen ideological and moral cultivation of students to develop the concept of collectivism, the promotion of a

    correct world outlook, outlook on life and values formation. The ideological and political quality to determine a person's political orientation and how to get along. Through student organizations, community groups, a range of healthy activities, such as policy and theoretical study to explore the ideal of life and social hot spot analysis, etc., can stimulate their political enthusiasm and patriotic enthusiasm, to enhance its historical mission and responsibility era, consciously concerned about

    the state the future and destiny, establish the truth and fight for the motherland and the lofty ideals; through participation in these club activities, they can experience the fun of collective activities and see the collective strength, can enhance the collective sense of honor, and help them establish the overall the concept of collective ideas, to further clarify the relationship between the individual and the collective, to inhibit the current college students in the self-admired,

    self-enclosed, one-sided pursuit of self-worth of the ideas of

    individualism has played an active role; same time, through the constitution of society, enabling norms of self-conscious college

    students, self-restraint and cultivate civic awareness, and understand the

    truth in life, so as to promote good code of conduct for the students to cultivate.

     Second, it helps to improve human knowledge and attainment of students, enrich the cultural life on campus. A part of today's college students, especially students in science and engineering classes for the professional knowledge of the humanities outside of the relatively poor, little is known about traditional Chinese culture. College Student Association, held after school hours humanities community activities,

    allowing students to understand China's traditional culture, understanding of modern civilization and traditional cultures of the internal relations, such as through appreciation of the ancient poems, paintings, art, music, literature, writing lectures, film festivals Critics and debating competitions and other activities, college students make up less than human knowledge, but also to enable students to organization and management capacity, social skills, verbal skills, writing skills,

    aesthetic abilities of our full training and improved. Thus, students in cultural activities in the growth of entertaining knowledge, broaden their horizon; so they changed their "classroom, dormitory, dining hall," 3.1-

    line model of a single campus life to attract them to learn and the time

    and energy into to a healthy and colorful campus cultural activities, to avoid unhealthy activities, to enable them to thrive. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     Thirdly, it is conducive to promoting the physical and mental health of students. Today's college students grow more smoothly, according to its age, stage of the characteristics of psychological development are becoming more mature but not yet fully mature, and mental endurance in

    general is weak, different grades of students have different difficulties and problems. If a school freshmen before the smug, felt he was their peers in the crowd; into the school and found top-notch atmosphere, and

    better than they are people who are out there, arose out of favor flu and

    the sense of loss. If you can not find good friends around to find the exact "self", and prone to psychological disorder. To rely on a collective course of their main way to resolve this contradiction, but also for their

    community organizations to participate in the performance of self-

    development of the personality and create a good opportunity. Relaxed and harmonious environment within communities, societies better rapport among the members of the exchanges and contacts that can help them as soon as

    possible to establish a good interpersonal relationships, more quickly adapt to university life.

     Third, to strengthen the management and guidance of community college students to promote the improvement of overall quality of students

     College community organizations from its scope, size and activities,

    generally can be divided into classes, the hospital (department) level, field grade, but also a number of inter-institution-level societies.

    Contents of its aims and activities can be divided into six types: One is organized around the professional learning of professional academic associations, such as financial seminars, CAST, etc.; Second, broadening their horizons, enrich the knowledge for the purpose of knowledge class

    societies, such as the Literary Society, English Salon, Painting and Calligraphy Association; 3 is a recreation, exercise or physical fitness and sports classes for the purpose of society, such as the Wushu Association, the ball Association, Art Troupe, etc.; 4 is based on

    political theory, and the parties knowledge and legal knowledge of the political class societies, such as the original study group, study of Deng Xiaoping Theory Research Association, Law Society, etc.; 5 is based on character cultivation and cultivate taste for the purpose of leisure clubs, such as the Go Association, the Chinese Chess Association; 6 is a move toward community of practice for the purpose of self-class

    communities, such as the Young Volunteers Association, work-study


     At present, the vast majority of community organizations to carry out in accordance with regulations for community college students the characteristics of various types of activities in the quality of education has played a certain role, but there are some problems. If the association is responsible for the lack of charisma and leadership of people the ability to make social organizations without cohesion, there even exists in name only the phenomenon of anticlimax; some due to lack of funds,

    making unable to carry out community activities; some confusion because of internal management, budget excesses, spend money to look at, no money to engage in the activities. In addition, the guidance and management of communities also exist two kinds of undesirable tendencies: one tube was too small, tube too death, holding the nose of societies, so that community organizations can not play their autonomy and creativity; second is laissez-faire attitude, he served as its natural, leading to lack of

    guidance associations to carry out activities in the funds, space, necessary equipment, etc. are not supported, many difficulties and obstacles, seriously dampened the enthusiasm of communities, affecting the normal development of community activities.

     College Student Association activities, whether in quality education to play its due role, the key is to strengthen the management and guidance. First, community organizations should be centralized management by a dedicated department and personal management; 2 is to provide the

    necessary conditions for group activities, including the venue, facilities, funding, guidance teachers, etc.; 3 is based on community characteristics and activities of their own content, can be fully the use of weekend, its integration into the overall plan of quality education of students; 4 is for the newly formed associations, a good examination and approval should pass, choose the right person in charge to help communities do their own construction and general work; 5 is to guide

    students according to their own characteristics and quality of training direction to select a variety of community organizations and participating

    in community activities; 6 to society management in strict accordance with the provisions of the Constitution to regulate the management and

    communities can not be laissez-faire. Therefore, only strengthen the

    management and guidance of community organizations, can truly become a

    community of college students quality education in a fertile ground for the students. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

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