Internal Process Handbook

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Internal Process Handbook

    ICTI CARE Foundation Asia Limited


    Application Form

Important information

    ; This form must be submitted in full without amendments to its content.

    ; Information must be truthful and accurate.

    ; This application is subject to the enclosed terms and conditions.

    ; The physical address provided by the Applicant must be within a physical

    boundary fully controlled by the Applicant. The audit firm will need a full

    access to all facilities and operations inside this boundary.

    ; The application will only be registered when all required documents and

    endorsements are provided, and all applicable fees are paid.

    ; All fields must be filled. If a field is not applicable, please enter “n/a”.

    ; Applicants are required to have the initial factory audit within three (3)

    months from the registration date.

    ; First follow-up audit shall be performed no later than six (6) months from

    the initial audit. Any other subsequent follow-up audit shall be done no

    later than four (4) months from the previous audit.

    Please note that failure to comply with the above points may lead to rejection of your application and loss of application fee.

Please return the completed registration form to:

ICTI CARE Foundation Asia Limited

    Room 616, Star House

    3 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

    Hong Kong

Or by e-mail to

ICTI CARE Foundation Secretariat ICTI CARE Foundation - Europe ICTI CARE Foundation Asia Limited 1115 Broadway, 4th Floor 39 Dover Street, 2nd Floor Room 616, Star House, New York, NY 10010, USA London W1S 4NN, United Kingdom 3 Salisbury Road, TST, H.K. Phone: +1 212 675 1141 Phone: +44 20 7871 5103 Fax: +852 2111 2126 Email: Email: Email:

I. The Applicant

    A. Factory information B. “Parent company” information Please provide information about the factory i.e. the Please provide information about the company that manufacturing facility that is applying. handles the marketing, shipping and orders related to the factory. In most cases, this will be the holding company that owns or controls the factory. Factory name (English) Company name (English)

    Factory name (Local language) Company name (Local language)

    Factory Manager First Name (Given Name) Contact Person First Name (Given Name)

    Factory Manager Last Name (Surname) Contact Person Last Name (Surname)

    Factory Manager Title Contact Person Title

    Factory Manager Email Address Contact Email Address

    Factory physical address (English) Company address (English)

    Factory physical address (Local language) Company address (Local language)

City City

State/Province State/Province

Country Country

Phone number Phone number

Fax number Fax number

    Has the Applicant applied for the ICTI CARE Process Yes No before for this factory? If yes, please provide the ICTI reference number and audit firm:

    Does the factory currently hold an ICTI CARE Seal Yes No of Compliance? If yes, please provide Seal number:

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II. Information about Applicant’s manufacturing

    Number of employees Peak season Low season During audit

     workers workers workers

     other staff other staff other staff

    22 Total area (m) Production: m

    2 Dormitories: m

    2Other: m

    Number of major buildings at the physical address.

    Please describe the manufacturing processes. (e.g. assembly, die cast, plastic molding, printing)

IV. Industries

    Please select the industries that cover the type of products manufactured

     Toys Electronics Apparel

     Printing Stationary Other (please specify)

V. Products

    Please describe the products manufactured (dolls, wooden toys, etc.)

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III. Buyers (Please check the buyers for whom you currently manufacture)

     4Kidz Clicstoys Geo Loumet Nominees Pressman Target

     A Wish Come True Comansi Goldberger,LLC MPR/Korimco Toys Prestige Tecnitoys

     Ace Toy Supplies Comus Goliath BV Mac Moltó Rätt Start Tee-Zed

     Adora, Inc. Concept Enterprises Golliwogs Toy Store Magic Baby Radica Tek Nek Toys

     Aerobic Inc. Corgi Classics Habermaass Magnetic Poetry Radio Flyer Tema Fritid & Lek

     Albero Vilaplana Cranium Happy Worker Inc Magtoys Ravensburger Tesco

     Alexander Doll Co. Creative Designs Hasbro Maisto International RC2/Learning Curve The Five Mile Press

     Alrico Försäljnings CreCon Spiel+H. Heart and Soul Majorette Rebel Toys The Hobby Co.

     Annken Croftminster Heunec Manhattan Toy Reeves The Little Tikes

     Användbart Litet F. Crown and Andrews Hit Toy Martin Yaffe REGIO The Ohio Art

     Atomic Toys, LLC D & L Company Hobbyworks Mary Meyer Revell The Straight Edge

     Australian Nursery David Halsall Hornby Mattel Robert Longstaff The Young

     Autec Dekkertoys Hunter Overseas Maya/Tiny Love Robetoy Think Fun

     Automoblox Depesche Hwa Harng Mega Bloks Rockabye Timeout Turtle

     B-Loony Dicke-Nordic AB Identity Games Melissa and Doug Rockenbok Toy Tiny Love

     Rt Start AB Baby Moov Disguise ImagAbility Inc Merrythought TMI Toy

     Bachmann Disney Imperial Toy Micki Leksaker S.E.P.P. Tolo Toys

     Bagolyvár DKL Marketing Incredible Kid Miniland Salo Ventures Tomy

     Bandai Dollar General Industrial Juguetera MJM Australia Imp. Sassafras Top Shelf Holding

     Basic Fun Early Learning Ctr. Ingaher Moltó Y Cía Schleich TOP-TOY

     Bauer, Heinrich Easytoys Integrated Global S. Namkung Schmidt Torigian&Williams.

     Berchet Eber Toys Interlogic NICI Schylling Torinat

     Big Ideas Educa Borrás International Play Nikko Science and Nature Toymaster

     Big Time Toys Educational Colours Itoys Ninja Corporation Screenlife, LLC Toyway

     Binney and Smith Educational Exp. Jakks Pacific Nugolet Bebé Seymour Mann Trendus

     Blue Gum Intn‟l Egmont Kärnan James Galt Offason Spelfabrik Shure Products Universal Cycles

     Boomline ELIGOR Juguetes Falomir Old World Toy Sieper University Games

     Brawa, Artur Braun Elope Just Premiums On The Right Simba-Dickie Varázs

     Briarpatch Eolo Gayla K. E. Mathiasen Only Hearts Club Small Miracles Inc Vivid Imaginations

     BRIO Ernst Paul Lehmann Kék Kobra Palau Hermanos Smoby VTech Electronics

     Britz Marketing Escor Toys Kaleidoscope Panache Place Sohni-Wicke Wal-Mart

     Bruder Toys Eurogameport Kid Galaxy Party Shop Supplies Soundprints Walter R/C Hobby

     Bullyland Faber-Castell K‟Nex Industries Paul Lamond Southern Model S. Weskel Games

     Busch Falcon Games L O „Reilly Peponi Spin Maste Wild Planet Toys

     Caboodle Toys Famosa L.M Toy Perrin &Nissen Ltd Sport-Fun Winscott

     Cadaco Ferd. Piatnik Lansay Pint Size Stadlbauer Wordsmith

     Cardinal Industries Flair Leisure Prod. LeapFrog Pippin Products Sterntaler Worlds Apart

     Carrefour Franckh Kosmos LEGO Playbox Sun Toy Yipose Trading Co.

     Carrom Company FRV Group,LLC Leisure Dynamics Playmates Toys Taggies,Inc YoHo

     Cassidy Brothers Funrise Little Kids Playmobil Taiway Powco Zapf Creation

     Character Direct GeKås i Ullared LGB of America Poptoy TAL TEX Zimbler

     Charls Toys b.v Genie Toys Little Tikes Popular D. Juguetes Techno Source Zizzle,LLc


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    General Terms and Conditions

    1.0 General

    1.1. ICTI CARE Foundation Asia Limited (hereinafter “ICTI CARE Foundation Asia”) agrees to provide a registration period of 12 months to the factories applying for ICTI CARE Confirmation Seal Program (hereafter “the Applicant”) in accordance with and subject to the terms and conditions herein contained (hereinafter “the Conditions”).

    1.2. Documents associated with the Applicant‟s application such as CARE application form, factory audit report, corrective action plan and any other related documents of the Applicant are subjected to review by representatives of ICTI CARE Foundation Asia or any of the ICTI Technical Advisory Boards. Members of the ICTI Technical Advisory Boards consist of professionals working in the toy industry who have signed non-disclosure agreements with the ICTI CARE Foundation.

    1.3. The Applicant shall pay all applicable fees as published and required by ICTI CARE Foundation Asia. The fulfillment of the fees is a necessary condition for the maintenance of an applicant status. Any non-fulfillment of payment shall automatically invalidate the Applicant‟s status.

    1.4. Meeting the requirements of the ICTI CARE Process does not necessarily imply/equate meeting the law of the country. The Applicant shall not use its status with the ICTI CARE Process as evidence of compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

    1.5. A management representative from the Applicant shall complete, sign and return the application form to ICTI CARE Foundation Asia.

    1.6. All fees paid to ICTI CARE Foundation Asia are neither negotiable nor refundable. These fees are subject to change from time to time as necessary and at the sole discretion of ICTI CARE Foundation Asia. The current and valid fee information is at all times published on the website of the ICTI CARE Foundation

    1.7. Applicants failing to meet the ICTI CARE Process standard within the twelve (12) months registration period shall be required to re-register with ICTI CARE as a new Applicant no sooner than three (3) months from the expiration of the original registration period including any extension period granted. 1.8. ICTI CARE Foundation Asia may at its own discretion issue different types of seals to the Applicant to reflect the audit data available. If inconsistencies in documentation and records make it impossible to certify compliance with the wages and working hours part of the standard, ICTI CARE Foundation Asia may issue a Seal that only covers the rest of the standard. These different types of seals will at all times be described in detail in the Process Handbook of the ICTI CARE Process.

    ICTI CARE Foundation Asia is not obliged to provide evidence to the Applicant to justify a certain level of

    compliance and the Applicant agrees that the listing on the ICTI CARE Process website will reflect these

    different levels of certified compliance as described in Article 5.3 below. 1.9. Applicant‟s violation to the Conditions shall invalidate the validity of its contract with ICTI CARE Foundation Asia and any granted Seal of Compliance shall be invalidated and recalled from the Applicant.

    2.0 Quality Assurance

    2.1. ICTI CARE Foundation Asia reserves the right to assign observer(s) to monitor the process during an ICTI CARE audit. Observer(s) may come from any organization including the toy industry and have all signed non-disclosure agreements with the ICTI CARE Foundation.

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    2.2. To confirm the continuous compliance to the ICTI CARE requirements, ICTI CARE Foundation Asia reserves the right to assign its auditor(s), or its delegated audit firm, or a combination of both, to perform a Quality Control Audit (hereafter “QC Audit”) with the Applicant. The QC Audit is unannounced. The Applicant agrees to such audit even if it may have received the ICTI CARE Process Seal of Compliance already. ICTI CARE Foundation Asia shall bear the costs of the QC Audit if no critical violations are found. In case critical violations are found during the QC Audit the cost of the audits will have to be paid for by the applying factory. ICTI CARE Foundation Asia auditors may consist of person(s) from any organization including the toy industry and have all signed non-disclosure agreements with the ICTI CARE Foundation.

    3.0 Annual Audit

    3.1. All annual audits for the ICTI CARE Process are unannounced. 4.0 Withdrawal Confirmation Seal

    4.1. ICTI CARE Foundation Asia may cease the Seal of Compliance Status of the Applicant and recall the ICTI Seal of Compliance at its own discretion when,

    4.1.1. significant departure from or violation to the ICTI requirements by the Applicant is identified, or 4.1.2. the Applicant refuses an audit arranged by ICTI CARE Foundation Asia, or 4.1.3. the finding of a QC Audit casts reasonable doubt on the compliance by the Applicant to the ICTI CARE requirements, or 4.1.4. The Applicant violates the ICTI CARE Process policy on corrupt and unethical behavior, or 4.1.5. The Applicant brings the ICTI CARE Process into dispute. ICTI CARE Foundation Asia is not obliged to justify its decision or provide evidence when a Seal of Compliance is withdrawn.

    4.2. ICTI CARE Foundation Asia may impose suspension/probation of the Confirmation Seal Status in cases of 4.1 when the Applicant‟s violation is to a less serious extent. In such cases, the Applicant shall work according to a corrective action plan, which is approved by ICTI CARE Foundation Asia in order to resume the confirmation status, and the implementation is subject to the verification by ICTI CARE Foundation Asia. The Applicant is not eligible to carry a full Confirmation Seal Status during the suspension/probation period. During this suspension/probation period, the Applicant shall pay all necessary fees in order to maintain the Applicant status. Any non-payment will result in instant termination of the Applicant status and hence the entire registration process.

    4.3. The Applicant shall ensure the accuracy and correctness of the information provided to ICTI CARE Foundation Asia. Any discovery of fraudulent information shall result in instant termination of the contract with ICTI CARE Asia and withdrawal of the Confirmation Seal. 5.0 Proprietary Rights

    5.1. All rights (including but not limited to copyright) in any publication produced by ICTI CARE Foundation Asia in the course of providing its services shall remain vested in ICTI CARE Foundation Asia. The Applicant shall not reproduce or make copies, publish or disclose the contents of any such material or extracts thereof to any third party without ICTI CARE Foundation Asia‟s prior written consent, which may be refused at its sole discretion.

    5.2. The Applicant shall not release any proprietary information of ICTI CARE Foundation Asia, which is not available in the public domain to any other party without the prior written prior consent of ICTI CARE Foundation Asia. Such proprietary information shall include, but is not limited to, audit report review comments and correspondence arises during the certification process.

    5.3. The Applicant‟s name with the registration number, contact details, number of workers and status within the ICTI CARE Process shall be posted on the website of the ICTI CARE Foundation. When significant departure from the ICTI CARE requirements is identified, and/or ICTI CARE Foundation Asia judges the Applicant as non-compliant with the ICTI CARE Codes, the name of the Applicant shall be removed from the list of compliant factories or its current statue changed with specific denotation or identification on the website of the ICTI CARE Foundation.

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6.0 Liabilities

    6.1. ICTI CARE Asia shall not in any event be liable for any loss or damage caused by delay in performance or non-performance of any of its services.

    6.2. All contracts for provision of services by ICTI CARE Foundation Asia and the Conditions shall be construed in accordance with and governed by the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. For the purpose of any arbitral or litigation proceedings such contracts shall be deemed to have been made and performed in Hong Kong. If any provision contained in the Conditions is and/or becomes invalid, illegal or unenforceable in any respect under the laws of Hong Kong, the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions hereof shall not in any way be affected or impaired thereby

    6.3. Any dispute arising out of or relating to ICTI CARE Foundation Asia shall be referred to and determined by arbitration subject to ICTI CARE Foundation Asia‟s sole and overriding discretion to commence litigation proceedings in the courts of the Hong Kong Special Administration Region or the courts of any other country as ICTI CARE Foundation Asia may choose. The parties may agree to the appointment of an arbitrator failing which either party may, after having made a written request to concur in the appointment of an arbitrator, request the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (“HKIAC”) to appoint an arbitrator. The place of arbitration shall be in Hong Kong. There shall only be one arbitrator. The language to be used in the arbitral proceedings shall be English.

VII. Signature and Declaration

    I hereby confirm that I have read through and accept all the information in this Registration Form including the General Terms and Conditions. I confirm that the information provided in this form and its attachments are true and correct. In connection with our company‟s compliance with International Council of Toy Industries‟ Code of Business Practices (“ICTI Code”), I have made enquires with the directors and senior executives of the company and we hereby confirm to the best of our knowledge and belief the following:

    1. We acknowledge that our company is responsible for keeping proper information and records as required by the ICTI Code. We declare that the information and records disclosed are true and correct at all times.

    2. We will make available all information and records for the purpose of your audit. They are free of material misstatements or omissions.

    3. We confirm that we fully understand and accept the Terms and Conditions of the ICTI CARE Process.

Authorized Signature of a director


    Company Chop of Applicant


VI. List of required attachments

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Please enclose the following documents to your application:

     Applicant’s organization chart with all functions and job titles

     Copy of the Applicant’s Business License

     Map showing the physical address of the Applicant in town

     Factory Layout and Floor Plan

     HKD or USD Bank Cheque or information about TT transfer for Registration Fee

    VII. Bank Information USD & HKD Account

    Account Name: ICTI CARE Foundation Asia Ltd

    Bank: The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (HSBC) Account Number: 168-522-092-838

    Swift Code: HSBCHKHHHKH

Total should be NET of any and all wired fees.

    Hong Kong checks with equivalent amount shall also be accepted.

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