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    The attached flowcharts explain some OASIS finance processes

    ; Ordering/Finance outline

    ; Look up dissection

    ; Add dissection/subdissection ; Transfer between dissections ; Process orders

    ; Pre-payment

    ; Process deliveries

    ; Process invoices

    ; Payment of invoice (standard payment) ; Payment of claim voucher

    ; Unpaid goods on order report ; Cancel payment (current year) ; Cancel payment (issued last financial year)

    ; Cancel order

    ; Cash register accept payment/issue receipt ; Cash register cancel receipt

    ; Cash register balance (end-of-day) ; Cash register prepare bank deposit ; Print school‟s Chart of Accounts

    ; Print Budget Performance Report

    ; Processing direct deposits

    ; Reconciliation/end of month


    ; Bourke High School Payment/Order/Transfer Request form ; School Administration and Finance To Do List (Year planner)

    (DET Intranet:

    Introduction to Finance

    Schools use the OASIS Finance Management System. All income and expenditure data is recorded and thus easily monitored and accounted for. Additionally, paper copies of most transactions are filed and kept for a minimum of 6 years. The school‟s financial year ends in November with a process known as „rollover‟. The

    attached “School Administration and Finance To Do List” shows a sample month-by-

    month outline of financial processes.

    The school‟s budget is divided into a number of „dissections‟ for various purposes, each is divided into „subdissections‟ and allocated a provisional budget at the

    beginning of the year. Typically, different dissections will be the responsibility of different staff, generally executive. Some funds received can be spent at the school‟s discretion, while others are tied funds, which must be spent for the specified

    purpose, eg; books by Australian authors.

    Staff wishing to purchase goods need to fill in an order form, which is authorised by their head teacher or the staff member responsible for that area. SASS staff will need to order general supplies like photocopier paper, first aid supplies and toilet paper from time to time. Most equipment can be ordered from Q Stores, the government supplier. The orders will be processed by SASS staff, who will also receive, check and distribute the goods when they are delivered. Payments will also need to processed for utility accounts (phone, power etc) and other expenditure made by the school.

Useful resources for OASIS Finance

    Schools may hold paper copies of the following documents, or access via DET Intranet:

OASIS Finance Utility User Guide (latest edition)

Model Chart of Accounts and Guidelines

    (different editions for Primary, Secondary and Central Schools)

OASIS Finance Introductory Training Programme

Money Matter Part 2 BAS Guidelines










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