Empire Throttle Installing An Internal - Sturgis Chop 10 Empire

By Adam Robertson,2014-11-25 10:15
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Empire Throttle Installing An Internal - Sturgis Chop 10 Empire

     MotoXcycle Throttle

    Installing An Internal Throttle

    This isn’t a difficult one but it takes slow time and effort. I handled this in two phases. First I cut the bars and drilled them, even taped the holes. Then I sent the bar to powder. Finally the assembly occurred. There’s something about an internal throttle assembly that’s bothersome. It’s a delicate operation that you don’t want to mess up. Here are some considerations:

    You don’t want to break a throttle cable on the road. Nasty breakdown.

    You don’t want to snag a throttle anytime and have the throttle catch wide open.

    You don’t want to cut the internal throttle cable too long or two short. One is a pain, the other makes you dig for another cable.

    You don’t want to cut the exterior housing too long or short. Same reasons as above.

    You need to test the length of the cable against the swing of the bars. This can’t be tested too often.

    Make sure the cable doesn’t snag or kink on any obstruction.

    With those rules in mind I went to work. These rules apply to any throttle cable application, but generally you don’t need to cut and size cables. This particular internal throttle came from:

    First I read the directions, reviewed the technical drawing and went

    looking for cables to mess with. I knew chances were that I’d screw up at least one cable, so I found an old set of Mikuni push pull cables. I could use either one.

    Tools Required

    3/32 and 1/16 Allen keys


    Hand file

    Drill #21

    10-32 tap

    Okay, before the bars were shipped off to powder coat I started the process. Here’s how the MotoXcycle instructions read: Position and

    loosely fasten all controls and housings in order onto 1-inch o.d. bar

    ends. Do not forget to include grip length. Note: any extra length of bar

    to be removed. Length may vary depending on parts selected. Squarely cut bar ends to size if necessary.

    Not sure I understand all that? I narrowed my bars on either side 2 inches, because I could and the lightness of the handling allowed me

    to have narrow lane-splitting bars. Other than that the only distance you can cut your bars is 4 inches for the internal system. However, there can be no bends immediately after the 4-inch cut or the system

    can’t slide into the bar.