With regard to professional boxing and amateur boxing differences in play_7769

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With regard to professional boxing and amateur boxing differences in play_7769

    With regard to professional boxing and amateur boxing differences in play


     The use of professional boxing and amateur boxing and rules of play is different from a brief description of the public's awareness of amateur boxing, brutal, fear of the psychological, to increase young people's development of amateur boxing has some guidance.

     Key words health and safety of amateur boxing

     Of modern boxing's second system is a professional boxer. Professional boxing and amateur boxing is very different, in the competition system, rules, and other aspects of the purpose of the game has a great difference. Professional boxing athletes to boxing as his profession, by the capitalist market economy - money, control and commercialization of

    the deep boxing disseminated by employment in the professional clubs and rich, all the events and activities are subject to the control of agents and clubs and arrangements. In order to obtain profits, brokers and the club has never considered the lives of athletes and the pros and cons, making professional boxing matches frequently an accident, and sometimes fake boxing, playing different patients, a serious violation of sportsmanship and humanitarian spirit, to become a major world sports community hidden.

     Modern boxing match with boxing widespread popularity and increase the competition in the form of more and more the number of people participate in the competition more and more. Olympic boxing alone the number of countries and the number of entries, we can see that countries in the world amateur boxing in the development and importance level. From the successive Olympic Games boxing competition participation, you can learn boxing in the world to carry out wide, you can also see a gradual increase

    in boxing technology, increasing competition, which fully describes the boxing sport in world sports occupy a large family of an increasingly

important position.

     At present, the international community no longer has a lot of sports, "amateur" and "occupation" of the points. However, because people's long-

    standing existence of a direct physical confrontation Misunderstanding on boxing, so boxing is still popular in two different forms of competition -

    amateur boxing and professional boxing. In addition to professional and

    amateur boxing movements are significant differences between the level of the competition rules are very different things, the nature of the event, time, protection, magnitude, advocacy and court rulings also have great differences and disparities.

     First, the different nature of the game

     Professional boxer to participate in the game is entirely commercial in nature and leisure activities. Boxer playing the game purpose is to make money. Boxer in the game regardless of the outcome, as long as a foot ring, without violating competition rules of the game where the game after the boxer can be agreed in advance to get a good reward. Professional boxer boxer location according to the number of entry-level remuneration

    and in the ring on a different influence on the size vary greatly. Quotes in general, the heavyweight boxer paid the highest, followed by middleweight, light a small level to be less. Worth millions of dollars in the heyday of the boxer like Tyson, the old Hall, retired before the Lewis and so on. Now due to the lack of strong star heavyweight boxer, middleweight to capture the lead inside the De La Hoya alone, worth more than all the heavyweight champion.

     As the professional boxer to boxing as a means to survival, so he paid

    to get in the game is to maintain the survival and training to continue to play in economic security. Meanwhile, he must own money to hire coaches, Pei Lian, and doctors with training and competition-related personnel.

     Amateur boxing in order to exercise the body, enhance athletic skills and to promote friendship and for the purpose of increasing, has been the path toward physical education and development. Amateur boxer to participate in competitions on behalf of countries or territories, sport

    skill level is reflected in a country or region to carry out the sport's overall strength. Entry is only medal boxer, there is no remuneration, the organization of the competition is not made a penny to the award-winning

    athlete, boxer Entry fees are invested by the participating governments, athletes normally would receive government salaries. The highest level of

    amateur boxing is the Olympic boxing competition, such as: World Championship, the tournament between continents belong to the

    International Amateur Boxing Federation official event. In these boxer won the medals in their country or region to the practical conditions are given different levels of reward, because they represent a country or region honor.

     Second, the game at different times

     First reflected in the game a few rounds, the professional boxing game a few more rounds, the time will naturally be longer. Because it is a commercial event, you must satisfy the audience's viewing needs and values

    with the tickets equivalent time guarantee. The early stages of professional boxing there is no round limit, until the party lost their ability to throw in the towel be considered against the end of the game quite brutal. Professional boxing match in order to meet the audience and

    cable television customer requirements, every organization must ensure that a champion hegemony match the total number of 40 round match. Therefore, the formal hegemony of the boxer must be looking for 3 or 4 game pad games tournament combatants spar boxer, boxing organization to meet the time requirements. Professional boxing match played three minutes each round, in the middle break 1 minute, if playing on consecutive nights, full race system for 47 minutes, boxer fights in the boxing stage,

    the actual time for 36 minutes, which boxer's stamina, the will is a very a severe test. Amateur boxing played three rounds of three minutes; with the present practice is 2 minutes, 4 turn-based, the middle break 1

    minute, full race system for 11 minutes, the actual fighting for only 8 minutes, only professional boxer to fight the equivalent of two rounds a little more time. This short-leg race, is to increase the amateur boxer

    with a brace because of the increase over the lack of respect for

    ornamental and introduced a way of attacking a certain extent, an increase of intense competition scene.

     Three, dressed in a different protection

     Professional boxer playing games the most obvious sign of Guangzhaobangzai, not wearing a helmet, wearing shorts. Shorts in the

    form, color is also a wide range of variety. The only protection is to the boxer bite in the mouth Denture, other boxer can only rely on their defense in motion with technology and their own

    抗击打能力to complete. This main purpose is to satisfy business needs, the audience can be the most intuitive of these intense and exciting confrontations feel the most original and most authentic impulses. Therefore, there are two pairs of boxing has always been different views: some people see is the brutal, it was to see is art. These two viewpoints can not be compatible with fire and water has long been at loggerheads over, so to cancel the voices of Olympic boxing has not stopped. From 1904

    boxing into the Olympics, 100 years, it has been the focus of Olympic Games projects. Professional boxer is not only a simple protection, but also competition wearing boxing gloves than an amateur lightweight boxer, knocked down the pursuit of game scenes of injuries more than an amateur boxing tournament. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     Fourth, the division of magnitude different

     As the professional boxing for boxers because of a commercial nature

    protection measures for the needs of relatively few court game a long time, but, therefore, the World Boxing Organization middleweight division are pretty strict, especially in light of small level. Each order of magnitude difference between the weight only 1 kg, large level slightly

    wider, but even the greatest difference between the light-heavyweight

    weight of 79.4 kilograms transition to a heavyweight 86.2 kilograms, 6.8 kilograms are also differences. Professional boxing from 48 kilograms to

    86.2 kilograms divided for more than 17 levels, during which 38 kg difference between the average level of only 2.2 kilograms. The relative magnitude of the division of professional boxing, amateur boxing on the loose a lot. As the competition system is short, boxer protection measures

    is complete, the division of magnitude smaller interval of no professional boxing. Set 12 orders of magnitude before the Olympic Games, 81 kg to 91 kg intervals up to 10 kg from 48 kg to 91 kg, there have been 43 kg of the

    gap difference between each level up to 3.6 kg. To meet the need for reform of the Olympic Games project, the Cairo meeting of the International Amateur Boxing Union has decided that with effect from this year's Olympic Games in 12 levels into 11 levels, three levels of the

    original 63.5,67,71 compressed into 64 kg and 69 kg . Amateur boxing is played not so complicated after the promotion ceremony and before the game, even if the scene was not the audience, will go ahead despite the competition. Because the Olympic Games boxing officials and athletes to focus only on the process of ranking and competition fair game to consider whether the profit is not their thing. Athletes won medals in the last game did not need to bring the current stadium. In short, the lack of

    professional boxing amateur boxing business concentration.

     5, referees and score different

     Professional boxing tournament with a field referee and three judges scoring the audience. Three judges were sitting around the ring in three

    different directions, using manual way of scoring points. The end of each round, the judge himself to a boxer played by hand to collect the sub-

    evacuation to the boxing association representatives, representing the total score on the summary table. Once the round to a judge ruled there is no chance to change and adjust in order to score to remain impartial. Professional boxing scoring 10 points system be introduced, the winner 10 points, the negative side must not be less than 6 minutes. Professional

    boxing tournament scoring criteria based on the quality of boxing hit as the standard to see hit the boxing is accurate, powerful, perfect and have impact, sub-bang and light attack. Flac Zhi Quan, hook up and down, left and right Baiquan, a strong emphasis on the obvious jab hit the important parts of each other is considered a fist. Light attack, including two light jab is equal to a strong jab, 3 is equal to one fist jab. Distinguish between light and heavy is intended to reflect the rate of impartiality and objectivity. In professional boxing, the boxer has been knocked down on stage to read 3 seconds before the referee stand up, only lost 1 point; if, after 3 seconds up and lose two points; knocked down several times if the same round, losing to the highest score 4 points; if

    they are knocked down after 10 seconds can not be together, can be sentenced to the referee knocked down, and lost the game. In professional boxing tournament, if it is not a restriction knockout round three times on the stage to the referee that the boxer was not knocked down how much influence the game can continue to be conducted; if the platform against the referee that the boxer has lost capacity, or injury track the extent of medical supervision consent, agreed that the boxer would harm

    competition, they can terminate the game in time.

     Amateur boxing competition, the platform was a referee, the audience have five judges, two judges were sitting in seats across the ring under the Arbitration Panel on the same side of the other three judges sitting

    in the middle of the ring the other three surfaces, judge is pressing the computer scoring device for scoring. In order to ensure the safety of participating boxers, amateur boxing associated states: First, the strength boxer quite different if the two sides, the referee can terminate the advantages of persons sentenced to win games; second is when the boxer punched the referee must immediately force the number of 8 , even if the boxer in the 8 seconds before the return to normal, their hands can

    continue to play on the stage referee still mandatory count them 8 seconds; three in a round, if the boxer has been three times forced countdown or a full match in the repeat count 4 times countdown, you can terminate the match referee. Right down those who can not be up in 10

    seconds or even up those who have lost their ability to match the referee will terminate the game. Professional boxer and amateur boxer in his capacity as the line is also very divided. The International Amateur Boxing Union clearly states: Professional boxer shall not participate in amateur boxing and amateur boxer shall not participate in professional boxing matches. If an amateur boxer to participate in professional competition, it means that he automatically gave up the identity of an

    amateur boxer.

     However, we should still see that in most of the boxer's eyes, became a professional boxer is the value of their lives. Many professional boxing champion in amateur boxing are accumulated certain experience or won any

    medals in the Olympic Games, after entering professional boxing, after several years of training to be a professional boxing after the star. Like Ali, Foreman, Lewis, old Huo, Jones, De La Hoya, etc. They were all Olympic boxing medal winner. Although occupational safety boxer brief,

    competitions cruel, fierce, and even frequent injuries, a boxing game crack down brow, nose and blue facial swelling is common, but the face of hundreds of thousands, millions or even millions of dollars on heavily the temptation to , boxer who is still very reluctant to plunge into the professional boxing movement. Professional boxing and amateur boxing there are many differences in details, but the above six areas of comparison and understanding, everyone will have the same movement, different boxing games are played there is a new concept.


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