Part III Topic

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Part III Topic

    To what degree have we sacrificed our environment for the comfort of our lives? What should we do in our daily life to preserve our environment?

    To a large degree we have sacrificed our environment for the comfort of our lives. We have been developing our economy at the cost of environment. The pollution is more and more serious. It is everybodys responsibility to preserve the environment. We can plant more trees and grass to make our environment better. We can use the public media to make people around us fully understand the seriousness of environmental pollution and the significance of environmental protection. We can help our child develop good habits of protecting environment. For example, tell them not to litter.

    You have learned English for years, but you are still not proficient in spoken English. What do you think are the best ways of teaching English and the best ways of assessing your English proficiency?

    I have learned English for years, but I am still not proficient in spoken English. Thats a pity. But I

    can’t blame our teaching methods and the assessing ways for that, because English is a foreign language for us instead of our mother tongue. Ideally, we should pick up our English in our daily life rather than go to classes to learn English. Classes are supposed to offer an opportunity to practice English with the guide of a proficient English teacher. Teachers are not important in a language class. They should be a helper instead of a controller. As for the best ways of assessing English proficiency, I prefer to test my English ability in my work. The effective communication with the foreign specialists can adequately prove that I am a good English speaker.

    Some people enjoy change, and they look forward to new experiences. Others like their lives to stay the same, and they do not change their usual habits. Which approach do you prefer? Why?

    Its difficult to say whether I like changes or not. Some changes are good, while some changes are bad. New experiences do not necessarily bring benefits to me. Many changes just happened unexpectedly. We are in a changing society, so we are supposed to have a positive attitude towards changes. We should do our best to cope with the changes and make a full use of the changes. On the other hand, I will not change my usual habits if they are good for me. I would rather stay the same if I have a happy life.

    Traffic crowdedness has become a serious problem in Shanghai. Some people believe that it is because there are too many private cars, and they suggest that restrictions should be placed on private cars and people should be encouraged to use public transportation. Other people argue that private cars shouldnt be restricted because they are a symbol of a modern

    city. What do you think about this issue?

     Comparing with other big cities like Beijing, I dont think traffic crowdedness is a serious

    problem in Shanghai. But anyway, traffic crowdedness is a problem. Many people blame the private cars for that problem, since there are too many private cars running on the road. Its not

    reasonable to impose too much restriction on the private cars, since everyone has the right to buy a car if he has enough money and enjoy the life with a car. At the same time, we cant encourage the

    private cars we have to learn good experience from other countries like Japan and Britain. One way to relieve the traffic burden is to develop public transportation system. If the public transportation is convenient enough for people to travel around the city, they won’t bother to drive

    their own cars. Another way is to organize car pools to improve the effective usage of private cars.

    People are reading less and less. What do you think are possible reasons? To what extent do you think this problem can be solved?

    The statement that people are reading less and less is quite confusing, since its not clear what the

    exact meaning of reading. It doesnt say what kind of books people are reading less and less, the literature books? or professional books? It’s true that people spend less time reading literature

    books. Since most of people, especially adult working people are much busier than before. With the improvement of our living standard, we also have more choices to entertain ourselves than before. We can watch TV at home, get online and travel to other places. Take little children for example, they have many cartoons movies to watch. They don’t like to read stories as we were

    children. They prefer more lively cartoons to seemly dull books. If reading less and less is considered as a problem, unfortunately I don’t think it can be solved to a great extent. Because

    many changes have taken place in our lives and changes can’t be avoided and reversed.

    There has been a discussion during the last few months. Some people thought that Chinese people have their own eating habits and life styles, and they don’t have to follow everything

    foreign. Other people argued that the SARS had taught us a very good lesson that we Chinese must change some of our habits and customs. What do you think about this issue? SARS is terrible for us. It is said that it is caused by eating some animals. Thats why some people

    claimed to change some of our habits and customs. If some of our habits and customs are bad for our health, we should change them. Eating habits and life styles are culture of a country. And culture is progressing and changing. No matter it is born in our own country or is borrowed from a foreign country, we have it if it is a good one. And we abandon it if it is a bad one.

    Many people, especially young people, like mobile phones. To what extent do you think the mobile phone has affected or will affect your life and work?

    Mobile phones bring much convenience to my life and work. People can contact me by calling my mobile phone. It is the effective and timely communication that makes my life and work easier than before. I don’t think it has affected my life and work to a great extent. It is just a tool. When I don’t want it to affect my life and work, I just shut it down or just ignore it. The benefit mobile phones bring to us outweighs the interference.

It has been said, Not everything that is learned is contained in books. What is the

    difference between knowledge gained from experience and knowledge from books? In your opinion, which source is more important?

    Knowledge gained from experience is different from knowledge from books. The former is more practical and problem-solving oriented. The latter focuses more on theories and generalizations. I

    think both of them are important and necessary to learn. The knowledge from books we learn when we are at school can work as a way to train our way of thinking and as a solid basis for us to develop further. The knowledge from experience is indispensable for us to do a good job in the work. We need gain much experience to solve the urgent problems and enhance our judgment and vision. Anyway, people may have different opinions depending on their different professions.

    Both 2008 Olympic Games and 2010 World Exposition will be held in China. Should we emphasize the teaching of English to Chinese or the teaching of Chinese to foreign visitors? Why?

    Of course we should emphasize the teaching of English to Chinese, since we dont have much

    chance to teach foreign visitors Chinese. How could we teach them Chinese if they are just short-time visitors? What we can do is to encourage Chinese people to learn English well enough to ensure the success of these two events in China. We are the host. We don’t have excuse not to

    offer smooth service in English. We have the ability to do that, because many Chinese people have very good foundation to speak English well. We should emphasize the teaching of spoken English to Chinese.

    Should we allow so many dogs wandering in the streets? What are the advantages and disadvantages of having pets?

    No, we shouldnt allow so many dogs wandering in the streets? We have to do something to prevent that dangerous thing happening. Wondering may means these dogs dont have owners.

    They are abandoned. We have to make relative laws to regulate the pet raising. Raising pets has its advantages and disadvantages. Most people raise pets because they like animals as their company. Dogs and cats can make them happier and less lonely. But some people are not very responsible. They let their pets pee and poo everywhere, which does a lot of damage to the living environment. Some pets will bark at night, which cause trouble to the neighbors.

    Nowadays young and middle-aged couples visit their parents less frequently. What do you think are possible reasons? To what extent do you think this problem can be solved? With the faster life pace, people have less time to visit their old parents. Because of generation gap, old parents would rather stay at their home to avoid conflicts with their grown-up sons and daughters. I think both young, middle-aged couples and old parents can make some efforts to solve the problem. Time has changed. Old parents should open their minds and accept new ideas. Otherwise, young and middle-aged couples don’t have the patience to listen to the long lecture

    their parents give. Chatting and socializing with old parents are supposed to be a happy thing for the couples. Stand in the old parents shoes, young and middle-aged couples will have more

    understanding to their parents.

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