Where will the garbage cans go

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Where will the garbage cans go ...

ELEVATIONS and BUILDING APPEARANCE Some of the original elevations were described as being to streamlined and institutionalized. The starting plan for the layout of the building was to provide a very open feel and connection between all areas. The ability to multi-use spaces and overflow also play a major role in the location of spaces. The elevations shown in the presentation reflect these ideas, but still provide the layout we need. These new elevations hopefully present a warm and inviting feel to the church, and don’t have the long streamline effect previously felt. The view from the road and approach will have the sanctuary as the first focal point, a reverence we hope to maintain from the inside as well. SANCTUARY Natural lighting It was expressed that having natural lighting into gathering spaces provides a feeling of warmth that is difficult to match. Some of the adjustments made were the eyebrow dormers in the sanctuary, foyer (dormer/cupola) and dining rooms. Details about other items such as decorative glass behind pulpit like we have in our current church will be decided upon in the design phase. Considerations of evening sunlight on Thursday services may come into play without woods to the west on the new property. Size and layout Bench configuration and layout will be decided on in detail during design phase. The ability to expand seating for events (baptisms/weddings) will be available, but having a sanctuary that feels empty the other 50 weeks out of the year is a something we want to avoid. There are several options to fix this problem; removing the back several rows of pews and having them as benches in the foyer provide a sitting place for the elderly and lesson the feeling vacancy in the sanctuary when not at capacity. They can then be moved into the sanctuary for large events. Baptismal and changing rooms The baptismal will be a sunken unit under the pulpit platform. This is the most efficient use of the space. The details of the changing rooms, platform/riser design will be adjusted during final designing. The door location for the entry/exit of the changing rooms may be changed for privacy. CONFERENCE ROOM The conference room window, shelving, and multi-use abilities work? Will there be a speaker system in this room to hear the sermons? The current concept configuration of that window is mainly dependent upon the size and layout of the audio/recording and PA desk, which will likely set on the opposite side of that wall in the sanctuary. The idea we presented to the architect would have a glass window (possibly 1way mirrored like our current baby room) and a curtain on the inside of the room that could be pulled closed when being used for meetings or when the room is not in use. This would be mainly for privacy for those using the room for private meetings with ministers or elder. Then in the event someone is sick, or needing a more noise controlled atmosphere, the curtain could be opened and if a couch is set on the wall facing towards the pulpit the line of sight should include the pulpit and speaker. The audio details have not been explored very far yet, but I am confident there can be audio sent into the conf. rm, baby room, foyer, and kitchen. Each of these areas may have their own volume control. In several of our other churches, the sound booth has switches that controlled if audio was being sent to those areas. (So in a member meeting or other events- kids or others would not have the ability to turn up a speaker and hear) Any digital equipment such as servers or other items that may have a noise factor to them could be stored in the conf. room with cables passing through the wall to the PA booth. Other plans would be to provide some shelving for ministers and counseling and potentially have some furniture that would provide a comfortable place for a sick room. BABY ROOM The following are comments about the location of the baby room and ability to easily access upon entering building. After talking with a number of those on the baby room committee- it was desired to have easy access to the baby room when they enter the church. Some of the questions were regarding the ability to cross the foyer if there were people gathered in conversations. There were efforts made in ways to move the location of the baby room, and the plans were even redrawn in this attempt. If the baby room were to move to the front side of the church, it eliminates the ability for future growth and expansion. The only direction to go would be out and that would not be possible with the carport and parking. It also would become a focal point as you view the church from the exterior and approach. This would change the appearance of the exterior and diminish the sanctuary’s identity as the most reverent space. The original plans had a drive circling the building, with an additional smaller carport on the back side. This plan was changed very early on. The location of the church setting has a wonderful view of the woods to the north. Also on the back side are the location of the alcove classroom, the terrace and the children’s play area. Having a drive going past all of this would lesson the seclusion and beauty of the site as well as present safety concerns with children playing in this area. Potential of providing a drop-off spot along the back side of the sanctuary or a few parking spots are still under consideration.

KITCHEN Serving counter It was suggested to have a buffet style serving table made to look more like a cabinet on wheels that could hold food for serving. There could be in-floor outlets that could hook up to these and provide electric for croc pots, and roasters. When not in use they could be moved along walls on both sides of the kitchen/dining access and look like cabinets/countertop. This will be further investigated during design and detail planning of the kitchen. Access and openness The kitchen has been opened up and the entry expanded. The doors have been eliminated and the ability to enter/exit and pass by others is now more hands free. The walls may not go all the way to the ceiling on either side of the opening to the dining room to provide a connection between the two spaces. This will allow for those inside the kitchen to easily monitor food levels and the serving table situations. There is planned to be a pass through opening to the multipurpose/Sunday school gathering room in the event of overflow or special events. This will typically be closed, and provide the division between SS gathering and the kitchen. Vestibule doors, breezeways and back door to kitchen will be decided on in the detail planning of the kitchen. Where will the garbage cans go? They will need to be close to the kitchen and be able to be moved easily to a pickup site. The garbage cans and probably a small dumpster are planned to be on the NE corner of the parking lot, going out the exterior door to the kitchen and then just on the east edge of the parking. This is drawn on the lot plan with parking etc. It will also allow for easy access for the trash-truck. SUNDAY SCHOOL The gathering/multi use space and Sunday school rooms ability to have operable walls will be shown in this presentation. The exact configuration of windows, doors and spaces for storage, projectors and drop down screens will be finalized during design phase. The locations now are based upon feedback from those on the SS committee and teachers. FIREPLACE How will the Fireplace effect insurance? Will it be a lot of maintenance? What if it was changed to a fire-pit on the terrace? The exact type or style of fireplace will be determined farther into the design phase. There are enclosed fireplaces that are relatively no maintenance. The impact any of this would have on insurance will be examined later. It is doubtful if insurance distinguishes between an open fireplace and one that is enclosed (they usually see a fireplace as a fire-place.) A fire pit that is close to the church sounds like a smoke/odor problem (although I have seen gas run firepits before). Typically you think of a fireplace as more controlled and odor free. Ability to do a fire-pit elsewhere on the site has already been expressed and planned for. This will likely be secluded back in a clearing in the wooded area for PYG use and other events outside of times of normal facility use. STORAGE Where will kitchen supplies be stored? In some of the preliminary plans- a stairway to the ‘mechanical areas’ was also going to house for some of the storage items. After hearing the feedback from kitchen committee and others, the pantry was returned to being on the main floor, attached directly to the kitchen with easy in/out access from outside. Table and Chair storage? Storage for tables and chairs was lacking in some of the early concepts. In moving some of the locations of rooms around, the current plan for storage will be to keep tables in the former area of the stairs. It is unlikely that we will have everything cleared out of the dining area altogether. In special events such as weddings or vbs- chairs will be needed, and the tables will mostly be stored. If chairs are ever needed to be removed, many can go in the space with the tables and others can be placed in the multi-purpose room storage. MECHANICALS The need for access to mechanicals will be evaluated during the design phase. Ability to carry parts, tools and potentially replacement units to the upper area are all considerations in a way to provide easy access without taking permanent space away from other areas.

PICNIC AREA/OUTSIDE Could the bathroom in classroom 1 and 2 be made larger to include both a large and small toilet and be adjusted to have an exterior door for when picnics or the shelter is being used? Expanding to include 2 toilets will likely be exchanged for 1 standard sized toilet if this change were made. Doors would move further down the walls and the location of the fixtures would be moved. The logistics of having easy access to the outside is great, but the challenges of sealing off the rest of the church would be presented with this ‘back door’ opportunity. Also the challenge of 3 doors entering one small restroom must be considered. This potential alteration will be examined in the design phase. Could we use the original alcove classroom storage for a closet accessed from outside for outdoor equipment such as balls, etc. Outside equipment will be stored separate from the building; there are a number of low cost storage options that could be moved during winter months and set close to areas where items are needed spring-fall. Main reasoning for this is number of exterior doors we would be creating, and square footage is at a premium for interior use.

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