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Ethical relation of the employers and employees

    ; The relevant laws contracts that the employers and employees subscribed are also meet the

    requirement of super specification. So that the relationships and obligations defined by the

    relevant contracts are conform to ethics.

    ; Return to the basic side of ethical relation of the employers and employees, the first thing

    should be down is to interpret the property of the enterprises and the personality of the staffs

    again. If the viewpoint of Kants business ethics is taken, the enterprise is a moral association

    and the staff is the number of the association. It means moral act person should be respected. ; The operating principle of Gauss takes the agency perspective which uses the reciprocation

    principle to be the foundation to explain the relationship between the employers and

    employees. Agency perspective counts the employers as clients and employees as consignees.

    Clients must perform their agent obligations to the consignees, and consignees must perform

    their duties to clients.

    ; Under the intellectual economy, employers will be more and more dependent on the excellent

    staffs to improve the productivity and competitiveness of the company.

    ; What are the needs of excellent staffs? They need the company gives them trust and respect.

    Offer them the rights to make decisions and creations freely and a working condition which

    is helpful for them to create, learn and develop. They need a friendly team, enough supports,

    pleasures and challenges about their works. They also need their superiors have recognitions

    and respects on their suggestions.

    ; In 1930s, Bernard had proposed his view on having respect and kindness on the employees.

    In his Theory and Function of the Executive, he had highly affirmation about employees

    function to a company.

    ; Bernard pointed out that expect the physical incentives, such as bonus and other cash

    payment, could promote the cooperation of staffs, unphysical incentives were also very


    ; The guidance that the operating principle of Gauss included asks the enterprises to keep and

    make the employers and employees to have respects and dependences on each other. The

    principle confirms the staffs dignity and the enterprises should take the employees interest


    ; According to the suggestion from the quality management master, Deming, the staffs who are

    respected by the employers would help the company to create the following values:

    1. Meet and internalize the companys code values, goals and the philosophy about

    operating. And then, take these into actions.

    2. Have the company’s long-term benefits in mind instead of the employees short-term

    profits. And think of needs of the investors, consumers and other stakeholders.

    3. Be concerned about the quality’s improving.

    4. Get exactly hold of own works and improve the efficiency steadily.

    5. Never ask or create fussy working rules or systems that arrange in order of seniority.

    6. Refrain from the countermines and cut-throat competition. And to contribute to the joint

    property as group members.

Standardize the management principle

    In conclusion, the employers ethical treat to employees can be formulated by the ethical

    obligation of the enterprises and employees in the management principle: Company should respect the dignity of every employee, and adopt a seriously attitude towards the employees interests. The

    responsibility of enterprises to employees including:

    ; Provide the employment and the suitable payment for employees, and improve the quality of

    their lives.

    ; Give employees a working environment which has respect for their health and dignity. ; Communicate with the staffs sincerely. In the situation that gives consideration to the law and

    ensuring competitiveness, communicate with the staffs openly.

    ; Listening the staffs suggestions, standpoints, requirement and complaints. And doing the

    appropriate action if it is possible.

    ; When the conflict appears, consult with them sincerely.

    ; Avoid the discriminating measures, such as sex, age, breed and religion. Ensure that the staffs

    are treated and provided chances equally.

    ; Hire people with different abilities, and make them have chances to give full play to their

    professional skills.

    ; Protect employees from the injured and sickness in the offices.

    ; Encourage and assist the staffs to develop the related knowledge and skills. ; Be vigilant with some business decisions which often lead to a serious unemployment.

    Cooperate with government, union and other organizations to solve these problems together.

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