Innovative products to treat and prevent copycat_2046

By Joann Ellis,2014-11-24 15:00
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Innovative products to treat and prevent copycat_2046

Innovative products to treat and prevent copycat

    Recently, with a wish to introduce an innovative communications products, companies, products, promotional ago, business management has a concern: as an innovative product, how to face possible competition to follow suit. A large number of investment companies to conduct market cultivation, once the onset, how to prevent copycat brands to steal the fruits of success. On this topic, combined with previously proposed by the author of 'exclusive category' theory, summarized some of the basic methods

    and ideas, perhaps similar inspire troubled companies.

     Enter the so-called method of discussion, the first two with the title-related chatter

    'extraneous' words.

     Follow the trend of emergence is not all bad, we should use a longer-term

    perspective on the way competing products to follow suit to join. The potential capacity of the market needs more corporate and product development, consumer brands together with the need to cultivate a number of mature and did not follow the trend

    may be the least optimistic about the phenomenon.

     Competitors can follow suit must be the tactical approach is the external performance. We must understand the enterprise's overall strategy can not be to follow

    suit. In other words, a fresh recruit, and ideas-style success, it can easily and quickly

    diluted because they were to follow suit to prevent copycat nature to rely on enterprise systems From marketing strategy, brand strategy, the strategy, under a

    unified various management methods and unity between the worthy.

     Prevent follow suit in the concrete may be many ways to deal with, but the thinking is only one, that is, empathy: If you are to follow suit, do you how to do? What are you most worried about? When we know how to follow suit, then of course you get the method to prevent follow suit.

     First, market promotion of pre-charge well prepared to follow suit to avoid the

    establishment of barriers to block the most obvious loophole

     1, patent protection

     Advertising service company in this regard may be a layman, did not dare say more. In the current national law against the backdrop of an increasingly comprehensive, effective use of the law, intellectual property, core technology, product

    appearance, ahead of patent protection. Many SMEs do not pay attention to this approach, but the innovative enterprise must be taken seriously enough. Perhaps one day, the industry matures, many manufacturers, and you occupy a place apart, or that

    Khan received flood insurance industries 'rent collector'.

     2, brand name and trademark protection

     To follow suit's modus operandi is the product looks similar to similar functions, the name is similar to lower prices. Brand name and trademark has played a lot of

    consumers to identify the role is to avoid simple and important method to follow the trend should be conducted before the market promotion of effective protection. The simplest level is a trademark, name and approximate the image and name (partial tone,

    the same meaning, the shape similar to the image and fonts) to register and build a defense network to follow suit.

     Another way is named skills and possessive. The so-called tricks means that the

    brand / product name at least to satisfy the memory of strong, meaningful, easy to understand, consistent with the concept of positioning is required, it can directly determine the brand a clear memory of mind with customers, such as 'Kang Betrader' cold medicine 'Shangri-La' red wine, in terms of the naming is very successful.

    Possessive is more clever, by showing the category names blending of the substance or

possession of the category of consumer awareness, for example: determined Beautiful

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