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Waterproofing membrane roof construction and quality control_8971

Waterproofing membrane roof construction and quality control

     Abstract roof leakage is the most common building common problem, to ensure that water quality of the projects, design is the premise, construction is the key, but also choose a suitable waterproof material.

    Now with engineering to talk about the PVC waterproofing membrane in roof construction in the quality control.

     Key words design requirements; waterproof material; quality control; construction

     Abstract The construction of roof leakage is the most common common problem, to ensure that water quality of the projects, design is the premise, construction is the key, but also choose a suitable waterproof material. With engineering to talk about PVC waterproofing membrane in

    roof construction in the quality control.

     Key words Design requirement; Waterproof material; Quality control; Construction


     Roofing project is an important project for housing construction, engineering, building a direct impact on the quality of life, household production and life. Roof leakage is the most common building common problem, to ensure that water quality of the projects, design is the premise, construction is the key, but also choose a suitable waterproof

    material. Especially in southern China, high temperature, solar radiation intense, rain, waterproof materials, the choice is even more important. Now with engineering to talk about the PVC waterproofing membrane in roof construction in the quality control.

     2. Roof slope design requirements

     Slope is the roof drainage, the primary basis for waterproofing. This project dormitory roof structure is designed to find slope. Based on the design of the roof fell into the water port location of the division

    drainage area. Generally housing sub-surface horizontal width of the

    center line for the roof, the balcony I fell into the water against the reverse slope, the vertical division of a two fell into the sea region between the mouth Ridge. Drainage slope in the i = 2% -3%, this would

    reduce the ills of roof water.

     3. Correct choice of waterproof material

     The choice of waterproofing materials waterproofing years of quality and durability have great influence, the correct choice, the

    rational use of water-proof roofing material is key to the success of the design, although a wide range of flexible waterproof material, the performance of different, previously used 2 mm thick layer of asphalt membrane, puncture-resistant layer with a sand-poor performance, poor low

    temperature flexibility, easy to aging, water-proof layer of durable short

    life. The PVC modified bitumen membranes, has anti-aging, weathering

    resistance, elongation big, long service life. At the same time construction of simple, low cost, easy maintenance, the use of effect is good.

     PVC waterproofing membrane performance requirements as follows: Tensile strength: longitudinal ? 7.0 MPa, transverse ? 7.0 MPa.

    Elongation: longitudinal ? 150%, horizontal ? 150%. Tension:

    longitudinal ? 70, horizontal ? 60, resistance heat 90 ?, low-

    temperature bending nature: -20 ?, no crack. Anti-permeability: 0.2 MPa,

    24 Xiaoshi waterproof, anti-perforated impermeable.

     4. Leveling layer of cement mortar quality control

     Leveling waterproofing membrane layer is Paving the grassroots to

    the waterproofing membrane to provide a smooth, dense, there is strength, to bond the construction of the basis. When the grass-roots level of

    concrete as a whole, the use of cement mortar leveling layer, the thickness of 20mm, the ratio of cement and mortar 1:2.5-1:3 (volume

    ratio), cement grade of not less than 32.5. Screed tier would also like to set up sub-lattice seam, and embedded filling sealing material, so that it can avoid or reduce the leveling layer of cracking, so that when the structural deformation or deformation temperature, waterproof layer will be the formation of cracks, resulting in resulting in leakage. Aperture of 20mm, sub-vertical and horizontal grid spacing of joints is not greater than 6m, sub-grid seam located at the roof of the extension end of the

    roof waterproofing layer and the prominent corner of the junction of roof components, waterproof layer and the parapet junction and so on. And should be aligned with the plate side seam, even straight. Leveling layer

    of cement mortar during the construction, first floor roof to clean up debris, and watering moist. In laying mortar, press from far to near, from high to low procedure, each sub-grid at one time continuous paved,

    according to design a good control of slope, with more than 2m length of

    the scraping bar Calibrating until the mortar is slightly water received, the compaction with the trowel smoothing, 12 hours later covered by straw bags and water conservation. For the prominent roof of the structure and piping detail the root node should be done such as circular, square cone cone Taiwan or Taiwan, and the concrete made with fine stones in order to avoid the node positions Stones roll fracture, which will help real Zhanlao sticky. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     (1) Mizuochi mouth: around 500 mm made within the scope, slope ?

    5%, and smooth.

     (2), parapet wall and out the flue roof, stairs made of layers of the roots of arc radius of 80 mm, made of concrete with small stones.

     (3) The extended roof piping around the roots, with small square cone made of stone concrete units, coned bottom width of 300 mm, high 60 mm, the entire flat wiping light.

     5. Coil construction Laying and quality requirements

     5.1 Roll Stones pre-leveling floor to check whether the quality

    meets the requirements, to achieve a solid grass-roots level, flat, dry,

    non-soil debris, and folders in order to carry out the waterproofing works. Especially when the grass-roots level, when wet, such as the laying

    of waterproofing membrane material will appear Stones is not strong, water leakage, resulting in failure of waterproofing effect.

     5.2 Coil Paving Stones ridge parallel to the direction of all the parallel ridge of the tie-cis-flowing water according to the direction of

    lap joints, using rolling shop paste construction method.

     5.3 Brushing the surface of the grass roots: in the dry brushing the grass-roots uniformly about 1 mm thick layer of adhesive (when the binder when the partial thick or too thick, use slow fire slow heating, the temperature should not be too high), we must guard against the a coated roll back and forth in order to avoid the end of glue to "bite" So, the formation of gel and compromise quality. Brushing the grass-roots

    adhesives, we should pay special attention to yin and yang, angle, flat facade corner, roll closed head Office, the outfall pipe out the roof

parts of the roots of peer nodes.

     5.4 Laying membrane. Construction Stones roll, the first ink line

    and shoot a good leveling layer of the line of control from the eaves (the roof at the lowest elevation) to the roof construction, the elastic membrane targeting has been a good chalk line, and in a good volume Stones material on the pop-up lap width of the line. Paving a coil, the first

    with the 50 mm-100 mm plastic tube to re-roll, and the coating adhesive

    side outwards, into a roll later 30 mm × 1500 mm of steel penetration

    center plastic tube, by two tube were held at both ends of the end of coil

    lift head, aligned powder line, expand coil, so that sheet Paving formation. Second piece of sheet posted when targeting the line of control Stones, each Puwan a membrane, immediately with a clean and soft long-

    handled roller horizontally from the coil end of the sequence of cis-sheet

    rolling again, completely rule out the coil bonding between layers of the air, rolling from the middle to both sides of the mobile, so that the exhaust completely. Roll paved pressure stick, you use binder edge, edge to be bonded firmly, closed tight, and should be uniform, continuous, sealed over.

     5.5 nodes and special parts of the roof membrane processing. Node in the roof part of it is an important part of water to deal with good and bad of waterproofing the entire roof has an important influence, so pay special attention to detail parts of the water, so that additional layer of detail is not exposed, take the joint position Shun as reasonable.

     (1) fall-mouth treatment. Fall-mouth around the diameter of 500

    mm waterproof coating for use within the additional layer of thickness> 2 mm. Laid up to the fall-mouth and the additional layer of coil layers, using scissors cut by cross-line length and diameter of the same fall-

    mouth, and then paste In the cup, and with the rain cover at the bottom of

    its compaction, chassis and roll between the bonding with adhesives, the chassis with the sealing material around the sealing.

     (2) extended the roots of the roof pipe processing. Leveling layer pipe made of the root cone units, pipeline wall and leveling layer set aside 20 mm × 20 mm of the groove, filled with the sealing material embedded in dense, then the laying of additional layer, the last Stones waterproof layer, membrane interface with the sealing adhesives, metal

    hoop tight layering.

     (3) The construction of pan-water treatment. Roof and wall

    corner, said Li pan of water, its water treatment, the first additional layer of waterproof additional layer, the width of the facade of peace in the plane, each of 250mm, holes and plane and the corner, and then from bottom to top Laying-li surface membrane, made of rounded corner. Parapet

    closed head cut flat, and use layering nail pressure, nail away from the

uniformity ? 80mm, last, brushing a waterproof rubber material cold.

     (4) The Yin and Yang angle processing. Yin and Yang corner after the primary coating sealed with sealant coated angle edge 100 mm, holes and a layer of additional membrane layer, after the Stones cut Sealing joints with sealant.

     6. Insulation layer on the roof waterproof membrane to protect

     Stones finished waterproofing membrane must be well protected, so

    as not to affect the waterproofing effect. In the water level, capped with 300mm × 300mm Zhang Yang camel wash candlestick axillary carboxyl flesh starlings illegal cajole from Shen Xia Jie-Ping irresolute? Cm thick

    cement mortar protective layer, the layer of steel mesh cloth, protective layer sub-grid-based seam, sew in filled with sealing material to better protect the waterproof layer. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     7. Roof waterproof construction Attention

     (1) is strictly prohibited in the rain to sheet and insulation construction.

     (2) of the leveling layer of waterproofing membrane to comply with quality requirements, the required degree of drying.

     (3) In the corner of the roof, gutter, Mizuochi mouth, roof, sheet lap, to finish top node position, carefully pave the way Tiejin, compaction, to close the first solid, consistent with design requirements and roofing and other relevant provisions of engineering and technical

    specifications , in the roof corner, gutter, Mizuochi mouth, roof and other parts to add additional layer of membrane Shop.

     (4) Coil to avoid excessive tension when the Stones and the wrinkles between the exhaust of primary and secondary coil should be

    sufficient to exhaust both sides of the horizontal rollers flatten later sticky solid.

     (5), coil width and the Stones to be straight lap, while in

strict accordance with the grass roots of the shells marking construction.

(6) laying insulation layer to protect the waterproof layer.

Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

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