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solar invitation for trade fair ,

    SIPEF 2011

    International Solar PV & Thermal Expo 2011 Shanghai

    Date: Nov.16-18, 2011

    Venue: Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center


A Forum with the Theme of "Developing New Energy for leading the low carbon future.

    CEO Summit on Investment and Development of Global Solar & PV Industry.


    As the ever increasing carbon emissions and depletion of conventional energy source in human society, re-enforcing effort for development of new energy and energy-saving & environmental protection industry has become the only way towards realization of sustainable social development and civilization in world countries. Solar PV & Thermal industry is one of the fastest-growing new energy industries in the world, PV and optothermal power generation has been developed rapidly in recent years owing to that it is not limited by energy resources, raw materials and application environment. The average annual growth rate of Solar PV & Thermal industry in China in last 5 years is more than 40%. In 2009 solar cell production in China is up to 9300MW, accounting for more than 40% of global total yield. China has become the No. 1 country in the world on solar cell production.

    An important reason for rapid development of China's new energy industry is premium attention and support by the Chinese government. In October 10 this year, the State Council states in "Decision on accelerating incubation and development of strategic new industries": Speed up deployment and application of solar thermal technology, develop a diversified market on solar, PV and optothermal power generation. National Energy Board states in its "Strategic new industry plan ": From 2011 to 2020, a sum of 5 trillion Yuan will be invested in addition for China's new-emerging energy industries.

    5 billion Yuan of new added investment will boost the rapid development of the new-emerging energy industries. China's huge market on new-emerging energy industries will not only provide the relevant domestic enterprises with an opportunity for development that is occurring only once in thousand years but also provide associated foreign enterprises with a rare golden opportunity to invest and enter China's market.

    This exhibition is organized jointly by New Energy Professional Committee and Solar Energy Professional Committee of National Committee for Innovation, Shanghai YAHUI Exhibition Service Co.,

    Ltd., and will be held in a well-known exhibition center in the world---Shanghai World Expo Exhibition And Convention Center. Organizers will work to build a platform for the exhibitors, i.e. "Perform trade & negotiations by end product show and technology introduction, accelerate collaboration via enhanced communication ". We believe that under the support and guidance from relevant government divisions and industry associations, International Solar PV & Thermal Expo, 2011 Shanghai and the Industry Forum will be held as a successful, splendid and unforgettable event for international industries.


    Basic Information

Exhibition: SIPEF 2011- International Solar PV & Thermal Expo 2011 Shanghai

    Date: 16-18 November 2011

    Site: Shanghai World Expo Exhibition And Convention Center

    Organizer: New Energy Professional Committee of CHOC

    China Energy and Environmental Technology Association

     UNIDO-International Solar Technology Promotion Centre

     PV Professional Committee of CHOC

    Operator: Shanghai YAHUI Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

    Shanghai Nengbo Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Advantages & Characteristics

    ; Interested in making contact with solar professionals from every area of the solar supply chain?

    Reserving a booth at SIPEF 2011 enables you to network with more national and international

    professionals. Reach out to key players in the solar industry and broadcast your message where

    and when it matters;

    ; As an exhibitor you gain exposure to new trends and products in the industry, specifically relevant to

    the Chinese market. Utilize SIPEF 2011 as your dedicated platform to exchange information about

    the newest developments within China's solar industry;

    ; SIPEF 2011 will invite government officials and industry experts to give speeches and Solar PV &

    Optothermal insiders will attend the forum;

    ; We cooperate with around 100 media worldwide, 40 industry organizations and 5 exhibitions,

    promote in 5 key region exhibitions and more than 50 industry conferences;

    ; The organizing committee will set up Press Room and arrange New Product Launch Event for

    enterprises to promote their company and products and to establish a connection with media and


    ; Choosing SIPEF 2011, you have the opportunity to attend the conferences and activities held by

    National Energy Bureau, Technology Ministry, Business Ministry, Foreign Ministry, Ministry of Public

    Works, Ministry of Construction and other international organizations. At the meantime, you can

    have free advertisements on SIPEF 2011 newsletter and official website. Last but not the least, you

    can also enjoy the opportunity to get free market information and policy analysis from SIPEF


Exhibit Range

Solar PV

    ; Ingot/Block Production Equipment


    Turnkey systems, casting/solidification equipment, crucibles equipment, pullers and other related equipment;

    ; Cell Production Equipment

    Turnkey systems, etching equipment, cleaning equipment, diffusion equipment, coating/deposition equipment, screen printers, other furnaces, testers & sorters, and other related equipment; ; Wafer Production Equipment

    Turnkey systems, cutting equipment, cleaning equipment, inspecting equipment, and other related equipment;

    ; Panel Production Equipment

    Turnkey systems, testers, glass washing equipment, tabbers / stringers, laminators and other related; ; Thin-Film Panel Production Equipment

    Amorphous silicon cells, CIS/CIGS, CdTe and DSSC;

    ; PV battery manufacturer

    PV cell manufacturer, solar cell manufacturer, installer of solar panels (modules); ; Photovoltaic cells and related parts

    Battery, wafer, chip, module, charger, control, converter, recorder, inverter, monitor, mounting system, the tracking system;

    ; Solar Materials

    Silicon Materials, Ingots/Blocks, Wafers, Glass, Film, Others;

    ; Photovoltaic power generation systems and power generation equipment

    Photovoltaic power generating system and equipment, trough, tower and dish-type PV generating system and equipment;

    ; Solar products

    Solar street lamp, lawn lamp, traffic lights, townscape lights, curtain wall displays, etc; ; Solar engineering and systems

    Solar collection system, solar storage systems, solar PV integrated equipment systems, solar air-conditioning systems, solar heating engineering systems, solar components for exterior wall and roof , measurement and control systems, detection and control system for solar energy, solar & PV engineering control by programming and software development systems.

    Solar Thermal

    ; Solar Thermal Technology

    Absorbers, Coatings, Collectors, Fittings, Expansion Tanks, De-aerators, Heat Transfer Fluid, Measurement and Control Technology, Mounting Systems, Pool Absorbers, Storage Tanks, Tracking


    ; Manufacturing Machinery and Equipment

    Automation, Materials, Production Machinery and Solar Glass;


; Applications

    Air Conditioning, Cooling, Building Integrated Solutions (Facades, etc.), Solar Thermal Power Plants, Process Heat.

     Meeting & Forum

    An ideal complement to the exhibition, SIPEF 2011 Conference offers you the possibility to join various sessions and workshops covering a range of topics, such as: the latest product advancements, market developments, trends and political environment of the solar industry.

    Presentations in many sessions and workshops, spanning topics from the very latest technology to emerging international industry trends and recent developments of China.

    ; Theme

    "Development of new energy for the benefit of all mankind” is the eternal theme;

    ; Large-scale forum

    CEO Summit on Investment and Development of Global Solar Industry forum for cutting-edge technology;

    ; Themed areas

    Themed areas will be established for comprehensive interpretation of the theme: "Low-carbon innovation and sustainable development";

    ; Small-scale activities

    New technology launch; business fair; Expo site visit.

     Organization plan of target buyers and spectators

    ; First 1000 VIP buyers at home and abroad will be provided with free accommodation for three days, free exhibition tickets, free exhibition catalog and guest pass for various activities organized during the exhibition, e.g. trade talks, high-tech and new product launches and so on;

    ; By the means of phone, fax, e-mail, mail invitations and visits, invite overseas authorities, experts, buyers, traders, dealers and investors in solar PV industry from the United States, France, UK, Germany, Italy, Russia, Japan, Australia, South Korea, the Middle East, Hong Kong, Taiwan etc. to visit the exhibition for supervision, trade talk and procurement;

    ; One million invitations and tickets will be mailed to management units in solar photovoltaic industry, manufacturers, engineering / technical service providers, buyers, traders, dealers, investors, builders, real estate developers and media, etc;

    ; Held press conferences and information conferences and invite industry websites, broadcast stations, television stations, professional newspapers and magazines and other medias for wide publicity for the exhibition and tracking reports;


    ; Latest scientific technology, research products and scientific achievements from the exhibitors plus enormous news on the exhibition will be published and issued in more than 100 industry websites and professional medias;

    ; Invite overseas organizers, agents, foreign PV trade unions & associations and other organizational framework to organize overseas buyers, traders, dealers and overseas group to visit the exhibition site for supervision, trade talk and procurement.

For further Information, please contact

SIPEF 2011 Committee

    Shanghai Nengbo Exhibition Co., Ltd

    Add: 20F A/10, Wangzu Town, 251 Caoxi Road, Shanghai

    Postcode: 200235

    Contact: Ms. Sharon chen

    Tel: 86-21-34140970

    Fax: 86-21-51714666

    Mob:86 18721251064



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