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    Present: Torgny Vigerstad, David Flint, Ron Renz, David Burkholder, Jim Torbert, Kay Crinean, Dorothée Rosen, Peggy Eyre and Lily Gleich

    Absent: Geoff Crinean and Jim Drescher


    1. Director / Acharya Discussion

    2. Committee Reports

    3. Committee Structure Discussion

    4. Due Diligence

    Acharya Discussion Full Council input is required concerning this issue. The letter from Cindy and Moh and Jeremy Hayward have been distributed. If Pat was selected as director Jeremy said he would be OK not being resident Acharya. Probably not OK if Pat was not director and we wanted him as resident Acharya.

    Council needs to establish what their view of the role of the Acharya would be at DDL and then explore the proposals from the two current Acharyas. The Council did agree that we would like to have a stronger Acharya presence at DDL the question remains as to what form: Acharya in

    residence? More visiting Acharyas? An Acharya in residence would not limit other acharya’s

    teaching at DDL.

    This will be an ongoing issue and therefore, the Council agreed that we will first select the director of DDL before making a decision concerning the role of the Acharyas at DDL. Torgny will inform Jeremy and Moh of this decision.

    Personnel Report The committee has received 4 applications for director: Pat Hayward, Veit Weber, Yeshe Fuchs and Linda Lewis. There were two applicants for manager Veit Weber and

    Melissa Howell. The personnel committee will make a recommendation based on these applications or possibly come back with a request to search for additional applicants. A recommendation will be forthcoming at the next Council meeting.

    Finance Report The balance sheet is now current showing total assets $754,000 and a net worth of $640,000. Income sheet is now current showing a net profit of $27,000 including the sale of the schoolhouse for 2004. Cash on hand is $57,000. Cashflow budget for 2005 projects a $24,000 loss for 2005. We are seeing an increase in donations beyond what we have been projecting. The budget includes the salaries for a manager, director and fuel costs. The road is not in this budget or money for a resident Acharya. The money for the road will be added to the budget. The money donated for the Stupa is kept in a separate account. Council members need to review the proposed budget and submit any comments before the next meeting. At the next meeting the budget for 2005 will be submitted to the Council for approval. We will look to do budget planning for 2006 in the fall of 2005.

    Facility Design and Maintenance The committee met at DDL on March 9. The access road is

    a priority and will be built this year. The existing septic system for the main building will be developed later and the new road will be located up to the rear of Gyatso (new residential building). The roadway to the main building will be completed after the septic system design is done. In the interim, there will be a footpath created between the new road and the main building. No cars will be parked by Gyasto. The current rough road to Gyatso will be removed. See notes from Dorothée for more detail including the schedule for work. Phase 1 of the roadwork is

    estimated to be no more than $15,000 (if phase 1 comes in under this amount the difference can


    be applied to phase 2 for finishing the road). This will come out of the current accounts. Additional money required for capital projects will come from further fundraising.

    Stupa Report Need a committee member to discuss fund raising with Kathy Paul.

    Proposal The Council should consider spending in depth time to be able to present in more detail the efforts of the committees possibly twice a year for retreats.

    Committee Structure Final approval of the proposed governance structure and decision making process will be finalized at the next Council meeting. The board committees will supplement the work of staff members at DDL or in the absence of staff providing that work. Each committee chair can include anyone they chose on their committees including staff (at the discretion of the Director) or other board members as best suit the needs of each committee. All committee proposals need to be submitted at least a week before each Council meeting. Updates for comments on proposals can also be done on the DDL website. The implementation of this process will be ongoing.

    Current proposed committee chairs: Lily Gleich Outreach and Marketing, Jim Torbert - Program

    Development, David Flint Physical Resources and Environment (including Land Stewardship), Peggy Eyre acting, Human Resources, Dorothée Rosen - acting At Large member and David Burkholder Finance. Committee chairs have yet to be assigned for Fundraising and Special Projects.

    Due Diligence All taxes are paid and up to date.

    TH Next Meeting - May 15at 6009 Inglis Street, 1000 1300 with 0930 for coffee / tea. Send

    agenda items to Torgny a week before the meeting.


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