Welcome to Braeside Neighbourhood Nursery

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Welcome to Braeside Neighbourhood Nursery ...

Welcome to Braeside Neighbourhood Nursery

This handbook contains information about our nursery and how we work, but at Braeside

    Neighbourhood Nursery we understand that parents are children‟s first and most enduring

    educators. It is therefore our aim to work closely with parents to ensure that together we are

    providing a caring and positive impact on the children‟s development and learning.

Information about Braeside Neighbourhood Nursery

Braeside Neighbourhood Nursery is privately owned and has been registered since the 1960‟s,

    but under the current ownership of Mr and Mrs Ashby since 1988. We are situated in a quiet

    residential area in Paignton. Braeside Neighbourhood Nursery cares for babies and children

    under 5 years, who are accommodated in separate units, these consist of 0-20 months,

    20months- 3years and 3years 5 years units.

We would recommend the following.

    ? Parent/Carers and child have a tour of the nursery facilities and meet the staff prior to

    admission to nursery.

    ? Hopefully have all questions answered by both parents and staff prior to the child‟s

    first day so staff can concentrate on the child settling in and not on administration


    ? That you do a settling in session before your child starts. This will help them to

    familiarise themselves with the staff and environment, these are known as “settling in


The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) brings together Curriculum Guidance for the

    foundation stage (2000), the Birth to Three Matters (2002) framework and the National

    Standards for under 8‟s Daycare and Child minding (2003), building a coherent and flexible

    approach to care and learning.

    Starfish Our 0-20 months unit is called

0-11 months.

During this period, young babies physical development is very rapid, and they gain increasing

    use of their muscles. They learn from the moment they are born. Babies learn to communicate

    very quickly and this can be shown in a variety of ways such as crying, gurgling, babbling

    and squealing. They learn from hearing people talking, various sounds including singing and

    rhymes. At this age they can use their arms and legs to reach for, grasp and manipulate things

    and this leads to exploring with their mouths. By being aware of these different

    developmental stages, staff can plan accordingly, sensitive care, which responds to children‟s

    growing understanding and emotional needs, help to build secure attachments to special

    people such as parents, family members and cares.

8-20 months

As children become mobile new opportunity for exploration and exercise open up. Staff must

    provide a safe and interesting environment, with age appropriate resources; these will help

    children to develop curiosity, co ordination and physical abilities. This in turn helps with the

    beginnings of self-control and how to relate to other people. Building on their communication

    skills, children are more able to develop a sense of self and are more able to express their

    needs and feeling.

Our Birth to 20 months room has a staff ratio of 1 adult to 3 children.

    ? This unit includes a separate changing area where your baby will have their own

    personal items such as nappies, wipes, cream etc. All these items will be clearly

    marked and dated and parents will be informed when stocks are running low.

    ? A cot room, where babies can sleep in peace, which also has a monitor and is checked

    and recorded every ten minutes by staff.

    ? A small kitchen area for preparation for babies bottles and food.

    ? And three-play area‟s, we have one play area, which is specifically used for all the

    messy play, that the babies enjoy doing. The other two rooms can be joined as one

    large play area where children can learn through play with many toys and activities

    suitable for their developmental stage. We can also if needed separate the room into

    two separate areas‟s when we have the very young babies in nursery. We at Braeside

    Neighbourhood Nursery understand and cater for the needs of all the children and

    especially note the vast age gap between birth and 20 months. Children in this unit

    also have access to the garden area and when possible, we are close enough to the

    beach and local park to take them out for walks in their pushchairs.

    ? Please note on all outings throughout Braeside Neighbourhood Nursery the ratio is

    reduced to one adult to two children.

This age range is covered in both the Starfish and Jellyfish units.

    16-26 months

During these months, children‟s fine motor skills develop and they enjoy a variety of

    activities such as looking at picture books, listening to stories, which is an important step in

    literacy. They are also becoming aware of their friends and making social contacts. This is a

    particular area where children need praise, support and encouragement to help build their self-

    esteem and to encourage development in eating, dressing and toileting. Developing physical

    skills means that children around this age can usually walk climb or even run and this is a

    time for learning about dangers and safe limits. As with all the children at Braeside

    Neighbourhood Nursery we reinforce good behaviour with positive attitudes.

Our 20 months unit is called Jellyfish

    20 36 months

From our vast experience at Braeside Neighbourhood Nursery we recongnise that children at

    this age are full of energy and need careful support to channel it well. This is taken into

    account when our staff are planning for the EYFS. Growing in physical strength and skills

    mean that children need active times for exercise and quite times for calmer activities.

    Children at this age are also learning about boundaries and how to handle frustration. Adults

    are an important source of comfort and security at this stage. Play with toys that come apart

    and fit together again encourage problem solving. Here at Braeside Neighbourhood Nursery

    we offer our children a varied and challenging environment to help them build up their self-

    confidence and awareness of people and things around them.

Our 20-36 months room has two staff ratios. Children 20-24 months remain as in the baby

    unit (Starfish) at 1 adult to 3 children. When the child reaches 24-36 months the ratio changes

    to 1 adult to 4 children.

    ? This room has a separate changing area and toilet area with child size amenities.

    ? Large play room with play zones and a wide range of toys and activities for the

    curious and energetic toddler.

    ? They have a separate art area where all forms of art work are carried out and explored

    by the children.

    ? There is a quite area if the children need to sleep, rest or just join in a quiet activity

    like story time.

    ? A kitchen area where light snacks and drinks are prepared.

This unit is equipped and decorated with toddlers in mind. They have access to the garden,

    and weather permitting, we aim to go into the garden twice a day.

    Dolphins Our 36-60 months unit is called

The children in this unit are still building their sense of identity, but are usually confident,

    articulate and eager learners. They are more able to maintain their concentration span and also

    sit quietly when required. They help each other with social rules and customs and show

    tolerance and understanding of each other, and how to control their own feelings and maybe,

    actions. At this stage, children are better able to under take more challenging activities with a

    wider range of materials. Literacy and numeracy play a large part in their development and

    many of the children are eager to use a pencil and try to write their name with adult

    encouragement. These children are especially encouraged to work as part of a group, taking

    turns and sharing fairly including adults, to work together harmoniously. In this unit the

    children have a café style snack where they are encouraged to choose what they would like

    eat and drink, this leads to decision making.

Our 36-60 months unit has a staff ratio of 1 adult to 8 children.

    ? This unit has a cloakroom with a bathroom leading off with child sized toilet amenities.

    ? The main room is divided up into various play zones including, computer area, home

    corner, dressing up department and a “shop” area that changes its theme each term.

    ? There are also two carpeted areas that are used for circle time or other activities such

    as large floor puzzles.

    ? Also tables available for various toys and games to be played on.

    ? Off the main room there is a quiet room with cushions, library, DVD player and a


    ? At the far end of the playroom we have a large separate art room where all manner of

    messy experiences take place.

    ? The art room leads directly into the garden.

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