Finance Skill Standards Checklist

By Joel Murray,2014-08-07 12:10
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Finance Skill Standards Checklist

Department of Workforce Development Division of Employment and Training


    Skill Standards Checklist

Student Name School District

YA Coordinator YA Consortium

High School Graduation Date

    Certification Areas Completed: Level One Requirements:

    Students must complete ALL listed below Required Skills - For EACH Pathway

    Check ; completed areas Check ; completed areas

     Required Skills Core Skills

     Minimum of ONE Unit Safety and Security

     Minimum of two semesters related instruction

     Minimum rating of 450 work hours Finance Business Financial Management Pathway Accounting Services Basic Unit Accounting Services Advanced Unit

    Banking and Related Services Pathway Level Two Requirements:

     Banking Basic Unit Students must complete all listed below

     __ Plus minimum 7 additional Competencies Check ; completed areas

     Required Skills for EACH Unit Banking Advanced Unit

     __ Plus minimum 10 additional Competencies Minimum of TWO Units

     Minimum of four semesters related instruction Insurance Pathway Minimum of 900 work hours Insurance Services Unit

    Total Hours

    Employed Company Name Telephone Number

DETW-16368-E (N. 7/2008)

    Instructions for the Worksite Mentor(s) and Instructor(s)

    The Skill Standards Checklist is a list of the competencies (tasks) to be achieved through mentoring at the worksite.

    ; The worksite mentor should rate each competency as the student acquires and demonstrates the skill

    according to the performance criteria.

    ; A competency may be revisited and the score raised as the student becomes more proficient at the


    ; The mentor and student should go over this checklist together on a regular basis to record progress and

    plan future steps to complete the required competencies.

    I certify that this student has successfully completed the competencies required in my department. Circle your YA role, sign and print your name, and complete with the date and the name of your department.

    SIGN this page IF you have been a mentor, trainer, or instructor of this student Mentor/Trainer/Instructor Signature Mentor/Trainer/Instructor Signature

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