2010 school year, semester class teacher work plan for_2315

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2010 school year, semester class teacher work plan for_2315

2010 school year, semester class teacher work plan for

    The new school year began, according to the arrangements for the school as a high one year (3) (4) classes in English teaching and a high one year (4) classes class teacher. In order to better accomplish the task of

    teaching and classroom management, special formulated the 2010 school year, semester class teacher work plan.

     A teaching program of work

     1, the guiding ideology

     English learning is not only through the English language learning

    and practical activities, and gradually master the basic knowledge and English listening, speaking, reading and writing four basic skills to enhance the language should be the ability, but also to open up horizons of students to develop thinking skills. Therefore, in this semester's teaching process, adhere to the main body of students learning, teachers who can guide the role played by student learning initiative. In the new context of curriculum reform efforts for the high school stage reflects

    the basic English courses into a learning, extended learning, improve learning, personalized learning the characteristics of the learning process, for the full development of each student and performance to provide ample opportunities and conditions.

     2. Learning situation

     An initial contact of high school students under the new curriculum reform English teaching environment, not suited to the material somewhat. In listening, speaking, reading and writing in all aspects, the

    level of the students quite different among individuals, the students were relatively weak general basis, but there is a considerable part of the Learning Difficulties. Junior and senior high students in English language learning process emerged out of line phenomenon. A general lack of student learning objectives, lack of motivation to learn, enthusiasm and consciousness, some students feel confident to learn English, and has had a weariness psychological, not interested in the English language.

     3. Teaching materials and aids

     The task of this semester is to complete compulsory modules 1,2 of the teaching tasks. Two classes of students according to the actual situation of the teaching materials to integrate appropriate adjustments.

    Concentrating on the vocabulary of students, secondary students grasp the grammar, writing norms.

     Supplementary educational materials, the use of this term in English weekly, the use of weekly training and supporting of hearing tests

    on a weekly basis, on a listening class, the students listening skills guidance.

     4. Teaching Objectives

     Through two modules of study, so that students have a whole set of materials knowledge to enable students to master the English language knowledge, expand the solid foundation of knowledge; by students listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, and other training to improve students language learning ability. To fully mobilize the enthusiasm of students to develop independent learning, cooperative

    learning ability. To help students understand the world, Chinese and Western cultural differences, to expand its horizons.

     5. Teaching measures

     (1) seriously study and implement the New Curriculum of the spirit and philosophy, and strive to create a student-based active learning,

    teachers teaching, supplemented by a new classroom.

     (2) Each unit selected to recite passages wonderful, regular spot checks, while making a word, phrase detection.

     (3) conscientiously implement the Morning Reading, and strengthen supervision to ensure the quality of Morning Reading.

     (4) do a good job right before one of the review, guide and help students to a combination of old and new knowledge, and integration.

     (5) teaching students according to enhance the learning and problem-solving method of eugenic guidance to enhance the learning efficiency; to guide its analysis of their strengths and weaknesses of the Department

     (6) Operating a hierarchical layout, operational plus comments and

    surface groups, their shortcomings and timely guidance, timely adjustments;

     (7) evaluation of the implementation process, to stimulate enthusiasm for learning Underachievers, and its backward students to after-school counseling, encourage, allow them to progress in small, small changes in body odor joy of learning, foster self-confidence to learn.

     (8) of teaching regular reflection, timely adjustments to teaching methods, in line with the real situation of students, which will help the

    effectiveness of student learning and reflect on the continued progress and improve their own teaching.

     (9) actively lectures, Class Evaluation, good lectures records, mutual exchanges and learning, open-minded and colleagues and seniors to


     2, class work plan for

     High-year students entering the new environment to learn, there are a lot of suited. Thus, in this semester will be gradually introduced to the new situation a school, high school academic situation, so that

    they can as quickly as possible into the new contexts.

     1. Pay close attention to the daily code of conduct, norms of civilized manners of students.

     2. Actively create conditions to create a good class atmosphere

    and style of study

     3. Effort to train cadre classes make full use of Banwei to manage

the class and become a good bridge between teacher-student relationship.

     4. Actively organize the students to participate in the eighth school athletic meets, and scientific and cultural festival activities.

     5. The use of Kejian Cao time, practice red songs, actively preparing for a singing contest in mid-October.

     6. To develop students awareness of daily physical activity, enhance physical fitness, to provide protection for students.

     7. Urged the students to develop good study habits, and gradually Gaidiao past bad habits.

     8. Ban the use of safety education classes for students in the program of work, patriotism education, Kaoji test the wind and education.

     Third, teaching and research

     Strengthen theoretical study, and actively collect materials and strive in the new academic year to complete a teaching paper writing. To participate actively in teaching and research, lesson preparation group of the activities of the lectures once or twice a week, when the opportunity arises to other schools to actively lectures, multi-learning. Actively

    participated in school-based teaching and research, carry out regular

    self-reflection, updating the concept of education and teaching.

     Four . Continuing Education Program

     Awareness of lifelong learning to strengthen the political and theoretical study, conscientiously study and the professional knowledge,

    and strive to improve their cultural and political literacy. At the same time, actively participated in various training activities in this discipline, consciously learning new curriculum theory, establish new concepts, learn new framework for exploring new teachings.

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