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    Clear out unwanted goods while helping the needy

What can you donate?

If you in the midst of spring cleaning or clearing out your wardrobe, we can distribute

    any good quality clothing or shoes you can donate. From t-shirts, baby wear to

    winter woolies that you don’t want anymore, we would love to receive it. Here is a list

    of items that we will gladly accept:

? Shoes boots, lace-ups or cover-ups, sports wear, baby booties and children


    ? Clothes suitable for all ages and seasons

    ? scarves, hats, gloves, socks

    ? quilt and bedding

    ? toys dolls, soft toys, educational toys ? festival decorations such as Christmas tree and ornaments

    ? pens, pencils, paper and notebooks

    ? books, cartoons and dictionaries

A couple of key points:

    ? Please ensure that the items you donate are clean and do not have stains, tears

    or rips in them.

    ? We would also appreciate it if you had the toys sorted into different categories,

    such as girls, boys, soft toys, figurines etc.

    ? If possible, please pack loose items into appropriate groupings so as to enable

    us to distribute them quickly.

How can you donate?

Contact Operation Blessing’s office (telephone 6466 9296) to arrange a convenient

    time between 8.30am-5pm to drop-off your donated goods. This is the most

    cost-effective way for Operation Blessing to receive your donations. However, if the

    quantity of donations is too large and the pick-up point is close-by, we may arrange for

    our driver to come by.

We also require a simple form to be completed (further below) for our own records.

If you have any enquiries, please request for Chiaw Hui (English) on telephone 6466

9296 or e-mail:

Operation Blessing address:

Golden Land Building, Room 106, 32 Liangmaqiao Road

    Chaoyang District, Beijing 100016

    北京市朝阳区亮马桥路32 高斓大厦106 邮编: 100016


A. Donor Information

Name: Telephone:

    姓名 电话 Address: E-mail:




    B Drop-off/pick-up time /

    When is it convenient for you to drop-off the donated goods? 您什么时间方便来送捐赠


    Date: Time:

    日期: 时间: Location:


Please note: we generally do not arrange to pick-up the goods, however, if the goods are in

    bulk and your location closeby, we can organize a pick-up.



C. Description :

    Please provide a brief description of your donation including quantity and how it is

    packaged eg. mixed/assorted bags, loose, or in single packages etc.

     请大概描述你的捐赠,包括数量,如何包装的- 袋装,松散或单独包装的等等。

D. If this is your first donation with Gifts-in-Kind, please complete

    How did you learn about Operation Blessing China ? 你怎样知道慈福行动的?

    ? Referred by a friend 通过其它公司知道(请列出公司名字) _____________________

    ? Article in a publication (please list publication name) 通过刊物(请列出刊物名称)



    ? Web site (please list) 网站(请写出)________________________________________

    ? Business association (please list association name) 商业团体(请列出团体名字)



    ? Received a mailing from Operation Blessing China 收到慈福行动邮寄的刊物



    ? Other 其它


Items donated to Operation Blessing China are regularly used by Operation Blessing - China

    or its charitable partners to help the needy and impoverished across China. While Operation

    Blessing - China strives to make good charitable use of donations received, we reserve the

    right to determine items as damaged, dangerous or not useful and/or determine that the resell

    value of donated items is of greater use than the donated item itself. Any proceeds made

    from the resale of donated items will be used for charitable purposes. Any goods received by

    Operation Blessing China will not be used with the intent or knowledge of bringing harm or

    breaking Chinese law and regulations.

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