Internal Process Handbook

By Shane Torres,2014-11-25 10:53
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Internal Process Handbook

    ICTI CARE Foundation Asia Limited


    Application Form

Important information

    ; This form must be submitted in full without amendments to its content.

    ; Information must be truthful and accurate.

    ; This application is subject to the enclosed terms and conditions.

    ; The physical address provided by the Applicant must be within a physical

    boundary fully controlled by the Applicant. The audit firm will need a full

    access to all facilities and operations inside this boundary.

    ; The application will only be registered when all required documents and

    endorsements are provided, and all applicable fees are paid.

    ; All fields must be filled. If a field is not applicable, please enter “n/a”.

    ; Applicants are required to have the initial factory audit within three (3)

    months from the registration date.

    ; First follow-up audit shall be performed no later than six (6) months from

    the initial audit. Any other subsequent follow-up audit shall be done no

    later than four (4) months from the previous audit.

    Please note that failure to comply with the above points may lead to rejection of your application and loss of application fee.

Please return the completed registration form to:

ICTI CARE Foundation Asia Limited

    Room 616, Star House

    3 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

    Hong Kong

Or by e-mail to

ICTI CARE Foundation Secretariat ICTI CARE Foundation - Europe ICTI CARE Foundation Asia Limited 1115 Broadway, 4th Floor 39 Dover Street, 2nd Floor Room 616, Star House, New York, NY 10010, USA London W1S 4NN, United Kingdom 3 Salisbury Road, TST, H.K. Phone: +1 212 675 1141 Phone: +44 20 7871 5103 Fax: +852 2111 2126 Email: Email: Email:

I. The Applicant

    A. Factory information B. “Parent company” information Please provide information about the factory i.e. the Please provide information about the company that manufacturing facility that is applying. handles the marketing, shipping and orders related to the factory. In most cases, this will be the holding company that owns or controls the factory. Factory name (English) Company name (English)

    Factory name (Local language) Company name (Local language)

    Factory Manager First Name (Given Name) Contact Person First Name (Given Name)

    Factory Manager Last Name (Surname) Contact Person Last Name (Surname)

    Factory Manager Title Contact Person Title

    Factory Manager Email Address Contact Email Address

    Factory physical address (English) Company address (English)

    Factory physical address (Local language) Company address (Local language)

City City

State/Province State/Province