Internal Quality Assurance Cell

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Internal Quality Assurance Cell

Lal Bahadur College, Warangal IQAC Report for the year 2007-08


Part A : Plan of Action

     The primary objective of higher education is to provide necessary inputs for specific skills, competencies and qualifications required for the market. In the process, it facilitates the growth and development of individuals and enables them to recognize their own positions vis-à-vis the larger concerns of society. It also assists them in identifying areas where in they can contribute their share to the well being of society. Therefore, quality education is instrumental in facilitating integrated development of youth with a focus on providing professional competencies and equipping with life skills to cope with challenges of life. Keeping this inview, the Internal Quality Assurance Cell ( IQAC) has chalked out the following plan of action for the academic year 2007-2008.

    a) To organize at least two national seminars

    b) To provide additional inputs to the students through extension lectures.

    c) To organize field trips to the commerce, arts & science students

    separately to have exposure to industry and outside world.

    d) To establish English language laboratory to improve the soft skills of the


    e) To encourage the organizing of symposia by each of the departments of

    the college.

    f) To conduct the remedial classes to academically weak students and

    special classes to advanced students.

    g) To collect feed back from the students on the performance of teacher and

    thereby taking necessary corrective steps, if required.

    h) To strengthen the activities of the Alumni Association.

    i) To organize Inter-Collegiate students meet to develop interactive skills of

    the students.


    Lal Bahadur College, Warangal IQAC Report for the year 2007-08

    j) To undertake awareness programmes on AIDS, Eye donation, cancer,

    environmental protection etc.

    k) To provide better library facilities and to impart training to librarian on

    Networking of college libraries through inflibnet at Ahmedabad. l) To improve the infrastructural facilities in the college. m) To introduce need based and job oriented courses to suit the requirements

    of the industry.

    n) To establish JKC training centre in collaboration with Commissionerate

    of Collegiate Education, Hyderabad.

    o) To encourage the faculty members to take up Minor Research Projects. p) To initiate steps for campus placement programmes on a regular basis.

    Part B :

    1. Activities undertaken

    In order to achieve the objectives earmarked in the Annual Action Plan,

    the following activities are undertaken during the academic year


    - 71 extension lectures are organized by various departments

    - One national seminar and three Symposia have been organized.

    - Intra class curricular and co-curricular activities have been organized

    and students are sent to National Regional, State and District levels


    - Three study tours have been taken up.

    - Infrastructural facilities like buildings, furniture, computers,

    equipment for labs, books etc. have been provided.

    - Two new courses MCA, MBA II batch have been introduced.

    - Proposals for BA (Journalism) M.Sc. (Compt) have been submitted

    - English language laboratory has been inaugurated.


    Lal Bahadur College, Warangal IQAC Report for the year 2007-08

    - 20 articles of our staff members have been published in leading


    - Our staff members delivered 31 extension lectures at different parts

    of the country.

    - Dr. R. Sadanandam got State best Teacher Award from the Govt. of

    A.P., Dr. R. Saibaba & Dr. M. Dharmender Rao have been

    felicitated by Lions Club International, Hyderabad on the occasion

    of Teachers Day.

    - Three of our colleagues Dr. R. Saibaba, Dr. Ch. Satyanarayana

    Reddy and Dr. P. Ramadevi have given supervisorship by Kakatiya

    University to guide Ph.D and M.Phil. candidates.

    - 45 seminars / workshops / conferences have been attended by our

    staff members at different parts of the country.

    - Received sanction for two National Seminars from UGC and IQAC,

    NAAC, Bangalore.

    - JKC training programme has been commenced and 53 students have

    been trained for their placement programme.

    - Campus placement programme has been held.

    - Regular interactive sessions have been organized with students,

    parents and alumni to improve further the academic standards of the


    - NSS, games & sports, NCC, cultural activities have been intensified.

    2. New Academic programmes initiated at UG and PG levels.

    During this academic year MCA, MBA (II section), M.Sc.( Chemistry ) , M.Sc (Physics) courses have been commenced. New proposals are submitted for starting M.Sc ( Computers) and BA (Journalism) from the academic year 2008-2009, keeping in view the


    Lal Bahadur College, Warangal IQAC Report for the year 2007-08

    demand for the courses. Management has initiated steps for providing infrastructure, keeping inview the demand for the courses.

    3. Innovation in curricular design and transaction.

    The common core curriculum for UG courses is developed by the State Council of Higher Education, Hyderabad and implemented by the universities, whereas PG curriculum is developed by universities concerned. The Board of studies will formulate the syllabus and on the approval of Executive Council it is implemented by the colleges works under the jurisdiction of the University. Most of our staff members are members on the board of studies of different faculties. The teaching faculty took active role in the department meeting in designing the syllabi of B.A., B.Com. & B.Sc. courses.

    4. Inter - disciplinary programmes.

    In this academic year also, inter disciplinary programmes have been organized to improve the knowledge, analytical ability and cognitive skills of the students. The various programmes undertaken by the college are detailed below.

    Programmes on Tissue culture, Microbiology, PCR Techniqus, Protoplast fusion technique, UV spectro photometer were undertaken

    by the departments of Botany and Bio-technology.

    An inter disciplinary programme of Crystallography, for the benefit of Biology and Chemistry students was organized by the Department of Physics.

    Department of Political Science has organized a symposium on “Ethical Values and Students”.


    Lal Bahadur College, Warangal IQAC Report for the year 2007-08

    Department of Economics has organized a seminar on Role of Banks in Indian Economy Innovations in Banking sector to B.A.,

    B.Com. students.

    Dr. Rudra Saibaba of Department of Commerce has delivered an extension lecture on career guidance & planning to B.A. students.

    5. Examination Reforms Implemented

    The college has continued the conduct of Quarterly, Half yearly and Pre-final examinations apart from slip tests. The valued answer scripts were distributed to the students within a week‟s time and the

    doubts were clarified. The lists of the candidates who did not take up examinations were displayed on the notice board and letters were also sent to the parents informing the performance of the students in the examinations. Question Banks were supplied to the students before the pre-final examinations to make them perfect for KU examination. The Question Banks for practical examinations prescribed by K.U. have been taken up by all the departments and the students are well trained for the end examinations.

    6. Candidates qualified in NET/SLET/M.Phill/Ph.D.

    The following staff members have improved their academic qualifications.

    a. Sri. Mohd. Saleem Akthar of Dept. of Commerce has been awarded

    Ph.D by Kakatiya University on the topic Marketing the Horticultural

    Products in A.P. A case study of select products.

    b. Smt. K. Vidya of Dept. of Chemistry has been awarded Ph.D. by

    Kakatiya University on the topic „Biological Activity‟.


    Lal Bahadur College, Warangal IQAC Report for the year 2007-08

    7. Initiative towards Faculty Development Programme:

    The management has been constantly encouraging the staff members to participate in various Faculty Development Programmes to update their knowledge with latest developments. The details are given below.

    a. Dr. R. Saibaba, Dr. M. Dharmender Rao, Dr. Ch. Satyanarayana

    Reddy and Sri P. Sreenath have attended a one day orientation

    programme on Plastic Hazards organized by Economic Committee,

    Exhibition society, Hyderabad on 1-9-2007.

    b. Dr. R. Saibaba has attended a two day orientation Programme on

    Analytical skills at Indira Priyadarshini Govt. Degree College for

    women, Nampally, Hyderabad, organized by the Commissioner of

    Collegiate Education, Hyderabad on 29 & 30 October, 2007. c. Dr. P. Ramadevi has attended a one day orientation programme on

    communication Skills at Govt. Degree College for Women

    Begumpet, Hyderabad, organized by the Commissioner of Collegiate

    Education, Hyderabad on 30 October 2007

    d. Mr. P. Sreenath & Ms. Sisira have attended a two day intensive

    workshop on Redinifining Pharmaceutical Marketing at Hyderabad

    on 1-2, June 2007.

    e. Mr. P. Sreenath, Dr. B. Prakash, Mr. V. Rana Pratap, Mrs. V.

    Manasa, Ms. Shenaz, Ms. Sisira, Mrs Godadevi have attended a one

    day orientation programme on “ Manager manage thyself first” at

    ndVanitha Maha Vidyalaya, Exhibition grounds, Hyderabad on 2

    September 2007.

    f. Ms. P. Dhanalakshmi has attended AICTE sponsored SDP at IPE,

    Hyderabad on the topic “Emerging Business Trends in the Indian

    Economy from 10 December 2007 to 21 December 2007.


    Lal Bahadur College, Warangal IQAC Report for the year 2007-08

    g. Mr. Rana Pratap has attended a Six day orientation programme on

    Services Marketing Hospitality, the AICTE sponsored QIP at

    NMIMS University, Mumbai from 17-12-2007 to 22-12-2007. h. Ms. Shenaz and Ms. Sisira have attended a five day orientation

    programme on Logistics and Supply Chain Management & Advance

    planning systems, AICTE sponsored QIP at NMIMS University at

    Mumbai from 18-02-2008 to 22-02-2008.

    i. Mrs. V. Manasa has attended a 11 day orientation programme on

    Current Trends in Teaching organizational Behaviour, a AICTE

    sponsored QIP at MDI, Gurgaon from 10-03-2008 to 21-03-2008. j. Mr. D. Suresh Babu of Dept. of Informatics and Mr. V. Suresh of

    Dept. of Commerce have attended a one day Orientation

    Programmeon Plastic Hazards at JNTU, Hyderabad on 22-12-2007.

    8. Seminars, Workshops, Conferences / Extension lectures organized:

     Seminars/Workshops, Conferences organized.

    The college has organized the following seminars, workshops and conferences during 2007-2008.

    1. Department of Commerce has organized a one day symposium on

    Emerging Trends in Banking Sector on 13-08-2007. Mr.

    Nagabushanam, Chief Manager, NABARD, Mr. T. Gopichand,

    Chartered Accountant have participated in the deliberations. 2. Department of Bio-Technology has organized a two day National

    thSeminar on Current Trends in Bio-Technology on 30 November

    stand 1 December 2007.

    3. Department of Telugu has organized a one day Symposium on

    Shanti Saddassu-Classical & Modern Poetry, Janapadageya

    Sahityam on 27-12-2007.


    Lal Bahadur College, Warangal IQAC Report for the year 2007-08

    4. Department of Political Science has organized a symposium on

    Ethical values and students on 7-9-2007.

A. Emerging Trends in Banking Sector.

    A one day symposium on Emerging Trends in Banking

    Sector has been organized on 13-08-2007 jointly by the

    Department of Commerce and the Lal Bahadur College Alumni

    Commerce Society. The panel speakers of the symposium were Sri.

    B. Nagabushanam, Chief Manager, NABARD, Warangal and Sri.

    T. Gopichand, Chartered Accountant, Warangal. They highlighted

    how the banking emerged and innovations in the field of Banking.

    The programme is attended by all the Commerce students in the

    Auditorium of the college.

B. A Brief note on the National Seminar :

    A “National Seminar on Current Trends in Biotechnology”

    thwas organized by the Department of Biotechnology on 30

    November and Ist December 2007. The seminar was sponsored by

    the University Grants Commission, SERO, Hyderabad. The target

    group of the seminar is the faculty engaging PG & UG classes,

    research scholars and PG and UG students studying Biotechnology,

    Zoology, Botany, Microbiology and Biochemistry. The main

    objective of the seminar was to develop scientific attitude among

    the students with regard to biotechnology and inspire them to make

    their career out of it by exposing them to recent developments

    through interaction with eminent scientists, resource persons,

    experts of biotech industry. Different committees were constituted

    to organize the seminar successfully.


    Lal Bahadur College, Warangal IQAC Report for the year 2007-08

    Prof. N. Lingamurthy, Vice-Chancellor, Kakatiya University was the chief guest, Sri. P. Narayana Reddy, Chairman Governing body, Lal Bahadur College was the president of the inaugural function. Prof. A.R. Reddy, Vice-Chancellor Yogi Vemana University delivered a key note address on “Man, Monkey, Mouse and Plants - How close they are? A Biotechnology Perspective”.

    Organizing committee honoured eminent retired professors in the inaugural session. The professors who received felicitations were Prof. Bir Bahadur, KU, Warangal, Prof. Vidyavathi former Vice-Chancellor, Kakatiya University, Prof. Digamber Rao, Kakatiya University and prof. N. Pratap Reddy, Kakatiya University. 48 research abstracts were received from the researchers on their respective research work. A souvernir consisting of all the research abstracts was published and released by the chief guest prof. N. Lingamurthy Vice-Chancellor, Kakatiya University, Warangal. A Text book on Molecular Biotechnology, authored by Dr. K. Venkateshwarlu, Head Dept. of Botany, L.B. College, was also released by Prof. A.R. Reddy. Vice-chancllor, Yogi Vemana University, in the inaugural function.

    Separate session was allocated to the researchers to present their research findings through oral and poster presentation. Best presentors were abjudicated by a team of senior professors and were rewarded with mementos in the valedictory session.

    Quiz and essay writing competitions were conducted exclusively for undergraduate students of Biotechnology under the jurisdiction of Kakatiya University. Winners are suitably rewarded with prizes in the valedictory session.


    Lal Bahadur College, Warangal IQAC Report for the year 2007-08

    12 lead lecturers were delivered in 4 technical sessions during the 2 days by eminent professors and renowned resource persons of National and International repute.

    1000 delegates were participated during the 2 days of the seminar. Delegates from Gulbarga (Karnataka) IIT Guwahati (Assam), Gudivada, Hyderabad. Karimnagar, Khammam,

    Mancherial, Godavarikhani, Jagityal, Nizamabad actively participated in the deliberations.

    Dr. G.S. Chauhan, Education Officer, UGC, SERO,

    Hyderabad was the chief guest of valedictory session, Sri. S. Narender, vice-president, Exhibition Society, Sri. B. Venkateshwar, president OGA, Hyderabad and Dr. B. Prabhashankar, Secretary-cum-Correspondent, L.B. College were invited as guests of honour and Sri. P. Narayana Reddy, Chairman, L.B. College was the president of the valedictory function.

    The newly appointed Vice-Chancellors, Prof. N.

    Lingamurthy, of Kakatiya University and Prof. V. Gangadhar, V.C. Nalgonda University and Prof V. Gopal Reddy, former Vice Chancellor, Kakatiya University were felicitated in the valedictory session.

    The lead speakers delivered their talk on various theme areas of biotechnology in the technical sessions by which the delegates were richly benefited.

    C. Symposium on classical, modern poetry.

    Department of Telugu has organized a one day symposium on Telugu literature on 27-12-2007 in the auditorium. Prof Jyothi has been invited as chief guest and Dr. I. Kishan Rao, Aastavadhani, as guest of honour of the programme. Prof A.


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