mother's love shown in earthquake

By Edward Andrews,2014-09-25 11:51
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mother's love shown in earthquake

Mother’s Love Shown In Earthquake

    As they spotted a young woman underneath the rubble, the rescue workers were sad to find that she had already been dead, yet surprised to notice her strange pose---kneeling down with her hands touching the ground to support her weight---and right under her Shelter of Flesh and Blood, her several-month-old infant was sleeping, safe and sound.

    The baby was wrapped up carefully in little quilt, with a cell phone tucked inside. An unsent text message was found that read:

    “Dear Baby, If You Could Survive, Please Remember That Mum Always Love You!”

    Love! Mother’s Love!! Mother’s Love at her Last Breath!!!

    As it was too young to know what was really going on, the innocent infant’s dream must have been free from nightmare though a nightmare was taking place. However, it was the mother’s love that prevented the nightmare from falling upon the young dreamer.

    O, just imagine what a heart-breaking posture it is!

    Knees and hands touching upon the ground---that’s a mother’s only and last

    effort to protect her dear, her only and last struggle for a hope of life, and her only and last chance to demonstrate a love that shocks every normal soul of universe.

    Kneeling down---the mother seems to give in to the omnipotent nature, but it actually is a way to fight back;

    Kneeling down---the mother seems to be helpless and powerless, but it is actually so helpful and powerful beyond anything else;

    Kneeling down---the mothers seems to be a temporary shelter of flesh and blood, but it actually is an eternal statue of love and life. O, oh! This is not only a love demonstrated by a mother of Sichuan; This is also a love that has been nursing Chinese people from one generation to another.

If love of a mother’s is shown here as a sacrifice for her child, then the

    children of this great China should by all means sacrifice themselves to love the motherland in return, here and now!

    Can’t you hear a Mother’s CRYING and CALLING?

    Can’t you see a Mother’s STRUGGLING and FIGHTING?

    Can’t you remember a Mother’s SUFFERING and LOVING?

     Let's always remember a mother’s special love in earthquake.

    Let's always remember the motherland’s eternal love in our blood, in our tears……

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