The Doctor Should Tell his Patients the Truth

By Andrew Warren,2014-06-29 22:23
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The Doctor Should Tell his Patients the Truth

    The Doctor Should Tell his Patients the Truth


     Nowadays, numerous people think that a doctor should sometimes tell white lies in order to taking the patients feelings into

    consideration. But I think it is fairly necessary for doctors to tell their patients the truth.

     Firstly, as a doctor, honesty should come to the first place of ones

    principles. Please think it over, how could patients believe that the doctor would cure them since he even does not tell them the truth? Of course they cannot. Secondly, though it may not be absolutely correct, one does know what his physical condition is like to some extent. And on this condition, we could say that patients can accept the truth of their illness.

     Thus, doctors should tell the patients the truth and give them the opportunity to face with it bravely or to arrange what they really want to do instead of being cheated.

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