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    ?SiI9136-3 300MHz HDMI 1.4a Transmitter

     ?Featuring HDMI 1.4a, 4K and 1080p3D, 48-bit Deep Color, High Bit-Rate Audio Support and CEC

    The SiI9136-3 is an advanced HDMI 1.4a transmitter that supports 300MHz operation and is ideally suited for audio/video receivers, game consoles, PC graphics adapters and Blu-ray Disc? players

    designed to send high frame rate (1080p120) or 4K content. The SiI9136-3 integrates HDMI-compliant Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) hardware and API, reducing BOM cost and development time.

Applications: A/V Receivers , Blu-ray , Digital Set-top Boxes , DVD

    Players / Recorders , PVRs

Key Features

     300MHz HDMI Transmitter

     Supports all mandatory 3D formats in HDMI 1.4a Specification 48-bit Deep Color

     High bit-rate lossless audio

     x.v.Color extended color gamut

     Integrated CEC API

     HDCP encryption

Benefits Summary

     Reduces BOM cost and development time

     300MHz speed meets requirements of advanced CE products (4K and 3D TVs and gaming systems)

Industry-Standard Compliance

     HDMI 1.4a

DVI 1.0



Digital Video

     48-bit color depth at up to 1080p @ 30Hz 36-bit color depth at up to 1080p @ 60Hz Supports 300MHz video modes, including 1080p120 and 1080p60/3D

     Supports all 4K video modes listed in HDMI Specification Version


     Flexible video interface supports DVD and HD Bus Interface:

    - 12/15/18/24/30/36-bit RGB / YCbCr 4:4:4 - 16/20/24/30/36-bit YCbCr 4:2:2

    - 8/10/12-bit YCbCr 4:2:2 (ITU-R BT.601 & BT.656) Integrated YCbCr-RGB conversion

     4:2:2 to 4:4:4 up-converter

     Programmable Data Enable (DE) generator 18-bit internal video processing and 18-bit to 16/12/10/8-bit


Digital Audio

     Supports Dolby? True HD and DTS-HD up to 24Mb/s through 4xI2S inputs

     DVD-Audio support through four I2S inputs 8-pin interface to Direct Stream Digital (DSD) Super Audio CD (SACD)

     Supports 2-channel audio at 192kHz and 8-channel audio at


     Supports IEC60958 2-channel PCM or IEC61937 compressed audio

    (Dolby? Digital, DTS, etc.)

System Operation

    2 Register-programmable via IC interface

Content Protection

     Integrated HDCP cipher engine

     Built-in HDCP BIST (self-test)

     Pre-programmed HDCP keys

Power Management

     161 mW power consumption


100-pin TQFP

Also Available as SiI9136, with 225MHz HDMI

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